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Block AI Tools

Block the use of AI, like ChatGPT, to prevent dishonesty before it starts.

Blocks AI-Generated Content

Copy/paste is disabled, preventing test takers from using content generated by outside AI and plagiarism tools.

Secures the Browser

BrowserGuard™ nips dishonesty in the bud by restricting the browser, so tools like ChatGPT can’t be opened at all or are flagged for live proctor review.

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AI Extensions

Blocks AI Extensions

Blocks any extensions running in the background of exams, while still allowing permitted accessibility technology.

Speech Detection

Honorlock listens for specific keywords, such as “OK Google,” “Alexa,” or “Hey Siri”, not just voices.

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Monitors Test Taker Behavior

Monitors Test Taker Behavior

Record test taker desktop to provide full visibility into the integrity of your exams, catching dishonest actions in the moment.


What we’re focused on is really preventing test takers from getting access to ChatGPT. It eliminates a ton of headaches so you don’t have to deal with all of that hassle.
Jordan Adair
VP of Product Honorlock
Honorlock provides a seamless, reliable, and anxiety-free remote proctoring solution for students, faculty, and administrators alike. No one enjoys being monitored while taking a high-stakes assessment, but Honorlock makes it painless and tolerable. Honorlock provides the best user experience on the market in the remote proctoring 
solution space.
Brian Marchman
Former Assistant Provost for Distance Learning University of Florida
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