About Us

About Us

Who is Honorlock?

There’s a notion that online proctoring services are simply out to catch cheaters. But at Honorlock, we believe our mission is much bigger than that. We know there’s a better way to protect exam integrity. One where what’s good for the institution is also good for the learner. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to taking the technical online proctoring experience and making it human. The result is a proctoring solution that supports integrity, makes test-taking less stressful and saves everyone time and hassle. This is what we love to do.

Our Story

Honorlock was founded when two students at Florida Atlantic University set out to level the playing field for online assessments. They devised their own online proctoring prototype and entered an entrepreneurship competition, which they won. The prize money from their victory gave them the time and credibility to interview a wide range of college and university administrators, faculty, and students. These meetings identified the kinds of tools and features that would inspire broad confidence in remotely proctored assessments, while furnishing students with a less invasive, less anxiety-ridden testing environment than previously available.

Honorlock soon realized we could be both a disruptive force and a beacon of innovation in the proctoring industry. Inspired by a genuine desire to make students’ lives better, our more than 60 employees now serve 200+ educational institutions. Riding a wave of positive feedback and academic change, Honorlock has quickly become the solution of choice for schools that want to adopt the most effective and innovative online proctoring system in the industry. And, with healthy funding and the leadership of CEO Michael Hemlepp, we are well positioned for continued growth.

Our Pledge

Honorlock knows that when it comes to attracting the right students, your reputation is everything. We will set your institution apart by providing blended on-demand/live proctoring services coupled with industry-leading security and student privacy.

Students will be able to take their exams on their own schedules, backed by 24/7 tech support every day of the year, keeping your school’s programs flexible. Both on-campus and online courses will better adapt to the needs of your students while your faculty will be able to more easily maintain program integrity and academic honesty.


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