5 questions to consider if you aren’t proctoring online exams

Top questions to consider if you aren't proctoring online exams

If you aren’t using online proctoring (or just not using the right kind), you may be giving an unfair advantage to some test-takers and missing out on opportunities to test knowledge in nontraditional formats – even in a remote environment.

While most approach their online exams with integrity, some take advantage of unauthorized resources that are available in a remote testing environment, gaining an unfair advantage over others – maybe even unknowingly or innocently. 

These unauthorized resources can include things like: notes and textbooks, or using cell phones and searching the internet during exams, which puts the academic integrity of your online exams at risk.

Consider these questions if you:
  • Do not use any online proctoring services or services
  • Only use browser lockdown software
  • Only use automated proctoring software (no human proctors) or live proctoring services (one proctor watching multiple test-takers at once)

How would you know if a test taker uses a cell phone to look up answers?

Without online proctoring software, test takers can use cell phones and other devices to look up answers during the test.

Browser lockdown software can’t detect cell phones, and some remote proctoring companies rely on live proctors seeing the cell phone to “detect” it. 

Does it really work? Eh, not always. It’s pretty easy for a proctor to miss the cell phone because they may be watching a dozen test takers at once and the phone may be used out of view of the webcam.

So, how can proctored exams detect phones?

Unless you want to rely on a busy proctor seeing a phone, consider using Honorlock’s online proctoring platform to detect cell phone use.

How can Honorlock detect phones?

Honorlock’s online proctoring software can detect when test takers attempt to use cell phones or other devices to access test bank content during the test.

If it detects cell phone use, it alerts a test proctor to enter the test session and address the situation. It also flags the behavior for the instructor to review in a report after the proctored exam.

See how Honorlock can detect cell phones

How would you know the person taking the test is the same person getting credit for the class?

If you can’t verify the test-taker’s identity, you may be giving credit where credit is not due.

Without proctoring tools for online exams, your options are limited.

  • The good news: most online proctor companies offer ways to authenticate ID.
  • The bad news: it can be a complicated, time-consuming process that may put your data at risk.

Be sure that the online proctor companies you evaluate offer a quick, easy, and secure way to authenticate ID.

How does Honorlock’s proctoring platform authenticate ID?

In about a minute, the online proctoring platform captures a picture of the test-taker along with their photo ID to authenticate identity.

That covers the quick and easy parts, but what about security?

From our technology for remote proctoring to ongoing employee training, Honorlock takes a security-first approach in everything we do, including ID authentication.

Our remote proctoring software does not use face recognition or other biometric technologies (e.g., fingerprints or voiceprints) to identify test takers, and it doesn’t identify individual faces, store facial elements, or match faces to a database.

Learn about ID authentication with Honorlock

Are any of your test questions leaked online?

Have you ever found your test questions leaked on the internet? It’s pretty annoying, right?

Online forums (e.g., Reddit & Quora) and homework help sites (e.g., Chegg & Quizlet) have made it all too easy to find and share your test content.

How can you find leaked test content?

You basically have three options to find leaked test content:

  1. Copying and pasting each test question into the search engine, one-by-one, and reviewing tons of results

  2. Using basic proctor software to manually select questions you want it to search for

  3. Searching the internet automatically for all of your leaked test questions in a few minutes with Honorlock’s Search & Destroy technology for remote proctoring

Here’s how Honorlock’s Search & Destroy proctoring technology works

After enabling Honorlock’s online proctor software, Search & Destroy automatically scours the internet for all of your test questions in a few minutes. A simple report shows if leaked content is found and then you can send takedown requests with one click.

See how Search & Destroy works

What if you could remotely proctor hands-on assessments in an online environment?

Whether traditional questions (multiple-choice, etc.) or non-traditional formats (see below), Honorlock helps you customize the proctoring tools and settings needed to protect nearly any assessment activity.

Non-traditional activities that can be remotely proctored using Honorlock:

Open-book questions

Test takers have access to specific physical resources (e.g., textbooks) and/or digital resources (e.g., online research journals) during the exam, while all other resources are prohibited.
See how to proctor open-book exams with Honorlock

Handwritten math problems & essays

Test takers complete handwritten math problems and essay responses using pen and paper.
How to proctor handwritten math problems & essays

Using software to complete tasks

Software like Microsoft Excel and Quickbooks can be used to complete real-world tasks during online exams.
Learn how Honorlock remotely proctors software use during an exam

Online presentations & demonstrations

Using the webcam to conduct presentations and demonstrations in a remote environment.
See how to proctor online presentations & demonstrations

What if you could reduce test anxiety with remote proctoring software?

Test anxiety is common, especially in an online environment. A university survey showed that 64% of test takers agreed that “taking an online test makes me nervous.”

But the good news is that the same survey showed that Honorlock’s blended proctoring solution, which combines AI and human review, reduced test anxiety.

Test anxiety survey results summary after taking online proctored exams using Honorlock:

  • 6% decrease in test anxiety between their first & second proctored exams
  • 15% decrease in anxiety associated with the statement, “Thoughts about the proctor interfered with my concentration.”
  • 100% felt less anxious after interacting with an Honorlock proctor

Download the full anxiety survey eBook here

Online proctoring FAQ

What is online proctoring?

Online proctoring means monitoring test taker behavior with software and/or services to create a fair and equitable test environment that protects exam integrity.

Common online proctoring tools include: video monitoring, browser lockdown, audio monitoring, and ID verification. 

Some online proctor companies, like Honorlock, offer advanced tools that:

  • Detect cell phones and voices
  • Find leaked test content automatically
  • Combine software with human review
  • Proctor exams online with live US-based support 24/7/365

Why should you proctor exams online?

Most assume that online exam proctoring is just to catch cheating, but it does much more. 

In addition to preventing cheating, online proctoring is a strategic advantage and fundamental piece of distance learning that helps:

  • Instructors customize exams
  • Support test takers and reduce test anxiety
  • Assess knowledge with different question formats
  • Protect reputation and scale online testing
  • Provide flexibility to take proctored exams 24/7/365

What industries use online exam proctoring?

Online exam proctoring is often used in higher education and by organizations offering professional education programs.

Online proctoring in higher education

Universities and colleges use online proctoring services and software for: 

  • General testing needs for online courses
  • High-stakes exams, like midterms and finals
  • On-campus testing centers
  • Entrance exams

Online proctoring for corporate and professional education

Organizations of all sizes typically use proctored exam platforms and services for: 

How does online proctoring work with Honorlock?

Honorlock’s blended online proctoring solution combines AI software with human review. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Honorlock’s proctoring platform integrates directly with the LMS, which means:
  • Instructors create exams like they already do, then select the remote proctoring tools and settings they want to use.
  • Test takers log into the LMS like they normally do (no extra logins or passwords), verify ID, launch the proctored exam, and get live support 24/7/365.
  • The online proctoring software monitors exams and alerts a proctor if it detects potentially problematic behavior.
  • Once alerted, they can review the situation in an analysis window to determine whether or not to intervene and address the situation.
  • After the proctored exams are completed, instructors can access reports with timestamped recordings within the LMS.

Honorlock provides the best way to proctor exams online for a few reasons:

  • Our remote proctoring platform integrates directly with the LMS, which makes it easy to use because it’s basically the same test environment
  • AI with human review protects academic integrity with a human touch
  • Proctored exams with live support can be taken 24/7/365
  • It reduces test anxiety because there are fewer distractions and test takers aren’t being watched the entire time

Why is Honorlock the best online proctoring software?

According to peer-to-peer review site, G2, Honorlock is the best online proctoring software because it’s easy to use, simple to set up, and live, US-based support is available 24/7/365.

Our online proctoring services and software create a better test environment that brings integrity, humanity, and confidence to online testing without sacrificing security or academic integrity.

Ready to proctor exams online with Honorlock?
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Templated Proctoring Policy

copy and paste template for higher education remote proctoring policies

This page gives you a templated remote proctoring policy that can be copied and tailored to suit your needs.

The template below contains all the information needed to help inform instructors and students about remote proctoring, what it is, how it works, and what to expect.

Swap your information (institution name & abbreviation, etc.) out with the italicized text.

Remote proctoring policy

Academic integrity speaks to the reputation of Full Institution Name (Institution Abbreviation). Ensuring academic integrity in an online environment is just as important as ensuring academic integrity in a campus environment. Taking measures to protect this integrity is in the best interests of Institution Abbreviation and its students, alumni, and faculty.

In addition to existing policies regarding academic integrity, students enrolled in an online or blended learning course will follow additional policies and procedures that specifically apply to online or blended learning courses, such as remote proctoring.

General remote proctoring information

What is remote proctoring?

Remote proctoring, sometimes called online proctoring, uses software and/or live proctors to monitor students’ online exam sessions.

What remote proctoring service is used by Institution Abbreviation?

Institution Abbreviation uses Honorlock to proctor exams online. Honorlock provides remote proctoring services that use a combination of AI software and live proctors to support students during exams and protect academic integrity.

This blend of AI remote proctoring software and live proctors aims to protect academic integrity and to support students through a successful completion of their exam while

 reducing test anxiety.

How does Honorlock work?

Honorlock is a browser extension that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor each student’s online exam session. If the AI detects potential issues, it alerts a live test proctor to review the situation and intervene if needed.

Remote proctoring information for instructors

The student is responsible for ensuring that they have the necessary system requirements (computer hardware, software, and Internet connectivity) necessary for the completion of the online exam. Additionally, students must check the online course within the Learning Management System (LMS) to determine if any additional software or hardware is needed. 

Instructors will provide students with the opportunity to complete online exercises, such as practice exams, to ensure that students meet the system requirements and have access to complete the online exam. 

Before you proctor exams online:

1. Discuss the use of Honorlock and offer practice exams

Review how to use Honorlock with your students. We encourage you to assign practice exams so students can gain familiarity with Honorlock’s Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI).

Note: You can set up the practice proctored exams to mirror the same settings that will be utilized on the actual assessment (including a room scan).

2. Include Honorlock remote proctoring information in your course syllabus

Be sure that students have access to information about Honorlock in your syllabus.

  • Recommended verbiage can be found here.
  • Additional information about Honorlock for students can be found here.

3. Address any student privacy concerns

Have an open dialogue with students and respond to any privacy concerns students may have about remote proctoring.

  • For more information on student privacy resources, visit this link.
  • Additional information on what students can expect during a proctored online exam can be found here.

4. Create awareness and understanding of room scans
Familiarize yourself and your students with what a room scan is and what they can expect from it.

5. Get a signed consent form for room scans

Instructors are encouraged to have their students sign a room scan consent form at the beginning of the course. Before students can log into the exam and take the online exam while using Honorlock’s remote proctoring services the student must acknowledge and accept Honorlock’s Exam Taker Privacy Notice and Honorlock’s Exam Taker Terms of Uses, which both contain notice and consent that the student’s surrounding workspace may be recorded by video and audio.

6. Explain what to expect during a remotely proctored exam
It’s important for students to understand what they can expect during a proctored exam.

Here’s what you can discuss with your students:

The different proctoring tools for online exams and the various settings that can be used and how they work

  • Use similar settings for every proctored exam so students know what to expect and are familiar with functionality.
  • Set up your practice exams to mimic the same settings throughout the semester/quarter.
  • An example of Standard Exam Guidelines language can be found here.

What in-exam flags are, their purpose, and what behaviors may trigger them

  • Share this article about in-exam flags with your students.

Provide clear, unambiguous test rules and instructions for all of your exams

  • Here’s an article with real examples of effective test rules and instructions for online exams and tips to remove any confusion.

7. Create a culture of academic integrity
Academic integrity goes beyond proctoring exams online. Creating a culture of academic integrity in your classroom can support positive decision-making during exams.

Read this article for some helpful tips to improve the academic integrity within your classroom.

Remote proctoring statement for instructors to share with students

The remote proctoring statement below can be provided to students in the course syllabus, in the course LMS, on the school’s website, and in an email:

Institution name instructors are given the discretion to require proctored exams, providing three options for students to test: on campus via the Institution name testing center, at a designated testing center, or through online proctoring. Institution name provides one option for remotely proctored exams through Honorlock. Online proctoring includes video monitoring and requires a room scan as part of the test session, which may be used in cases of academic misconduct. The room scan provides an opportunity for students to display their testing space, free of any unauthorized materials or persons, to ensure the integrity of the test session. The entire testing session will be recorded. A Google Chrome extension plug-in must be installed to use this proctoring service.  

Student nonadherence to the school’s online testing policies and procedures may include consequences including but not limited to: insert potential consequences, such as: email warnings with corrective actions or a grade penalty (e.g., 10% reduction) on the exam.

Addressing potential academic dishonesty

It’s up to the instructor to determine whether academic dishonesty has occurred during the proctored exam. Honorlock is a tool to assist you in making this determination. If academic dishonesty is suspected, please proceed according to the following information: [link to any pages with information for faculty on academic dishonesty]

If a student does not consent to be proctored online by Honorlock, instructors will provide alternative testing venues, such as:

Campus Testing Center: Instructors must provide students with advance written notice of date(s) and include links to institution-specific academic support services and how to access these services (e.g., location of testing center and/or proctored test sites, hours of operation, phone numbers, and email addresses for key personnel).

Off-campus Testing Center: For at-a distance students who are unable to test at an on campus testing center, instructors may offer proctored exams at an approved off-campus testing center. Students are responsible for identifying a testing center in their location and for providing the necessary information to the instructor so materials and instructions can be submitted to that site. Students may access the National College Testing Association for help identifying a testing center in their area. The instructor will provide the necessary test materials and instructions to the approved test location along with instructions for the return of the materials.

Supporting students’ accommodations

When using Honorlock’s remote proctoring software, you can specify any accommodations certain students may require. Notes in the Accommodations section are only visible to Honorlock proctors and support staff. Students cannot see the accommodations set for them.

Please note that only accommodations that relate to remote proctoring or authentication (Student Photo, ID Verification, Room Scan) should be listed here. Accommodations concerning exam availability, time extensions, number of attempts, and extended due dates are all managed within the LMS Name exam settings.

Please review Honorlock’s Accommodations page for more details.

Instructor support

Honorlock provides 24/7/365 support for faculty:

Remote proctoring information for students

What to know about Honorlock’s remote proctoring process:

Installing the Honorlock Google Chrome extension
Students don’t need to download software to use Honorlock. Instead, students only need to add the Honorlock Google Chrome extension plug-in, which can be removed after the exam. 
Get the Honorlock Chrome Extension here.

Checking the test environment
Remote proctoring requires a room scan, which means students use the webcam to show that their testing space is free of any unauthorized materials or persons. 

While the entire testing session will be recorded, only the Honorlock proctor or exam administrator have access to the recording. Furthermore, this means that no other students, instructors, or faculty members have access to the recording.

Exam scheduling isn’t required
Students can take proctored online exams 24/7/365 (within the allowed dates/times provided by the instructor) without scheduling an appointment with Honorlock in advance.

What software and hardware do students need to use Honorlock?

To take an online proctored exam with Honorlock, students need a functioning webcam and microphone and the Honorlock Chrome extension. Students do not need to download any software to use Honorlock.

System requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 10, macOS 10.14+, Chrome OS
  • Browser: Google Chrome (93+)
  • Internet Speed: Speed: 1.5 Mbps download, 750 Kbps upload

Recommendations for students

Take the proctored exam in a suitable environment
Students should take the proctored exam in a well-lit room with a computer on a clean surface that’s clear of any notes and prohibited items like: cell phones, headphones, hats, or smart watches. 

Discuss any access limitations and accommodation needs with appropriate faculty and administrators before the exam
Students with limited access to the testing resources and environment for remote testing (e.g., access to reliable internet service, preventing test access or completion, a suitable environment for remote testing – sitting on a bed or in a car with their laptop, or difficulty preventing interruptions due to other household members and/or pets that are noisy or distracting), or who need accommodations due to absences, bathroom breaks and other emergencies and/or interruptions, should discuss with their appropriate administrators or instructors to explore solutions and accommodations.


Student responsibilities:

  • Make sure that you’re able to meet the technical requirements to use Honorlock.
  • If you anticipate technical issues completing any exams through Honorlock, notify Honorlock Support via Live Chat for further assistance.
  • Be aware of the specific exam dates and times and allow adequate time to take the exams.
  • Follow all exam instructions and guidelines.

Student support:

  • Student support is available on-demand through Live Chat or email at support@honorlock.com.
  • If you encounter issues with LMS Name during regular college hours, contact the LMS Name Support team via the Help link on the Global Navigation Menu in LMS Name.

Student privacy information

Institution abbreviation is committed to ensuring that all student information is handled securely and privacy is protected. 

Please review Honorlock’s Student Privacy Statement.

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Online proctoring for business exams

Examples of how to use online proctoring for business exams using real job tasks
List of how to use online proctoring during business tests with realistic job tasks like handwritten math and presentations

The examples in this article assume your business program is using a blended proctoring solution because of its flexibility and customizable settings for different question formats. Blended proctoring refers to combining AI software with human review.

Click the buttons below to skip to that section:

Proctoring business exams requiring handwritten essays & math problems

Whether it’s a handwritten essay or math problem, it’s a similar proctoring process that uses various settings along with specific instructions for students and the proctor. 

Provide students with specific rules and instructions for written responses

The instructors give students detailed response rules and instructions. This helps instructors during the review process because responses are in the appropriate format.

Example rules & instructions for handwritten math problems:
  1. Only use a black or dark blue pen and blank white paper.

  2. Use one side of paper for each problem. Hold the blank sheet of paper up to the webcam before starting and after completing each math problem.

  3. To redo your work, hold the paper up for the question you’re redoing, cross out your answer, start your work on a new blank piece of paper and then repeat the steps.

  4. Only use a TI-83 or TI-84 calculator during the assessment. Hold the calculator up to the camera prior to starting the exam.

  5. After completing all math problems, upload images of your work to the LMS.
Enable settings that allow handwritten responses without flagging

For any activity involving the use of pen and paper, instructors can enable “Scratch Paper Allowed.” This setting means the proctoring software won’t flag a student for looking down at their paper.

Use the Browser Guard for typed essay responses

You can use the Browser Guard to allow access to word processors, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs. This will record students’ screens while preventing access to any other software and browsers. After completing the typed responses, you can also provide instructions for students to save the document and upload it to the LMS.

Check the room for authorized and unauthorized resources

Use the webcam to record the student completing the handwritten assessment activities, and proctors can check for authorized resources (calculator, paper, pen) and make sure that unauthorized resources aren’t available.

Return to examples at the top

Proctoring open-book & open notes business tests (access to physical & digital resources)

Provide the test proctor with instructions

You’ll give the proctor instructions with specific books that are allowed and information about permitting or prohibiting other resources, such as notebooks.

Only allow specific digital resources, block all others

Similar to the typed essay response we covered earlier, you can use the Browser Guard to allow access to specific websites and software during the proctored business exam. To do so, just add the exact URLs of permitted sites in the exam setup and software to allow.

Use the webcam to record behavior

The proctoring software uses the webcam to record students’ behavior during the exam. The exam recording is time stamped and can be reviewed at a later time, if needed.

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Proctoring the use of real software during business exams

Whether it’s accounting and finance students using Excel and QuickBooks, HR students working within an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), or marketing students using social media and PhotoShop, online proctoring can be used to protect these activities.

Manage access to software and websites

You’ll use the Browser Guard to allow access to specific software (Excel and QuickBooks), tools (desktop calculator), and websites, while still preventing access to other sites and applications. The Browser Guard can also prevent students from copying and pasting formulas and other information into the software.

Record screens

The students’ screens can be recorded throughout the alternative assessment activity and reviewed to see how students completed their work and where they made errors. 

Use voice detection to create explainer videos

You can use voice detection to record audio during the alternative assessment activity. 

This allows you to watch the video recording of the student completing the activity within the software and listen to their explanation about what they’re doing at each point and why.

The voice detection technology also provides you with a transcript of what the student said during the recording. Just be sure that students understand how voice detection works and provide a practice assessment activity before the real thing. 

Return to examples at the top

Proctoring virtual business presentations & demonstrations

  • MBA capstone presentation example: virtual presentations of final capstone projects.
  • HR demonstration example: demonstrating specific employee interview techniques through mock virtual interviews with other students in the online business program.
Use the webcam to record the presentation or demonstration

The online proctoring software uses the webcam to record the entire presentation or demonstration for the instructor to review.

Detect voices and get a full transcript

As we described in the earlier example, voice detection records what the student says during the virtual presentation and provides you with a full transcript of what they said.

Make sure that prohibited resources are not available

If you want to make sure the student is presenting or demonstrating something without notes, use the webcam to check for any resources in the room. The Browser Guard can also be used to make sure that the student doesn’t have notes or talking points on their desktop.

For group presentations or a demo that includes another student

In this example, we’ll assume a student is giving a virtual demonstration of a tool and countering objections and answering questions from the other student.

Most of this process is the same as recording an individual student’s presentation or demo. You can check for prohibited resources, record the demonstration, and get a transcript of what the students said.

You’ll just review the audio and video of the presentation made by one student.

What’s the best online proctoring for business schools?

A blended online proctoring solution is the best option for business schools because of its depth of features and customization options. 

As your business program looks to differentiate from others and enrich the learning experience, the hands-on alternative assessment activities described earlier are increasingly popular in an online environment, but you need the best online proctoring solution to prevent cheating on exams while supporting students.

Whether it’s high-stakes final exams for MBA programs, traditional exams for undergraduate business courses, or all varieties of alternative assessments, Honorlock’s blended proctoring solution has you covered.

How does Honorlock’s blended proctoring solution work for business schools?

Honorlock combines powerful, yet easy to use online proctoring software with human review. 

Honorlock’s AI software monitors each student’s test session for potential academic dishonesty. If the AI detects any issues, it alerts a live US-based proctor to review the situation and join the student’s session in real-time if needed. 

This blend of AI and human review delivers a less intimidating and non-invasive proctored testing experience for the student because they aren’t constantly watched.

Honorlock’s online proctoring features & benefits for business schools:

  • Combines AI with human review
  • Exams and live support are available 24/7/365
  • Offers a flat-rate cost per exam or per student
  • Detects when students attempt to use their cell phones to access test bank content during the exam
  • Integrates directly with the LMS & doesn’t require extra logins or passwords
  • Works with 3rd party platforms like Pearson, McGraw Hill, and others
  • Identifies when test questions are leaked and gives options to remove them
  • Authenticates student ID in about a minute
  • Uses voice detection to listen for keywords and phrases like “OK Google”
  • Provides in-depth exam reports that are timestamped
  • Takes a security-first approach to protect student data privacy
Learn more about how Honorlock’s online proctoring solutions can help support your business programs

Honorlock Expert Talks: Nadeem Sheikh

Interview article with Honorlock online proctoring solution expert

Author Information
Nadeem N. Sheikh
Senior VP, Product, Development & Engineering

“Few ideas work on the first try. Iteration is key to innovation.”
-Sebastian Thrun

I’m Nadeem and I have the pleasure of leading the Product, Development, and Engineering departments here at Honorlock. 

Our job titles may sound technical, but our goal is simple: be a trusted partner that creates a better experience and improves online learning for our customers.

Product: Think of this team as the voice of our customers. They help make our customers successful by identifying needs and defining solutions to address them.

Development: Turns requirements into tangible solutions that improve the customer experience.

Engineering: Empowers our teams with the tools they need to develop and maintain effective solutions that scale to meet the needs of our customers.

A tool or a partner? What’s the difference?

Think of it this way: if your goal is to build a house, many companies will sell you a hammer and nails.

But what about the rest of the house? A hammer and nails won’t meet all of your needs or solve every challenge. You need a partner with other tools and additional expertise to successfully build and customize your house.

You need a partner to help you:

  • Build and customize your house while staying within budget
  • Create a strong foundation that ensures structural integrity
  • Ensure that your project is compliant with building codes and worksite safety requirements
  • Install electrical wiring, plumbing, and HVAC

That’s the difference in the customer experience with Honorlock.

A hammer and nails are just one part of our solution.

Instead of just selling a tool focused on catching cheating, we’re your partner from the very beginning to protect academic integrity in a supportive environment that improves online teaching and learning.

A better experience for all users

We love customer feedback for many reasons and two of my favorite things to hear are:

  • Test takers prefer Honorlock and in many cases, have even forgotten that exams are being proctored.

This is huge in my opinion because test takers can focus on the exam itself instead of being distracted by someone watching them the entire time or trying to figure out how to use the platform.

  • Once instructors use Honorlock, it becomes a staple in their “toolkit” for online courses because it’s easy to use and effective.

Aside from saving instructors time and removing set up hassles, it gives them confidence that their tests are protected and that test takers are supported and set up for success.

Listening and learning to make better decisions

We listen and learn from our customers because seeing the world through their eyes helps Honorlock truly address the challenges of today and tomorrow.  

Our product team continually spends time with customers, allowing them to share their experiences, feedback, and ideas. This collaboration has also evolved into a Customer Advisory Board (CAB) who we leverage to vet roadmap direction, design changes, and feature enhancements.

The feedback from the CAB is a key component in our effort to create the best experience possible. While each team and its individuals have different responsibilities, we all understand our customers’ needs and the challenges they face.

We’ve also started a Customer Advocate Program (CAP) that provides members the opportunity to collaborate with Honorlock efforts, such as webinars, events, and videos. The goal is to further establish themselves as thought leaders in higher education on topics such as academic integrity, educational technology, supporting student success, online teaching and learning pedagogy, and more. 

Empowering our people

My leadership style is built on being transparent, informative, and providing autonomy.

By providing people with the resources and information they need and sharing the vision, you empower them to make the right decision at the right time in the process. Each individual has a say and they’re accountable for making our solutions successful.

It’s my own experience that when you know you’re part of a bigger vision, people are more invested in the outcome and success.

Vetting progress through customer success

We’re seeing the results of our actions in the success of our customers and the new markets, such as corporate learning, that approach us to help define new solutions.

Here’s a recent customer quote really sums up what success looks like:

“I would recommend Honorlock to any colleague at any other school. They’re above-board, top-notch in terms of the experience I’ve had, and they always provide a positive solution for students. They’re always looking to engage and provide new opportunities. They’re always growing, always adding new features to address the concerns that we share with them. It’s a circular experience with Honorlock when you’re one of their clients.” – Cody Moyer, Director of Learning Technology at Polk State College

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Best practices for online test room scans

Learn about room scans for online exams

Ohio room scan case summary

A judge found that a “room scan” completed during an online exam violated a student’s rights under the Fourth Amendment, but a final ruling in this case has not yet been reached.

Before we jump into further details about the room scan in this situation, we want to emphasize a few things:

1. Honorlock was not involved in the room scan in this situation 

2. Honorlock does not require room scans
Honorlock’s online proctoring platform provides room scans as an optional setting that can be enabled or disabled as needed. We do advocate for clear, posted guidelines and consistent application of them across an institution.

3. Room scans are not unconstitutional, banned, or prohibited.
For more details, see the court documents in this case.

4. The problem was HOW this specific room scan was completed and reviewed

Here’s what happened during the room scan in this situation:

What could this school have done better?

Where do we go from here?

As the demand for online programs and distance learning continues, safeguarding online exams is a priority for schools to protect their accreditation, their reputation and the value of their programs.

Room scans are one element in creating a secure and equitable testing environment. Other important factors include things such as short test windows, clear expectations, utilizing a test bank for randomly generated test questions. 

This is a good time to review your remote testing policies and procedures and make any necessary adjustments. 

Here are a few questions to consider:

1. Are your remote test security practices, policies and procedures published in advance and readily available for faculty and students?

2. Do your policies include guidelines for when to use room scans and how to conduct a proper room scan?

3. Are your guidelines enforced consistently across all online courses and exams?

Best practices for proctoring online exams with room scans:

1. Publish your remote exam policies and guidelines in advance and include a link in the course syllabus

2. Get student’s written consent to the guidelines, specifically, to the room scan

3. Provide alternative testing locations for students who do not consent to remote room scans

4. For students who must test remotely, but do not consent to the room scan, accommodate their request by notifying the Honorlock proctor that room scans will not be used with that student.

For more information on how to provide accommodations, visit our KnowledgeBase article.

5. Follow your institution’s guidelines for proctoring online exams

Your institution may have certain requirements for proctoring, such as the use of room scans. Please adhere to your institution’s policies and guidelines for remotely proctored exams. Proctor Settings and Student Guidelines for your exam are tailorable and easily adjusted. For more information on what each setting means, use this article to access the respective article for your LMS.

Prior to proctoring online exams:

1. Discuss the use of Honorlock and use practice exams

Review how to use Honorlock with your students. We encourage you to assign practice exams so students can gain familiarity with Honorlock’s LTI.

Note: you can setup the practice exams to mirror the same settings that will be utilized on the actual assessment (including a room scan).

2. Include Honorlock information in your course syllabus

Be sure that students have access to information about Honorlock in your syllabus.

3. Address any privacy concerns

Have an open dialogue with students and respond to any privacy concerns. 

4. Create awareness and understanding of room scans
Familiarize yourself and your students with what a room scan is and what they can expect from it.

5. Get a signed consent form for room scans

6. Explain what to expect during a proctored exam
It’s important for students to understand what they can expect during a proctored exam. 

Here’s what you can discuss with your students:

7. Create a culture of academic integrity
Academic integrity goes beyond proctored exams. Creating a culture of academic integrity in your classroom can support positive decision-making during exams. 

Check out our blog article on some helpful tips to improve the academic integrity within your classroom. 

8. Join our educational webinars
Honorlock provides ongoing educational webinars every semester, including one for every supported LMS, be sure to register here

If you do not find what you are looking for, please take a look at our library of previously recorded webinars found here, or please reach out to your CSM and/or Support Chat.

Quick facts about online proctoring room scans

A room scan uses a test taker’s webcam to get a 360 degree view of the room.

Room scans help protect academic integrity by ensuring that there are no unauthorized resources or people in the room.

A room scan may be required by an institution or exam administrator at the start of the exam to ensure that no unauthorized resources or people are in the testing environment. A re-scan during the exam may be requested by the proctor should there be indications of unauthorized behavior or resources.

Test takers enable their webcam and complete the room scan by panning the webcam on the device around the room.

Yes. Room scans are common and, when done correctly, generally considered as one of several best practices for proctored online exams.

No. Some proctoring companies require room scans, others provide it as an option tool to use.

About Honorlock room scans

Does Honorlock require room scans?

No. Honorlock doesn’t require room scans. Room scanning is an option feature that can be enabled or disabled.

How can instructors using Honorlock disable room scans for test-takers?

After creating the exam in the LMS, the instructor can pick which proctoring features to enable or disable for the exam, including room scanning. 

Does Honorlock allow instructors to disable room scans for specific test takers?

Yes. Instructors can provide proctor instructions that allow specific test takers to bypass the room scan.

Who can view a room scan with Honorlock?

If the institution or instructor requires a room scan, only a Honorlock-trained proctor, the instructor, and key administrators at the institution will have access to review the room scan. 

It’s important to note that a room scan is only viewed if there is questionable behavior flagged during the exam. 

At that point, the proctor may view the recording, including the room scan. The instructor or an administrator may also review the recording, including the room scan, after the exam. Instructors only receive recordings in the event of a flag.

Can other test takers or people view the room scan?

No. The room scan is never accessible to anyone other than the Honorlock proctor, the instructor, and key administrators of the institution.

The recording or room scan is never accessible to other test takers, other instructors, or any other party. 

More information about Honorlock:

Looking for more articles and information about higher education and online learning? Visit our resources section.

How business schools benefit from online proctoring

Top benefits of online proctoring for business schools and programs

Benefits of online proctoring for business schools

Whether it’s a business school offering masters degrees, undergraduate degrees, or certificates, online proctoring benefits everyone involved.
This article will show you how online proctoring helps business schools and their instructors and students.

Click to expand each section below & skip to the benefits

What is online proctoring?

Online proctoring (or remote proctoring), means using software and services to protect academic integrity during exams and help students successfully complete exams.


Online proctoring features
  • Video monitoring: uses the webcam to monitor behavior
  • Sound detection: monitors audio through the microphone
  • Voice detection: AI listens for keywords & phrases that may indicate cheating
  • Cell phone detection: AI detects when students attempt to use their cell phones to access test bank content during the exam
  • Browser Guard: restricts access to other browsers and software
  • ID authentication: uses the webcam and/or other technology to verify the person taking the exam is the one getting credit.
Click to see the four common types of online proctoring
  • Browser lockdown: entry-level test monitoring software that prevents the use of other browsers and applications.
  • Automated proctoring (AI proctoring): exams are monitored by AI only.
  • Live proctoring: a proctor monitors multiple test-takers at once in real-time.
  • Blended proctoring (Automated + live proctoring): AI monitors test-taker behavior and alerts a live human proctor if it detects potential issues.

Note: The examples and benefits covered in this article assume that a blended proctoring solution is used because it provides the greatest amount of flexibility to cover the needs of diverse exams for business schools.

Benefits of online proctoring for business schools

Supports accreditation for business schools

Accreditation is crucial for business schools.

Business school accreditation is crucial because it assures that the school follows (and hopefully exceeds) high-quality standards that are based on research and generally accepted industry business practices. But accredited business schools can’t just check the box that they meet the requirements every so often. They must demonstrate that they’re invested in continually developing and growing, not just maintaining existing standards.

The most common accreditation for business programs is the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). It’s generally considered to be the best way to guarantee the overall quality of the business school in terms of the programs, faculty, and instruction.

From an institutional accreditation standpoint, the federal government’s 2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act requires institutions that receive Title IV funding to verify the identity of enrolled online students by at least one of the following methods: online proctoring, new or other technologies and practices to verify ID, and secure login/passwords.

Helps protect reputation and enrollment

We’ve all heard about the “easy A” class.

The class that uses the same test questions year after year. The test questions are easily found on Google or Reddit and the instructor doesn’t use proctoring or may not have it available. While students may enjoy the bump to their GPA, these “easy A” classes can hurt your business school’s reputation and impact future enrollment.

With the right online proctoring platform, you can help safeguard your business school’s reputation by creating a level playing field for all students to demonstrate course mastery and protect your test questions from being shared online.

“We want to know that the education we are providing is one of quality. If all of our quizzes are out there on the internet where anyone can look up the answers, what kind of quality is that degree?” – Cody Moyer, Director of Learning Technology at Polk State College

Implementing online proctoring is quick and simple

With the right LMS integration and services, implementing online proctoring for business schools is quick and simple.

Some online proctoring platforms directly integrate with your LMS quickly and easily, and it also means that:

  • It’s basically the same test environment for instructors and students
  • No extra logins and passwords are needed Exam reports/recordings and support are available in the LMS
  • Exam reports/recordings and support are available in the LMS

Two extra tips for business schools:

1. Find an online proctoring company that offers flat-rate pricing

Variable costs can add up quickly if the online proctoring company doesn’t offer flat-rate pricing.

Imagine how much extra this scenario would cost your program:

That’s 350 hours of proctoring that you didn’t plan for.


2. Find a proctoring solution, not just a tool

Some online proctoring companies sell a beginner tool, like browser lockdown software, which is cheap and might check the box.

  • Consider this: if you’re only using a browser lock to proctor exams, students can just use their cell phones to look up test answers.

So, is a limited tool really worth the investment? Nope.

You need a proctoring solution, not a tool. But what’s the difference?

Think of it this way: If your goal is to build a house, would you only buy a hammer and nails? Probably not.

A hammer and nails aren’t a complete solution; they’re part of a solution. You need additional tools and expertise to build and customize the house to your needs.

The same is true for online proctoring; find a proctoring company that partners with your business school and provides a comprehensive solution that meets and exceeds your needs.

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Benefits of online proctoring for business instructors

More time teaching instead of testing during class

If instructors don’t have to deliver proctored exams during class, there’s more time for extra class activities or lectures they can explore with students.


Removes scheduling hassles

With proctoring services like Honorlock, instructors won’t have to worry about scheduling exams because students can take proctored exams AND get live support 24/7/365.


Works for different types of business exam formats

With the right blended proctoring solution, you can use customizable settings and instructions to proctor just about any question format and business-related activity during an online exam, such as:

Handwritten math problems & essays

Finance math example: completing calculus and statistical analysis math problems using pen and paper.
Economics essay example: completing short or long-form handwritten responses about the concepts of perfect and imperfect competition.
Use of real software to complete tasks

Accounting example: completing a balance sheet in Excel and creating invoices in QuickBooks.
HR talent management example: creating an explainer video of how to use specific tools within common Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) such as ADP Talent, Oracle Taleo, and Workday Recruiting.
Virtual presentations & demonstrations

MBA capstone presentation example: giving virtual presentations of final capstone projects.
HR demonstration example: demonstrating specific employee interview techniques through mock virtual interviews with other students in the online business program.
Open-book (access to specific physical & digital resources)

Physical book example: students can only use a specific textbook during the exam while all other books and resources are prohibited.
Digital resource example: MBA students can access specific websites and research articles during the proctored exam while all other websites are prohibited.

Easy to use and set up

Even if you’re new to teaching online courses and online testing, the learning curve with online proctoring platforms like Honorlock is minimal.

With the exception of a few clicks, it’s pretty much the same experience to create exams because of Honorlock’s LMS integration.

This integration means that you’ll create exams in the LMS like you already do, pick the features you want to use, and review the exam results and timestamped recordings in the LMS afterward – and no extra logins or passwords needed.

Protects test questions from being leaked

Instructors spend a lot of time creating quality test questions. But, unfortunately, it’s quick and easy for students to find and share your test questions on the internet.

Luckily, some proctoring platforms can automatically identify when test questions are leaked and provide steps to have the content removed.

This protects your content and means that you won’t have to spend time reworking your test questions and creating new test question banks.

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How online proctoring can help business students

Provides students with flexibility to take proctored exams on their own schedule

Students have busy lives, and they need the ability to take exams at a time that works for them without dealing with scheduling issues. Proctoring companies, like Honorlock, give students the flexibility to take proctored exams anytime – even at 1 a.m. over the weekend or on Thanksgiving day – and get live support if they need it.


The right approach to exam proctoring can reduce student test anxiety

Let’s face it, a box in the corner of the screen with a person watching students take the exam is pretty distracting (and creepy). But some AI just isn’t accurate enough and often leads to overflagging – again, more distractions and anxiety for students.

The good news is that a student survey with university students actually found that the right approach to online proctoring – one that combines AI with human review – can help reduce student test anxiety.

“The proctor popping in was different than I expected – in a positive way. I imagined them being more strict. I felt that the proctor was helpful and a lot less intimidating than I thought.” – Student quote in a post-exam survey

Creates a fair test environment

Online proctoring software protects academic integrity and creates a level playing field. You can have confidence that no one will have an unfair advantage, and you can focus on demonstrating your knowledge.


Solidifies the validity of the online business program

Students want to know that their education in an online business program is valued just as much as an in-person program. Online proctoring helps create a level playing field that protects the program’s reputation and perceived value.

“Online proctoring confirms that an online degree holds the same weight as one where students took the classes in person,” said Jordan Adair, Vice President of Product at Honorlock

The best online proctoring solution for business schools

If your goal is to check the box for online proctoring, an entry-level tool like browser lockdown software might work. But you get what you pay for.

If your goal is to truly protect academic integrity within a better testing environment that supports students, you need a comprehensive proctoring solution from a partner like Honorlock.

Instead of just selling a limited tool, Honorlock partners with your business school from the start to protect academic integrity in a supportive, noninvasive test environment that improves online teaching and learning.


How does Honorlock work?

Honorlock’s online proctoring software combines the benefits of AI with those of live remote proctors to help reduce student test anxiety, provide support, and uphold academic integrity.

  • Our exam proctoring software monitors students’ exam sessions with a variety of proctoring tools, such as: video monitoring, cell phone detection, voice detection, browser guard, and more.
  • If the proctoring software detects potential academic dishonesty, it alerts a live proctor.
  • The live proctor can review the situation in an analysis window and decide whether to intervene or not.

Honorlock’s blended proctoring delivers a less intimidating and noninvasive proctored exam experience for students because they aren’t constantly watched.


Protect your business school’s online exams and reputation while supporting students and faculty

Business schools face stiff competition. Your reputation is a fundamental aspect of growing your online programs, and your audiences are watching.

Potential students, accrediting bodies, and future employers want to know if your programs are academically sound. Honorlock’s online proctoring software and services play a critical role in protecting your reputation and online exams.


Interested in learning more about how Honorlock can help support your business school?
Fill out the form for more information & you can schedule a demo to see how Honorlock works.

Best Online Proctoring for Nursing Programs

Best online proctoring solution for online nursing program exams

More nurses = more exams to complete their education and training

And it’s safe to say that nursing students take A LOT of exams throughout their educational journey, and for good reason – because nurses save lives.


Online nursing programs face challenges

While online education is flexible and convenient, it can be challenging to prevent cheating on exams – especially without the right online proctoring solution in place.

Without online proctoring, you may find your test questions leaked on the internet, students can use cell phones to look up answers, and they can take exams with other students.

The right proctoring solution does more than prevent cheating on exams

Online proctoring allows nursing programs to test students in more ways that show knowledge AND practical application without concerns of exam cheating.

What if you could use these exam activities in an online environment and still prevent cheating?

What’s the best way to proctor online nursing exams?

The best proctoring solution for nursing exams combines AI monitoring software with human review. This type of solution is referred to as blended online proctoring or blended proctoring solution.

What’s a blended online proctoring solution?

A blended proctoring solution combines AI exam monitoring software and human proctors to monitor student behavior, prevent cheating, and support students during exams.


Why’s this the most effective way of proctoring online nursing exams?

Because AI is good, but it isn’t perfect and neither are humans. While both have strengths, they’re most effective when they’re combined.

Combining AI with human review creates a noninvasive test environment with fewer distractions, works for many different exam formats, and streamlines the review process.

What kinds of nursing exams can be proctored?

Certain blended proctoring solutions, such as Honorlock’s, work for pretty much any question formats and exam activities such as:

How does online proctoring work with a blended solution?

What other exam proctoring features are available?

These proctoring features are available in addition to the combination of AI and human review:

Software that automatically searches for leaked test content

Have you ever found your test question leaked on the internet?

It’s an unfortunate byproduct of homework help sites and internet forums. But online proctoring platforms have AI that can identify leaked test content.

Which option sounds the best to you?

Option 1: manually click each and every test question you want the proctoring platform to search for, wait for the results, and spend time sending takedown requests to each and every one.

Option 2: automatically search the internet for all of your test questions in a few minutes and send takedown requests in a single click

Unless you like time consuming, manual tasks, you probably picked Option 2. The best online proctoring platform provides features to protect your test content and save you time.

Video for monitoring behavior, ID verification, and room scans

The student’s webcam is used to: 

Direct LMS integration

A direct integration between your LMS and the proctoring platform is a game changer. This integration ultimately impacts the testing environment, ease of use, and data security.

The direct integration between Honorlock’s proctoring platform and the LMS creates a testing experience and environment that’s pretty much the same for educators and students with the exception of a few clicks. This integration also means no extra passwords or logins needed for students or educators.

Nursing educator proctoring experience

Nurse educators will create exams just like they already do. And they can customize exam settings with a couple clicks. After the proctored exams are done, educators can view reports and recordings without leaving the LMS.

Nursing student proctored exam experience

It’s just as simple for students taking the nursing exam. They log into the LMS they’re already comfortable with, verify ID, and launch the exam. Students can also get support during the exam without leaving the LMS.

Voice detection, not sound detection

Most proctoring platforms use sound detection instead of voice detection. The terms are used interchangeably but they’re not the same.

The best online proctoring software takes this a step further by providing a transcript of what the student said.

Browser lockdown software

Nursing educators can enable a browser lock to prevent students from accessing other browsers and applications, restrict some keyboard functions, and record the student’s desktop.

Note: browser lockdown software is an entry-level tool that really shouldn’t be used as your only proctoring solution for exams in your nursing program. They only cover a small portion of exam cheating and students can easily work around them.

Timestamped recordings and reports

The best remote proctoring software collects extensive data during the exam and provides actionable reports and time-stamped recordings within the LMS.

The proctored exam reports are in a simple format that’s easy to read and includes relevant information about student activity, like suspicious behavior and potential violations.

No scheduling required to take proctored nursing exams

On-demand proctoring services like Honorlock provide nursing students with the flexibility and convenience of taking exams and getting support 24/7/365 without leaving the LMS.


What company has the best proctoring software and services for online nursing exams?

Honorlock’s blended solution is the best online proctoring software to protect online nursing exams. It’s also the highest rated proctoring software on peer-to-peer review site, G2.

Here’s a Honorlock review by a nursing program staff member posted on peer-to-peer software review site, G2:

Why aren’t other proctoring solutions as effective?
Some proctoring solutions do very little, but some do a lot more. So, it depends on your definition of “effective” and what your goals are. If you’re only looking for an inexpensive proctoring solution that checks the box, like browser lockdown software, just remember that you get what you pay for. You can use AI or live proctors to monitor exams, but they both have limitations. AI covers some things, but like any technology, it needs human oversight to truly harness its effectiveness. And only using live proctors can lead to scheduling issues, test anxiety, and unexpected testing costs.

Now that you know more about the benefits of online proctoring for nursing program exams, read part 2 of this series to see how it’s actually applied.

We’ll show you real examples of how to proctor nursing exam activities like:

How to Proctor Real-World Nursing Exams

Examples of how to proctor exams with real nursing job tasks

Examples show how to proctor nursing entrance exams in-person or in an online format. Assumes the exams use traditional question formats, like multiple choice & true-or-false.

Click here to see this example

Using pen & paper to complete any math problems, like dosage calculations, & essays in long-form or short-form.

Click here to see this example

Example of how to proctor students verbally identifying the parts of a Sphygmomanometer & showing how it works.

Also covers virtual group presentations.

Click here to skip to these examples

Students add mock patient information into a real charting system used by hospitals.

Click here to see this example

Assumes students are permitted to use their book & class notes during the exam.

Click here to see this example

Online proctoring features to remember

Click to see ptoctoring features we'll refer to

AI + Human proctors: AI software monitors behavior during the exam & alerts a live proctor if it detects potential issues.

Test content protection: automatically searches the internet for leaked test questions & gives the ability to send takedown requests with one click.

Cell phone detection: AI detects when students attempt to use their cell phones to access test bank content during the exam.

Video monitoring: uses the students’ webcam to monitor student behavior during the exam, scan the room, and verify ID.

  • ID verification: the webcam captures a picture of the student along with their photo ID.

Voice detection: listens for specific keywords & phrases such as, “OK Google” or “Hey Siri” & provides a transcript of what a student says. Much more effective than sound detection, which can trigger because of a sneeze or a dog barking.

Browser lockdown: primarily prevents students from accessing other browsers & applications. Some allow instructors to give students access to specific sites & applications while still restricting others.

Test rules & proctor instructions: the use of test rules and proctor instructors to help customize exams and provide accommodations for specific students or for all students.

  • Example test rules: No talking during any exams; use a black pen for handwritten responses.
  • Example proctor instructions:
  • Students may speak during the virtual presentation and demo of a Sphygmomanometer.
  • John Doe can use talk-to-text assistive technology to complete the essay component.

How to use online proctoring software for hands-on nursing exam activities

Entrance exams for nursing schools taken at a testing center or online

Assumes the exams use traditional question formats, like multiple choice and true-or-false, for math, science, reading, & vocabulary.

Proctoring in-person nursing entrance exams:
For nursing entrance exams taken in-person at a testing center, for example, you can use a mix of proctoring software and human review to protect the exams.

Video monitoring
Use the webcam to require ID verification for each student and monitor behavior during the exam.

Detect attempted cell phone use
If you’re concerned about students using their cell phones during the exam, especially in a large testing center, enable cell phone detection feature that can alert a proctor if students attempt to access test bank content on their phones or other devices. 

Prevent access to internet browsers and applications
Use browser lockdown software to prevent students from opening other tabs, browsers, and applications during exams. This feature can also prevent some keyboard shortcuts like copy and paste.

Protect typed and handwritten essays
If the nursing entrance exam has a written component, either by hand or typed in a word processor, you have options to protect both. 

Proctoring handwritten essays
The next section about handwritten math problems and essays (immediately after this section) provides in-depth steps to proctor handwritten activities, but here’s how it works at a high level:

Proctoring typed essays
If you want students to complete the essay within a word processor, like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, you’ll use a browser lock to prevent access to other browsers and applications except for the word processor and record students’ desktop.

If students have a physical condition that prevents them from completing the handwritten or typed responses, you can provide specific accommodations, such as allowing assistive technology and alternative ways to complete the response.

Proctoring online nursing school entrance exams:
We won’t dive into proctoring traditional online exam question formats because it’s pretty straightforward: you can use a variety of online proctoring tools during the exams, such as AI+human monitoring, voice detection, and cell phone detection, or you can disable specific features to customize the exam and provide accommodations. 

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Handwritten math problems & essays

Example: nursing students use pen and paper to complete:

How to proctor nursing exams with handwritten components:

Turn on “Scratch Paper Allowed”
The nursing instructor simply enables a setting called “Scratch Paper Allowed” which allows students to look down at their paper without the AI flagging them.

Provide students with specific test rules and instructions
Give students specific instructions, such as:

Use video to scan the room for unauthorized resources
The webcam is used to scan the room for resources like calculators, notes with math formulas, other people, and cell phones.

What if you want to allow some resources but block others?
Simply give instructions to the proctor to allow resources such as specific books, class notes, or access to certain websites and applications.

Detect cell phone use and voices
Use the proctoring software to detect when students attempt to use their cell phones to access test bank content during the exam. 

You can also rely on Voice Detection technology, which listens for specific keywords, such as a student attempting to ask Siri or Alexa for help.

What if students have a physical condition that impacts their ability to write?
Give the proctor instructions that provide accommodations for specific students that allow alternative response options, such as allowing them to use assistive technology to answer questions.

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Virtual demonstrations & presentations

Example: nursing students identify the parts of a Sphygmomanometer and show how it works.

How to use proctoring software for nursing exam virtual demonstrations & presentations:

Detect voices and get a complete transcript of what the student said
The proctoring software can detect voices and provide the instructor with a full transcript of what’s said during the exam activity. It listens for things like, “Hey Siri” and “OK Google” as well as custom lists from the instructor that include phrases like, “help me,” or “what’s the answer?”

If the AI detects any potential issues, it alerts a live proctor who can review the situation and decide to enter the session to intervene and redirect the student. A transcript allows instructors to key in on specific subjects, like the student naming the parts of a Sphygmomanometer, which can speed up the review process.

The transcript is also particularly helpful for instructors who may be deaf or hard of hearing, but still want to provide students with the ability to virtually present.

Record the virtual presentation and demonstration
The proctoring platform records the entire virtual presentation and demo for the instructor to watch. Instructors will also have reports and recordings with timestamps of potentially suspicious behavior to review.

Scan the room and monitor student behavior
The webcam can be used to complete a room scan to make sure the student doesn’t have any notes taped on the wall in front of them or resources on their desk.

What if a student has a speech disorder?
If a student has a speech disorder, you can provide proctor instructions that provide the student with other ways to complete the virtual presentation, such as allowing text-to-speech assistive technology.  

What about proctoring virtual group presentations?
Example: two students in separate locations record a presentation using a common video conferencing tool, such as Zoom.

It’s basically the same process as proctoring an individual presentation, except the instructor only reviews the audio and video from one student instead of both.

The proctoring platform verifies the identity of both students, scans the room, records the presentation, and provides a transcript.

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Using real industry software to complete a task

Example: nursing students add mock patient information to an EMR/EHR charting system commonly used by hospitals

How to remote proctor nursing exams that require the use of real software:

Allow the use of a specific charting system and prevent access to other software and sites

A browser lock can be used to only allow nursing students to access a specific EMR/EHR charting system during the exam without being flagged. While you can specify which charting system can be used,  you can still prevent students from accessing other systems and browser tabs during the nursing exam.

Record students’ screens during the nursing exam task
The students’ screens can be recorded throughout the nursing exam task. The instructor can watch each exam recording to see how students completed specific portions of the tasks within the software.

Want to make it an explainer video?
In addition to recording nursing students’ screens during the exam charting task, instructors can also record audio. This allows the instructor to watch the student complete the task within the charting system while listening to the student explain what they’re doing during the charting task activity and why. 

Honorlock’s Voice Detection also provides a transcript of what the student says during the recording.

Similar to the authentic assessment activities mentioned earlier in this article, instructors can also verify ID, detect cell phone use, and complete a room scan.

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Open book online nursing exams

Example: nursing students can use specific textbooks or notes during the exam.

How to use online proctoring to allow open book nursing exams:

Provide proctor instructions that permit the use of specific books and/or notes during the exam 

Scan the room to make sure no other books and resources are in the exam room
During the room scan, students can have instructor-permitted books in the testing area that they can use during the proctored authentic assessment. 

Want students to have access to digital notes and resources?
Instructors can allow students to access specific digital resources during the proctored exam. The instructor simply adds the exact URLs of the permitted sites in the exam setup.

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Honorlock online proctoring allows nursing programs to do more with exams

While many other proctoring companies struggle to protect exams that involve more than standard test question formats, Honorlock allows your nursing program to offer test questions and activities that truly test knowledge and application.

Honorlock is the best online proctoring for nursing programs, but don’t just take our word for it.

We encourage you to read verified Honorlock reviews on peer-to-peer software review site, G2, and our customer testimonials.

“Through the use of Honorlock, we have been able to maintain the integrity of our classes, many of which are precursors to entry into our nursing program. It is an easy-to-use, comprehensive system that will not be intrusive to students like live proctoring systems.” – Review by Jill M. on Feb. 22, 2021

“Before Honorlock, our campus relied on in-person proctoring. Honorlock allowed us to move past this archaic practice and permit students to take tests honestly from their homes. Honorlock’s team reviews students’ test-taking environments.” – Review on 8/17/2021 by an Administrator in Higher Education

“Honorlock, because of its ease of use, was widely adopted by our faculty and has been very effective. It is an elegant solution to a complex problem.” – Review on 2/15/2022 by Tom M., Director of Learning Resources

“Honorlock is very easy for students to set up and start using. Setup for instructors is also pretty simple, they can easily pick which settings/features to turn on for their exams.” – Review on 2/17/2022 by an Administrator in Higher Education.

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13 Features of the Best Online Proctoring Companies

Compare platform software and services of the best online proctoring companies

Researching the best online proctoring services and software?

Finding the best online proctoring company is difficult because each offers different platforms, features, and services. We’re here to help.
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Here are the online proctoring platforms and services we’ll refer to:

Browser lockdown: entry-level exam monitoring software prevents use of other browsers and applications.

Live human proctoring: a proctor simultaneously monitors multiple test-takers in real-time.

Automated proctoring (AI proctoring): only uses AI software to monitor behavior.

Automated (AI) + live proctoring: AI software monitors behavior and alerts a human proctor if it detects potential academic dishonesty

13 things to look for in the best online proctoring services and software
1. Combines AI and humans to improve accuracy and the user experience

When you create a document in Microsoft Word, do you accept every grammar suggestion without reviewing it first? Hopefully not.

And after you proofread and make some suggested changes, you may use assistive writing software, like Grammarly, to double-check your work.

Why do we do this?

Because even though AI is powerful, it isn’t perfect, and humans make mistakes. We use AI in many ways but still review it because there are nuances that need human oversight. This everyday example highlights the value of AI and humans working together.

It’s the same situation for online exam proctoring. AI exam monitoring software and human proctors are independently good at certain things, but they’re more effective when combined.

Consider this scenario: You’re a remote proctor responsible for monitoring a dozen test-takers at once. It’d be easy to miss things, right?

But what if the AI monitors test takers’ behavior and alerts a proctor if it detects any problems? And then they can review the situation one-to-one instead of one-to-a dozen before intervening?

The best online proctoring service does that. This approach creates a better testing environment with fewer distractions and improves proctoring accuracy.

2. Detects cell phones and other devices

Most people have cellphones or other devices, which is why you need to find online proctoring that can detect when they’re being used to look up answers.

In addition to detecting cell phones, the online proctoring software should detect device sharing apps like Apple Handoff.

3. Blocks ChatGPT and other AI tools

If you’re looking to stop AI tools like ChatGPT and Transcript browser extension, you’ll need a lot more than browser lockdown software and a plagiarism checker.

A browser lock is a good start, but what if a test taker has a cell phone? And plagiarism checkers are ineffective at detecting AI generated content.

To stop ChatGPT and other AI, you need a comprehensive proctoring solution with a variety of tools such as: cell phone detection, video monitoring, voice detection (not sound detection), and a blend of AI with live proctoring.

4. Flat-rate pricing helps avoid variable costs

Variable costs can add up quickly depending on the proctoring company’s pricing model.

Consider this scenario: You’re using an online proctoring company that charges per hour.

You budgeted for 500 hours of exam proctoring, but the exams take longer than expected, and you’re billed for 650 hours.

How much extra would that cost you? Whether it’s $10 or $10,000, it’s too much.

To help protect your bottom line and estimate testing costs, find an online proctoring company with a flat rate cost per exam or test-taker.

5. The online proctoring software is easy to use and does everything you need

If you invest in online proctoring software, make sure it gets used.

Clunky proctoring software can create a bad user experience that ultimately decreases adoption and requires more time for training.

Ease of use doesn’t mean less functionality. The best test proctoring software makes it easy to use advanced, customizable proctoring features in just a few clicks – even for the least tech-savvy people.

6. Automatically identifies leaked test questions

Unfortunately, it’s common to find leaked test questions on the internet. It’s a frustrating aspect of online learning that puts your tests and reputation at risk.

“If all of our quizzes are out there on the internet where anyone can look up the answers, what kind of quality is that degree?”– Cody Moyer, Director of Learning Technology, Polk State College

But you have a few options to search for your leaked test content:

Option 1: Individually entering your test questions into an internet search tool and reviewing all of the results.

Option 2: Manually selecting each test question to be searched for by the proctoring software and sending individual takedown requests if any are found.

Option 3: Enabling the online proctoring platform to automatically search the internet for all of your test questions and sending takedown requests with a single click.

Which option sounds best? Option 3 because it’s efficient and effective.
That’s the difference between using the best proctoring software to find leaked test content versus software that checks the box.

7. Proctored exams and support are available 24/7/365

People have busy lives and need the flexibility to take exams and get live support 24/7/365.

“Having access to customer support 24/7/365 is huge. Especially when students may be taking exams at any time of day. You want them to have access to someone who can troubleshoot with them.” – Daphnee St. Val, Senior Instructional Designer, Broward College
Read about Daphnee’s experience with proctoring

Support questions to ask online proctoring companies:

8. Proctoring settings are customizable

With some remote proctoring platforms, you’re stuck with out-of-the-box settings, whether you want to use them or not.

The inability to disable specific features of the proctored exam platform limits customization and can negatively impact the exam experience. The best proctoring platforms allow test admins to pick and choose which features to enable or disable in a few clicks.

“Instructors like how they can set different parameters in the exams. It’s a better experience for the students because instructors can be very specific.” – Paula Rodriguez, Former Director of the University Testing Center, Colorado State University.
Read about Paula’s experience with proctoring

The best proctoring services also allow admins to give instructions that provide accommodations, such as bathroom breaks, extended exam times, alternative assessment activities, and assistive devices.

9. Proctors traditional questions and alternative assessment activities

Most remote proctoring companies offer at least one way to protect traditional test questions, like multiple-choice and true-or-false. But what about proctoring alternative assessment activities, sometimes called authentic assessments, like live virtual presentations or preparing balance sheets in Excel?

Browser lockdown software isn’t nearly enough. AI-only won’t cut it, and live proctoring-only could be a scheduling disaster and lead to variable costs.

The most effective way to protect alternative assessments is to combine customizable remote proctoring software with live human review.

Test admins should be able to choose which proctoring features to use and provide the live proctor with detailed instructions and test rules for further customization that cover the many nuances of alternative assessments.

How to use remote proctoring tools in online alternative assessments:
Example alternative assessment activity: giving virtual presentations


Example alternative assessment activity: completing a balance sheet in Excel


10. The proctoring platform directly integrates with your LMS

A proctoring platform that directly integrates with your learning management system can speed up implementation, improve ease of use, secure data, and it usually means that no extra passwords or logins are required.

“You want an integrated system. You don’t want faculty and students to have separate sign-ons. That was important for us.” – Steven Daniello, Director of Assessment Services, Indian River State College
Read about Steven’s experience with proctoring

11. Uses voice detection instead of sound detection

The terms “voice detection” and “sound detection” are interchangeably used, but they’re significantly different.


Which do you think is more likely to create a false flag?

While voice detection is a powerful tool, the best remote proctoring service takes it a step further by creating a transcript of what’s said by the test-taker.

12. Reports and recordings give actionable insights and help streamline the review process

The online proctoring solution should provide exam reports with timestamped recordings within the LMS to help speed up review and give admins better test performance insights.

“I felt that I couldn’t trust my test scores… The analytics that come with the flags and real-time recording helped me to understand how students were approaching the course and what strategies they were using to pass the test. Honorlock helped me make sense of what was going on.” – Ryan P. Mears, PhD, Lecturer, University of Florida
Read about Ryan’s experience with proctoring

13. Online proctoring companies should take a security-first approach

From security software and technologies to ongoing training and employee onboarding, thoroughly vet the security practices of online proctoring companies because their security becomes your security.

Ask these questions about security of the online proctoring platform and company:

Security testing and employee training

Data security and privacy


Tip: Review the proctoring company’s privacy policy, which should be publicly available


What’s the best proctoring software and service?


Honorlock is the highest-rated online proctoring software on the peer-to-peer review site, G2. Honorlock earned this score thanks to its ease of use, quality of support, and simple setup.

What is Honorlock?

Honorlock is an online proctoring company that combines advanced software and services to protect the integrity of online exams for higher education and professional education.

How does Honorlock work?

Honorlock’s online exam proctoring software monitors behavior and alerts a live human proctor if it detects potential issues.

Once alerted, the proctor can review the situation in an analysis window before deciding whether to intervene or not.

This is the best way to proctor online exams because it protects academic integrity and creates a fair, equitable, and non-invasive test environment. While other online proctoring services just try to catch cheating on exams, Honorlock supports and empowers test-takers and administrators.


Direct quotes from Honorlock reviews on G2, a peer-to-peer software evaluation site.
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is the best online proctoring company

Is a Browser Lockdown Worth It? Probably Not. But Why?

Is the cost of browser lockdown software worth it?

A browser lockdown may check the box for entry-level proctoring needs for some exams. But the problem is that it’s easy to work around because it only protects against one very specific aspect of cheating.

So, is it worth the cost investment? Nope.

If you’re investing in an online proctoring platform, it should be able to detect and prevent all aspects of exam cheating while remaining cost-effective.

Consider this:
If you’re only proctoring online exams with a browser lockdown, test takers are still able to do the following without detection:

The examples above are just a few of the many reasons that only using browser lockdown software isn’t enough to protect online exams and probably isn’t worth the investment.

Is the browser lock protecting academic integrity and preventing cheating in the examples above? Not really.

If the browser lockdown software isn’t protecting academic integrity, is it worth the investment? Probably not.

Are there other proctoring platforms that can comprehensively deter cheating on exams and still be cost-effective? Yes (and we’ll show you).

This article briefly explains what browser lockdown software is, provides the pros and cons, and shows you alternative options for online proctoring services and platforms.

What is a browser lockdown and how does it work?

Browser lockdown software is an entry-level online proctoring platform that helps prevent cheating by restricting access to other websites and applications and disabling keyboard functionality.


What are the pros and cons of browser lockdown software?

As you can see from the comparison chart below, the limitations of browser lockdown software greatly outweigh the benefits it provides.

So, what’s a better online proctoring platform option and why?

To comprehensively prevent cheating, protect academic integrity, and support test takers, you need a blended proctoring platform that combines AI with human review.

How does an online proctoring platform like this work?

The proctoring platform uses AI to monitor each exam session for potential academic dishonesty and alerts a live proctor to join the test takers’ session in real-time if it detects any issues.

What are the features and benefits of a blended proctoring platform?

In addition to a browser lock, when you use a proctoring company like Honorlock, you’ll enjoy these extensive additional features and benefits:

Cost-effectiveness and scalability

Honorlock’s online proctoring services and platform are available at a flat rate cost per exam or per test taker. This cost structure helps you accurately estimate testing costs and prevent variable costs. Our proctoring services also include implementation of the online proctoring platform, training, and 24/7/365 US-based support at no additional cost.

Protects exam questions and content

Honorlock’s Search & Destroy technology searches the internet to identify leaked exam questions. If leaked exam content is found, test administrators are given simple steps to take control of their exams’ integrity by sending content takedown requests in one click and updating exam content.

Monitors test takers’ behavior through the webcam

The webcam is used to monitor behavior throughout the exam and provides test administrators with timestamped recordings and reports afterward. The webcam is also used during the room scan and ID verification process.

Detects voices, not just sounds

Honorlock’s voice detection software won’t create endless flags for test takers coughing or talking to themselves during an exam.

Instead, the software listens for specific keywords or phrases, such as “Hey Siri” or “OK Google,” and alerts a live proctor to intervene if necessary.

Customizes exams in a few clicks

Honorlock provides test administrators with the ability to customize proctored exams in just a few clicks. The test administrator creates the exam in the LMS like they already do and then they’ll click to choose which proctoring features to enable or disable. They can also provide the exam instructions for further customization for each exam and even specific test takers.

Proctors alternative assessments and traditional question formats

The blend of AI and human review along with the ability to provide detailed proctor instructions and test rules means that whether it’s multiple-choice questions, math problems using pen and paper, handwritten essays, or open book formats, all test activities will be protected.

Can detect the use of cell phones

Our online proctoring platform can detect when test takers attempt to use their cell phones to access test bank content during the exam.

Verifies test taker ID in 60 seconds

ID verification is quick and simple with Honorlock. The proctoring software uses the webcam to capture a picture of the test-taker along with their photo ID.

Provides 24/7/365 proctored exams and live support

With Honorlock’s proctoring services and platform, proctored exams can be taken anytime, day or night, and both test takers and test administrators can get on-demand support from live, US-based support agents.

Helps reduce test anxiety

This blended solution uses AI to monitor exams and a live proctor will only intervene if potential issues are detected. This means the live proctor won’t be watching the test-taker the whole time.

Integrates with your LMS

A direct integration between Honorlock’s proctoring software and the LMS is key because it creates a familiar test environment and there are no extra passwords or logins needed.

Proctors exams within third-party platforms

Honorlock’s platform proctors exams on third-party platforms, such as MyMathLab, ALEKS, Pearson, and McGraw Hill.

To preserve academic integrity and create a fair testing environment, use Honorlock’s online proctoring platform and services to protect against all aspects of cheating on exams, not just one.


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