The LMS integration with online proctoring software doesn’t sound very exciting, but it’s the difference between a quick and secure integration or one that can leave your data vulnerable and cause frustration for your instructors and students.

Keep these considerations in mind when you compare online proctoring services.

Why is an LMS integration important?

Faculty and students will test within the LMS platform they’re comfortable with 

Your faculty and students are busy, and the last thing they need is to spend time learning new educational technologies. Using proctoring software that directly integrates with your learning management system keeps your faculty and students in a familiar environment for online testing. 

Online proctoring with a direct LMS integration reduces any learning curve because:

    • Instructors can create online exams in the LMS like they normally do
    • Students can log in and launch the exam in the same LMS platform they’re accustomed to
        • After the student launches the exam, they’ll just verify their ID and complete a room scan in about a minute before starting the proctored exam.

No extra passwords or logins

Many online proctoring services require faculty and students to create an extra account and password to set up proctored exams and view reports. It’s an inefficient and frustrating process that wastes time and causes unnecessary stress before a proctored exam.

Proctoring software that directly integrates with your LMS removes the need for extra logins and passwords, which saves your faculty and students time and reduces headaches.

Proctored exam reports are available in the LMS

Proctoring software with a plug-and-play LMS integration makes it easy to access proctored exam reports within the LMS. The proctoring software should collect data during the exam and provide instructors with actionable reports within the LMS.

Implementation is quick

Institutions want a quick and easy implementation that takes days, not weeks or months. A key component of quickly implementing online proctoring is how fast it can integrate with the LMS. Proctoring software with a direct LMS integration can be set up in about an hour.

“The integration between Canvas and Honorlock was really seamless. Very easy to get it launched. It was great, we had no problems launching it and making it work.” – Peter Burrell, Associate Professor at University of Cincinnati and Business Attorney

Keeps your data secure

A direct LMS integration means that data is exchanged securely between the proctoring software and your LMS only. Make sure the proctoring services you’re evaluating are compliant with data privacy standards.

Honorlock online proctoring software and services

Online proctoring software with a plug and play LMS integration

Honorlock’s proctoring software directly integrates with your existing Learning Management System so that:

    • Instructors can create proctored online exams and review reporting results within the LMS as usual
    • Students launch the online exam within the LMS and can access support without having to leave the exam window
    • No additional passwords or logins are required for test-takers or faculty

“You want an integrated system; you don’t want faculty and students to have separate sign-on. That was important for us,” said Director of Assessment Services at Indian River State College, Stephen Daniello, who also added that integrating Honorlock with their LMS was very easy and took less than an hour.

Easy to use online proctoring software

Honorlock makes online proctoring easy and convenient for instructors and students. It’s easy for instructors to set up proctored online exams, choose which features to use, and review actionable exam reports. The proctored testing experience is just as simple for students; they log in, verify identity, and begin the proctored exam.

Proctor third-party exams

In addition to a direct LMS integration, Honorlock allows you to proctor third parties such as MyMathLab, ALEKS, Pearson, McGraw Hill, and others. Faculty can register third-party exams and customize settings in the LMS.

Honorlock’s online proctoring software protects your data

Honorlock uses an encrypted and secured connection during each online proctored exam. All videos and photos are stored on Honorlock’s platform. All data is stored in an encrypted format on isolated storage systems within Honorlock’s private cloud in Amazon’s AWS U.S. data centers.

When you compare online proctoring services keep the LMS integration in mind because it impacts virtually every aspect of proctoring online exams and the overall testing experience for your students and faculty.

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