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Proctoring for Certification and Licensure Exams

Protect Exam Integrity, Empower Success

Protect Exam Integrity, Empower Success

Exceed expectations with the #1 solution on G2.

Designed by test takers for test takers.

Uphold Program Integrity

Live exam proctoring, improved by AI, protects exam content and the reputation of your certification and licensure programs.

Optimize the Candidate Experience

Flexible, on-demand remote exam proctoring, anytime, anywhere. No scheduling.

Maximize Your Investment, Prioritize Quality

Invest in scalable, affordable, effective online proctoring without compromising quality.

Unrivaled Remote Proctoring Services & Support

Honorlock offers US-based 24/7/365 live remote proctoring and support for all end users.

Simply Better, Live Proctoring

Simply Better, Live Proctoring

Online proctoring doesn’t have to be creepy and invasive.

There’s a better way to proctor licensure and certification exams.

Online proctoring doesn’t have to be creepy and invasive.

There’s a better way to proctor licensure and certification exams.

Honorlock’s Live Proctors Are Intentionally Different

Honorlock’s Live Proctors Are Intentionally Different

Support Test Takers When They Need it Most

Our full-time, US-based virtual proctors receive extensive and ongoing training to support test takers, especially in moments of frustration or anxiety, creating a non-invasive and much less intimidating experience compared to other online proctoring services. 

Our remote proctors are well-versed in:

  • De-escalation, trauma-informed sensitivity, and redirection
  • Emotional regulation, mindfulness, and reducing test anxiety
  • Privacy and data confidentiality
  • Non-discrimination and non-bias policies

Grow Your Programs & Reach More Candidates

Provide your candidates with more flexibility, convenience, and top-tier service with Honorlock.

No Hassles

No exam scheduling, driving, parking, waiting, or unexpected delays


US-based online proctoring services & support anytime

Test Taker Tutorial

Research-backed tutorial reduces test anxiety with a practice system check and authentication

Rapid Response &
Issue Resolution

< 15 Seconds Average Response

< 7 Minutes Average Resolution

Minimal System 

Supports low bandwidth, hotspots, and Chromebooks

Superior Support Quality

99% Issue Resolution
94% Live Chat Satisfaction

Scalable, Affordable, and
Effective Online Proctoring

Get the most out of your investment in online proctoring for certification and licensure exams.

Honorlock is 97% Effective

A third-party study revealed Honorlock's proctoring solution was more than 97% effective in catching exam misconduct. In contrast, research by the International Center for Academic Integrity exposed that more than 60% of students admit to cheating in some form.

End-user Support, No Additional Cost

Relieve your team and resources with Honorlock's 24/7/365 US-based support for all end users. See for yourself why our customers call our services “superhuman” and rate us #1.
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Flat-rate Proctoring Cost, 
No Set-Up Fees

Honorlock's flat-rate pricing per exam or per candidate protects your bottom line. Don’t pay by the hour for longer certification exams. Our online proctoring services include implementation, training, set-up, and a dedicated success manager at no additional cost.

Free Your Resources

Stop wasting valuable time reviewing false flags when our proctors can do it for you. A third-party study found that Honorlock reduced violation review time by 87%, or more, for exam administrators.

Grow and Scale Your Certification Program

Grow and scale your online certification and licensure programs with Honorlock’s Analytics Hub™, a 360-degree view of your integrity investment–from usage to efficacy. Spot trends, drive adoption, and address gaps to develop impactful policies and consistent best practices.
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Simple LMS Integration

Honorlock’s online proctoring platform directly integrates with Intellum, Docebo*, Open LMS*, Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, D2L, and more. Or, integrate Honorlock can also integrate with your unique assessment platform with our APIs.
* Coming soon
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Find out why G2 reviewers rate Honorlock #1 across all customer satisfaction ratings — ease of use, support quality, and setup.

Secure Your Content With the
Best Online Proctoring Solution on G2

Safeguard Valuable Certification Exams

Secure test content and protect intellectual property with Honorlock’s proctoring tools including:

• Identify Verification
• BrowserGuard™
• Smart Speech Detection
• Desktop Recording
• 360-degree Room Scans
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Identify Leaked Exam Content and Take Action

You invest a lot of time and resources to create quality licensure and certification exams.

How do you know if your exam content has been leaked online?

Honorlock’s unique Search & Destroy™ identifies compromised content automatically and provides a one-click takedown request.
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Double Down Against AI

Honorlock's proctoring platform shields your certification and licensure programs and exams from unauthorized AI tools by:

• Disabling copy/paste
• BrowserGuard™
• Smart Speech Detection
• Desktop Recording
• 360-degree Room Scans
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Defend Against 
#1 Threat

Cell phones are the #1 proctoring violation. Detecting cell phones and other secondary devices ensures your certification program's exams are safe.

Defend your program Honorlock's comprehensive cell phone detection toolkit from Honorlock:

• Apple Handoff Detection
• Multi-Device Detection
• Prioritized Proctor Review
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See Honorlock's Exam Proctoring in Action

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