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How business schools benefit from online proctoring

Benefits of online proctoring for business schools

Whether it’s a business school offering masters degrees, undergraduate degrees, or certificates, online proctoring benefits everyone involved.
This article will show you how online proctoring helps business schools and their instructors and students.

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What is online proctoring?

Online proctoring (or remote proctoring), means using software and services to protect academic integrity during exams and help students successfully complete exams.


Online proctoring features
  • Video monitoring: uses the webcam to monitor behavior
  • Sound detection: monitors audio through the microphone
  • Voice detection: AI listens for keywords & phrases that may indicate cheating
  • Cell phone detection: AI detects when students attempt to use their cell phones to access test bank content during the exam
  • Browser Guard: restricts access to other browsers and software
  • ID authentication: uses the webcam and/or other technology to verify the person taking the exam is the one getting credit.
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  • Browser lockdown: entry-level test monitoring software that prevents the use of other browsers and applications.
  • Automated proctoring (AI proctoring): exams are monitored by AI only.
  • Live proctoring: a proctor monitors multiple test-takers at once in real-time.
  • Blended proctoring (Automated + live proctoring): AI monitors test-taker behavior and alerts a live human proctor if it detects potential issues.

Note: The examples and benefits covered in this article assume that a blended proctoring solution is used because it provides the greatest amount of flexibility to cover the needs of diverse exams for business schools.

Benefits of online proctoring for business schools

Supports accreditation for business schools

Accreditation is crucial for business schools.

Business school accreditation is crucial because it assures that the school follows (and hopefully exceeds) high-quality standards that are based on research and generally accepted industry business practices. But accredited business schools can’t just check the box that they meet the requirements every so often. They must demonstrate that they’re invested in continually developing and growing, not just maintaining existing standards.

The most common accreditation for business programs is the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). It’s generally considered to be the best way to guarantee the overall quality of the business school in terms of the programs, faculty, and instruction.

From an institutional accreditation standpoint, the federal government’s 2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act requires institutions that receive Title IV funding to verify the identity of enrolled online students by at least one of the following methods: online proctoring, new or other technologies and practices to verify ID, and secure login/passwords.

Helps protect reputation and enrollment

We’ve all heard about the “easy A” class.

The class that uses the same test questions year after year. The test questions are easily found on Google or Reddit and the instructor doesn’t use proctoring or may not have it available. While students may enjoy the bump to their GPA, these “easy A” classes can hurt your business school’s reputation and impact future enrollment.

With the right online proctoring platform, you can help safeguard your business school’s reputation by creating a level playing field for all students to demonstrate course mastery and protect your test questions from being shared online.

“We want to know that the education we are providing is one of quality. If all of our quizzes are out there on the internet where anyone can look up the answers, what kind of quality is that degree?” – Cody Moyer, Director of Learning Technology at Polk State College

Implementing online proctoring is quick and simple

With the right LMS integration and services, implementing online proctoring for business schools is quick and simple.

Some online proctoring platforms directly integrate with your LMS quickly and easily, and it also means that:

  • It’s basically the same test environment for instructors and students
  • No extra logins and passwords are needed Exam reports/recordings and support are available in the LMS
  • Exam reports/recordings and support are available in the LMS

Two extra tips for business schools:

1. Find an online proctoring company that offers flat-rate pricing

Variable costs can add up quickly if the online proctoring company doesn’t offer flat-rate pricing.

Imagine how much extra this scenario would cost your program:

That’s 350 hours of proctoring that you didn’t plan for.


2. Find a proctoring solution, not just a tool

Some online proctoring companies sell a beginner tool, like browser lockdown software, which is cheap and might check the box.

  • Consider this: if you’re only using a browser lock to proctor exams, students can just use their cell phones to look up test answers.

So, is a limited tool really worth the investment? Nope.

You need a proctoring solution, not a tool. But what’s the difference?

Think of it this way: If your goal is to build a house, would you only buy a hammer and nails? Probably not.

A hammer and nails aren’t a complete solution; they’re part of a solution. You need additional tools and expertise to build and customize the house to your needs.

The same is true for online proctoring; find a proctoring company that partners with your business school and provides a comprehensive solution that meets and exceeds your needs.

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Benefits of online proctoring for business instructors

More time teaching instead of testing during class

If instructors don’t have to deliver proctored exams during class, there’s more time for extra class activities or lectures they can explore with students.


Removes scheduling hassles

With proctoring services like Honorlock, instructors won’t have to worry about scheduling exams because students can take proctored exams AND get live support 24/7/365.


Works for different types of business exam formats

With the right blended proctoring solution, you can use customizable settings and instructions to proctor just about any question format and business-related activity during an online exam, such as:

Handwritten math problems & essays

Finance math example: completing calculus and statistical analysis math problems using pen and paper.
Economics essay example: completing short or long-form handwritten responses about the concepts of perfect and imperfect competition.
Use of real software to complete tasks

Accounting example: completing a balance sheet in Excel and creating invoices in QuickBooks.
HR talent management example: creating an explainer video of how to use specific tools within common Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) such as ADP Talent, Oracle Taleo, and Workday Recruiting.
Virtual presentations & demonstrations

MBA capstone presentation example: giving virtual presentations of final capstone projects.
HR demonstration example: demonstrating specific employee interview techniques through mock virtual interviews with other students in the online business program.
Open-book (access to specific physical & digital resources)

Physical book example: students can only use a specific textbook during the exam while all other books and resources are prohibited.
Digital resource example: MBA students can access specific websites and research articles during the proctored exam while all other websites are prohibited.

Easy to use and set up

Even if you’re new to teaching online courses and online testing, the learning curve with online proctoring platforms like Honorlock is minimal.

With the exception of a few clicks, it’s pretty much the same experience to create exams because of Honorlock’s LMS integration.

This integration means that you’ll create exams in the LMS like you already do, pick the features you want to use, and review the exam results and timestamped recordings in the LMS afterward – and no extra logins or passwords needed.

Protects test questions from being leaked

Instructors spend a lot of time creating quality test questions. But, unfortunately, it’s quick and easy for students to find and share your test questions on the internet.

Luckily, some proctoring platforms can automatically identify when test questions are leaked and provide steps to have the content removed.

This protects your content and means that you won’t have to spend time reworking your test questions and creating new test question banks.

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How online proctoring can help business students

Provides students with flexibility to take proctored exams on their own schedule

Students have busy lives, and they need the ability to take exams at a time that works for them without dealing with scheduling issues. Proctoring companies, like Honorlock, give students the flexibility to take proctored exams anytime – even at 1 a.m. over the weekend or on Thanksgiving day – and get live support if they need it.


The right approach to exam proctoring can reduce student test anxiety

Let’s face it, a box in the corner of the screen with a person watching students take the exam is pretty distracting (and creepy). But some AI just isn’t accurate enough and often leads to overflagging – again, more distractions and anxiety for students.

The good news is that a student survey with university students actually found that the right approach to online proctoring – one that combines AI with human review – can help reduce student test anxiety.

“The proctor popping in was different than I expected – in a positive way. I imagined them being more strict. I felt that the proctor was helpful and a lot less intimidating than I thought.” – Student quote in a post-exam survey

Creates a fair test environment

Online proctoring software protects academic integrity and creates a level playing field. You can have confidence that no one will have an unfair advantage, and you can focus on demonstrating your knowledge.


Solidifies the validity of the online business program

Students want to know that their education in an online business program is valued just as much as an in-person program. Online proctoring helps create a level playing field that protects the program’s reputation and perceived value.

“Online proctoring confirms that an online degree holds the same weight as one where students took the classes in person,” said Jordan Adair, Vice President of Product at Honorlock

The best online proctoring solution for business schools

If your goal is to check the box for online proctoring, an entry-level tool like browser lockdown software might work. But you get what you pay for.

If your goal is to truly protect academic integrity within a better testing environment that supports students, you need a comprehensive proctoring solution from a partner like Honorlock.

Instead of just selling a limited tool, Honorlock partners with your business school from the start to protect academic integrity in a supportive, noninvasive test environment that improves online teaching and learning.


How does Honorlock work?

Honorlock’s online proctoring software combines the benefits of AI with those of live remote proctors to help reduce student test anxiety, provide support, and uphold academic integrity.

  • Our exam proctoring software monitors students’ exam sessions with a variety of proctoring tools, such as: video monitoring, cell phone detection, voice detection, browser guard, and more.
  • If the proctoring software detects potential academic dishonesty, it alerts a live proctor.
  • The live proctor can review the situation in an analysis window and decide whether to intervene or not.

Honorlock’s blended proctoring delivers a less intimidating and noninvasive proctored exam experience for students because they aren’t constantly watched.


Protect your business school’s online exams and reputation while supporting students and faculty

Business schools face stiff competition. Your reputation is a fundamental aspect of growing your online programs, and your audiences are watching.

Potential students, accrediting bodies, and future employers want to know if your programs are academically sound. Honorlock’s online proctoring software and services play a critical role in protecting your reputation and online exams.


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