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Honorlock Proctoring Services & Software

Intentionally Different Proctoring

Proctoring shouldn’t ruin testing

Many proctoring services ruin the testing experience by using annoying software, intrusive proctors, and slooooow support.

But Honorlock is different. 

Our software is ridiculously easy to use, proctors only intervene when necessary, and 24/7 live support responds in seconds.

It’s proctoring at your service.

Honorlock Proctoring Software

Smarter proctoring tools that work without extra work

Live Pop-In™

AI proctoring software monitors exams and alerts a live proctor to review potential misconduct and intervene if necessary.

No Exam Scheduling

Proctored exams can be taken anytime without scheduling because Honorlock's software, live proctors, and live support are available 24/7/365.

Cell Phone Detection

Honorlock's proctoring platform detects cell phones, so you don’t have to rely on a proctor seeing a cell phone in real time.

AI Blocking

Several tools within the smart proctoring platform combine to prevent test takers from using AI, like ChatGPT, during online exams, unless exam admins choose to allow it.

Search & Destroy™

Automatically searches the web for your leaked exam content and offers a one-click option to send takedown requests to protect exam integrity.


Secure test browser blocks websites, applications, and keyboard shortcuts like copy and paste.

Secure LMS Integration

Honorlock's proctoring software integrates with LMSs like Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, D2L, and Intellum, and offers open APIs for custom integrations.

ID Verification

Quickly verifies identity—takes less than a minute—before the exam begins.

Analytics Hub™

Provides in-depth, actionable reports—from institution-wide usage to specific exam insights—in one easy-to-use portal.

Voice Detection

Listens for specific words and phrases that may indicate cheating, like "Hey Siri," which activates a voice assistant, instead of flagging unimportant noises.

Honorlock Proctoring Services

No exam scheduling or looooong waits for support

Real Support. Real people.

Honorlock's on-demand virtual proctoring services allow exams to be taken 24/7/365 without scheduling, and there's live support available—from REAL people—for all users at no extra cost.

Real Support. Real people.

Honorlock's on-demand proctoring services allow exams to be taken 24/7/365 without scheduling, and there's live support available—from REAL people—at no extra cost.

Quality Support Without the Wait

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Response Time

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Resolution Time

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Proctors Help Support Test Takers

Honorlock’s full-time test proctoring team received training from a nationally certified counselor trained to recognize signs of test anxiety and support test takers during those moments.

Flat Rate Remote Proctoring Costs

Unlike other remote proctoring services that charge by the hour—piling on costs for longer exams—and also charge for support, training, and implementation, Honorlock provides a flat-rate price per test or test taker, and 24/7 support, training, and implementation are included.

Quick Implementation​

Launch remote proctoring in about two days with Honorlock’s fully supported and project-managed implementation at no extra cost.

Dedicated Success Manager​

Honorlock provides each customer with a dedicated Customer Success Manager for expert training and support.

A Smarter Proctoring System For All Exams

Smart & Flexible. Reliable & Ready.

Whether you're delivering high-stakes online exams, hands-on authentic assessments, or tests at an on-site testing center, Honorlock is ready when you are.

Online Proctoring for Colleges & Universities

Scalable, secure online proctoring for higher education institutions of all sizes and types.

Proctored Certification & Licensure Exams

Flexible, convenient exam proctoring for professional education.

Invest In Proctoring That Actually Works

We're G2's #1 proctoring service for good reason(s)

How Honorlock Works

A simple yet smarter proctoring approach

Pre-exam set up

After logging into the LMS (no extra passwords or logins needed):
- Exam administrators upload exams like they normally do, select which proctoring tools to use, and arrange accommodations if needed.

- Test takers verify identity & complete a room scan (if required), then launch the exam from the LMS like they already do.

AI monitors behavior

The AI monitors test takers' behavior during the assessment to detect and prevent cheating.

Potentially problematic behavior?

If the AI detects potential misconduct, it alerts a proctor to review the behavior in an analysis window.

No problem, no intervention

The proctor only intervenes if misconduct occurred.

Otherwise, the test taker won’t be interrupted and test admins won't need to spend time reviewing unimportant flags.

Access exam reports & recordings

After proctored tests are complete, test admins can filter reports and review recordings to focus on important flagged behavior. Test sessions are recorded in HD video and include easy-to-read summary reports with human-validated violations.

Schedule a Demo

The demo covers:

  • Exam proctoring features & functionality
  • The test taking experience
  • How test administrators enable proctoring, customize settings, set accommodations, and take action based on exam reports

Who Is Honorlock?

We're much more than a tool to catch cheating

Honorlock provides smarter proctoring software and services to higher education and professional organizations offering licensure and certification exams.

Our hybrid virtual proctoring combines the power of AI with the human touch of live proctors.

But unlike other online proctoring companies, our AI supports our proctors—not the other way around.

We take this approach with a clear focus: delivering a better test experience that’s secure, accessible, and above all, human.