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Online Exam Proctoring
with a Human Touch

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Online Proctoring Made Easy

Honorlock provides on-demand online proctoring services for schools and universities. Our simple, affordable online proctoring service operates around you—no scheduling headaches or complex logins. We prioritize academic integrity and are continually innovating to hinder cheating, and our patented cell phone detection system is the only technology of its kind. Remote proctoring online exams shouldn’t be a pain for you or your students. Let our cloud-based online proctoring service make it easy.



Online Proctoring Trusted by Institutional Leaders of All Sizes

Exclusive Online Proctoring Features

Remote proctoring innovation is in our core DNA
We are proud to offer exclusive online proctoring features

Search and Destroy

Secure your online exam answers. Our remote proctoring technology automatically searches for your test content on the Internet.

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Cell Phone Detection

Our patented remote proctoring software deters students from using cell phones and other devices to search test answers online.

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Live Pop-In™

Our hybrid online proctoring service uses AI to prompt a live remote proctor to “Pop-in” to a student’s session if needed.

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Voice Detection

Artificial Intelligence listens for keywords to identify possible acts of academic dishonesty and alerts a live remote proctor to intervene in real-time.

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On-demand Online Exam Proctoring

Because we use a record and review system, all of our online proctored exams are on-demand. Whenever a student is ready, whether at lunchtime or in the middle of the night, they can log in and begin their proctored test. They don’t need to worry about scheduling a time for the proctored exam or paying for a missed timeslot. We use AI technology to monitor the online exam live, and our remote proctors review the exam recording. We then send reports of any incidents to the instructor along with the recordings to review as needed. We also offer several layers of protection to deter students from accessing unauthorized exam content. Honorlock’s online proctoring service allows you to offer convenience and flexibility to your students without sacrificing security or academic rigor.

For Students

On-demand online exam proctoring with 24/7/365 support assistance right from your browser

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For Faculty

Two-click setup with customizable online exam proctoring settings and guidelines

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For Institutions

Grow your online programs while maintaining academic integrity using online proctored exams


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Quick and Easy Setup and Use

Students install the Google Chrome extension to get started. In just 60 seconds, they can verify their identity and begin their remotely proctored exam. While they’re testing, our online proctoring software uses their microphone and webcam to record them. It also prevents them from accessing the test answers from another browser window. If the proctoring software AI notices anything suspicious, like an extra person in the room, a live remote proctor can pop in to check on them and prevent academic violations. And, if all is well, they’ll help the student get back on track with their online exam. After they’re done, our staff review the online exam and send the report to their instructor.

Online Proctoring From Your Browser*

Honorlock’s online proctoring software is web-based – you simply add our Chrome Extension in one click to begin proctoring. No additional proctoring software is required.

60 Second Identity Verification

Forget student authentication nightmares with our fast ID verification technology.

Begin the Online Proctored Exam Proctoring

Begin your online exam as you normally would. Instructors will receive a report afterward of any incidents.

*Disclaimer: This webpage discusses Honorlock’s widely available services. In May 2021, Honorlock launched a feature in limited release at a few schools that works through an app students download onto their computers, in addition to a Chrome extension. 

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Online Exam Proctoring Built for Students
by Students

We understand the frustration that can come with trying to schedule and take a proctored online exam. At the same time, when we were students at Florida Atlantic University, we were frustrated with our peers who were cheapening the degree we were working toward by cheating—especially in online exams. We saw the problem, decided to create a solution, and our online exam proctoring service is the result. Our remote proctoring solution solved many instructors’ concerns with online exams by building in advanced proctoring features and functionality to protect academic integrity. Because our online exam proctoring is on-demand at any time, we also provide US-based 24/7/365 support for faculty and students.

Flexible Online Proctoring to
Protect Your Reputation

Honorlock online proctoring is a game-changer for institutions, instructors, and students. You need remote proctoring that’s robust and easy to use, without any exam scheduling headaches, and you need to make sure students aren’t gaming the system. Honorlock online proctoring is what you need to prevent academic dishonesty, protect online exam integrity, and ensure your reputation remains strong.

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“Honorlock is the best fit for us and going forward for online courses we’re going to continue to recommend it being the fit for facilitating proctored testing for online courses.”

Christopher Harvey, MBA

Executive Director of Academic Technology, St. Petersburg College

Honorlock online proctoring customer

“The features Honorlock had to offer blew everyone else out of the water; Search and Destroy and Multi-device Detection made us realize that we had to get this product.”

Cody Moyer, M.Ed.

Director of Learning Technology,
Polk State College

“Honorlock’s support model is great! The live chat has been very helpful for us. The resources provided for faculty in terms of creating exams and proctoring options when enabling exams are excellent!”

Kate Beverage, M.S.Ed

Director of Technology for Teaching and Learning Services, Worcester Polytechnic Institute