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#1 Online Proctoring Service on G2

Honorlock combines AI with live proctoring & 24/7 support – all at a flat rate

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#1 Online Proctoring Service on G2

Honorlock blends AI with live proctoring & provides 24/7 support – all at a flat rate

Online Proctoring Services & Software

Honorlock’s proctoring solution protects exam integrity while supporting test takers from start to finish.

Secure Exams with Live Proctoring & AI

Our secure proctoring solution protects exam integrity with a combination of live proctors and AI tools.

Proctor Exams 24/7 With Live Support

Remote proctoring and live support are available anytime, day or night, no scheduling required.

Detect Cell Phones
& Other Devices

Honorlock’s AI proctoring platform detects cell phones so you don’t have to rely on a proctor seeing them in real time anymore.

Block AI Tools

A variety of Honorlock’s proctoring tools prevent the use of AI extensions like ChatGPT during online exams.

Protect Exam Content

Search & Destroy™ searches the internet for your leaked exam content and offers one-click takedown requests.

Secure Test Browsers

BrowserGuard™ prevents and flags access to browsers and applications, disables keyboard shortcuts, and records desktops.

Avoid Variable Costs

Honorlock offers flat-rate pricing per exam or test taker, eliminating hourly fees for longer exams.

This price includes implementation, training, setup, and access to a dedicated success manager without extra charges.

Integrate Your LMS With Honorlock

Honorlock directly integrates with Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, D2L,  Intellum, Docebo*, and Open LMS*.

Or, leverage our open APIs for custom integrations.

(* coming soon)

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See how Honorlock’s remote proctoring combines AI with human proctors, detects cell phones, blocks AI like ChatGPT, secures the browser, finds leaked test content, & more.

Remote Exam Proctoring For All

Online Proctoring for
Higher Education

Secure online proctoring to protect academic integrity and support students and faculty.

Proctoring for Certification and Licensure Exams

Flexible, convenient exam proctoring for certifications and licensure programs.

Honorlock Exam Proctoring Reviews From G2

As a professional educator it’s great that Honorlock leaves the decision to the teachers about whether or not a student violated the testing requirements. We’ve worked with three different proctoring vendors and Honorlock is the least obtrusive and gets the best results for us.

We love the personal and professional interaction that Honorlock provides for our students and all of the data that they report for our faculty!

Since I started using Honorlock, I have greater confidence about how students are using information to take exams. I’m assured of the validity of learning assessments, and I have better insight into what students are learning.

What Is Honorlock?

We make remote proctoring simple, easy, & human.

There’s a notion that online exam proctoring is just a way to catch cheating on tests. But our mission is much bigger than that. We know there’s a better way to protect academic integrity. Our approach to online proctoring is to do what’s good for the institution and good for the learner.

That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to taking the technical online exam proctoring experience and making it human. The result is a solution that brings integrity, humanity, confidence, and positive outcomes to the proctored testing experience.

Not All Online Proctoring Solutions Are the Same

See why Honorlock’s online proctoring solution ranks #1 across all categories on G2.