Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act

The Subscriber agrees that, for purposes of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as amended (“FERPA”), Honorlock will be considered a contractor to whom functions and services have been outsourced by the Subscriber. As a result of these function and services, Honorlock might have access to educational records, as defined by FERPA, and to other records that may be owed specific protections under Privacy Laws. Honorlock agrees that it shall not re-disclose personally identifiable information or educational records that it receives from the Subscriber or due to the Subscriber, pursuant to this Agreement, unless such disclosure is authorized to perform the functions and services provided through this agreement or is authorized under FERPA. Honorlock expressly warrants and represents that it shall not use the information or educational records provided by the Subscriber or due to the Subscriber for any purpose other than to comply with the terms of this Agreement with the Subscriber.