University of Florida Student Testimonial

Honorlock Video Student Testimonial from the University of Florida

Madi Kuokos, University of Florida graduate

“Honorlock was a lot less invasive and less glitchy. It felt way more seamless and creates an easier testing experience. It just lets you take your test without any interruptions.”

Recent University of Florida graduate, Madi Kuokos, used several online proctoring platforms during her education and encountered similar issues that ultimately increased her test anxiety:

  1. Clunky software that was difficult to use
  2. Distractions and an invasive experience
  3. Support wasn’t readily available when she needed it most

When UF went fully remote in 2020, Madi used Honorlock’s online proctoring platform for the first time, and she realized quickly that Honorlock wasn’t like the others. “I’ve grown to like using Honorlock as a proctoring tool. We’ve really come to appreciate it now because it’s a lot less invasive than other proctoring platforms.”

Online proctoring doesn’t have to be invasive

“Honorlock was less invasive than other proctoring software. I didn’t have a live proctor hounding me before the test, which would heighten my anxiety… It just lets you take your test without any interruptions,” Madi said.

While many online proctoring companies just aim to catch cheating, Honorlock does more. Honorlock is proof that preventing cheating and creating a better testing experience aren’t mutually exclusive efforts.

With Honorlock, students won’t be hounded by a proctor. In fact, a live proctor will only intervene if absolutely necessary. That’s because the AI monitors exams and alerts a live proctor if it detects potential cheating. The proctor can review the situation before deciding whether to intervene or not. Otherwise, students won’t be interrupted.

Now, Madi prefers online testing over in-person, “Honorlock is my favorite proctoring platform… It allows me to perform my best and has definitely improved the online testing experience to the point where I now enjoy online exams more so than in-person ones.”

Easy-to-use online proctoring software means one less thing to worry about

Exams can cause anxiety, especially when different technologies are used, like online proctoring software. Now, students are concerned about their performance and how to use the proctoring software. “Other online proctoring systems felt really invasive and super glitchy to the point where they would affect the performance of my computer. But fortunately, Honorlock never did anything like that, which I was really appreciative of,” Madi said.

While other systems performed poorly, Madi noted that Honorlock’s proctoring platform created a seamless experience for her, “Honorlock being way less glitchy has helped decrease my test anxiety. It just feels really easy and integrates with the online testing platform.”

Honorlock’s proctoring platform integrates directly with the LMS directly, which means that students don’t have to download bulky software, extra logins and passwords aren’t needed, and it’s pretty much the same test experience they’re already comfortable with.

To take a proctored exam with Honorlock, students simply:

  • Log into the LMS like they already do 
  • Authenticate their identity
  • Launch the exam from the LMS

On-demand exams & live support offer flexibility & convenience

Like many other students, Madi had a busy schedule and needed the ability to take online exams at a time that worked for her. With Honorlock, Madi could take proctored exams and get live support from a person when she needed it — 24/7/365. “Honorlock definitely makes test taking a lot more flexible and convenient. I personally think that students enjoy the flexibility. I know I do. I don’t like having to take a test at a certain time and place when I can take it in the comfort of my own home.”

She also noted that getting support was just as easy as using Honorlock’s proctoring platform: “Honorlock support was super easy to contact. All I had to do was click the little chat bubble, and within five minutes I was on my way to retaking the exam.”

Honorlock’s value is clear

“I think it’s important for the University of Florida to uphold academic integrity because we’re a top-five institution and we value the caliber of education. And honest students will turn out good leaders, educators, and people of tomorrow.”

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UF Warrington College of Business Proctoring Testimonial

University of Florida Warring College of Business Customer Testimonial

Naz Erenguc

Director of Admissions
Warrington College of Business, University of Florida

“Honorlock helps us get to the core of our mission here at Warrington: being able to offer an MBA to just about anybody. Having a proctoring service focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion made choosing Honorlock an easy fit for us.”

At the University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business, student experience means everything.

As you can imagine, exceeding the needs of nearly 2,000 graduate and 5,000 undergraduate students, whether on campus or online, takes ongoing effort to evolve, adapt, and improve. And it’s even more challenging with various faculty needs and considering how quickly educational technology changes.

But for many at Warrington, the online teaching and learning experience hinges on four key elements:

  • Flexibility – accommodating busy schedules and offering different ways to teach and learn
  • Usability – removing technology hurdles to create a better learning experience
  • Credibility – protecting reputation and academic integrity 
  • Accessibility – providing an equitable learning experience for every student


“When you think about our education and how diverse our student population is, we need to be able to ensure flexibility so that students, who are coming from all different walks of life, thrive in our programs,” said Naz Erenguc, Director of Admissions for the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida.

Whether it’s watching a lecture during their lunch break at work or taking an online exam at 2 a.m. over the weekend, Warrington provides its students with flexibility that works with their schedule. 

While this flexibility is essential for busy students, faculty need to know that students can get the support they need and that academic integrity is still protected. 

To provide this, Warrington uses Honorlock’s online proctoring software and services. With Honorlock, faculty have flexible online proctoring tools that protect academic integrity, and students can take online exams and get live support 24/7/365.

“A support staff that you can contact 24/7 that has been trained in de-escalation has been an aspect of Honorlock that we feel has really set this proctoring service apart from others.”


With educational technologies today, online courses can replicate just about anything done in the classroom. But ease of use and usability are crucial for any technologies used in distance learning, especially online exams. 

“Taking the exam is already a super stressful environment for a student. So, how can we take any part of that stressful environment out of the equation?” Erenguc said. 

One way is with easy-to-use online proctoring software that integrates directly with the LMS and third-party exam platforms. This way, students don’t have to worry about downloading bulky software or having additional logins and passwords to remember.

But even if it’s easy to use, the wrong approach can lead to an invasive experience that creates unnecessary stress for students, “Many other proctoring services have a box where somebody is watching you actually take an exam. I can’t imagine anything more stressful,” she explained. 

But Erenguc said Honorlock takes a different approach to online proctoring, “it’s unique because it uses AI with human review… It’s geared toward the student experience. That in itself is a huge differentiator.”

What’s the proctored exam experience like for students and faculty using Honorlock?

  • Other than a few clicks, it’s basically the same experience they’re already familiar with.
    • Students install a browser plugin (no bulky software to download), then log into the LMS and launch the proctored exam.
  • Faculty create exams in the LMS like they normally do, pick which proctoring tools to use, and then review reports and recordings in the LMS after exams are complete.
  • Honorlock’s AI monitors student behavior during the exam.
  • If the AI detects any potentially problematic behavior, it alerts a live proctor.
  • Once alerted, the proctor can review the situation before deciding whether to intervene and address it or not.

Honorlock’s blended proctoring approach keeps the human touch by delivering a non-invasive testing experience that’s proven to reduce student test anxiety.


Warrington is one of the best business colleges in the nation, and its online MBA and bachelor’s degree programs are ranked in the top five. 

Why does Warrington’s online programs achieve this ranking? By providing a rigorous, forward-thinking curriculum within an online environment that is engaging, innovative, and accessible. 

One component that helps ensure the academic rigor of Warrington’s online courses is the use of Honorlock’s remote proctoring services, which create a fair test environment that protects reputation and encourages academic integrity.

In addition to all the benefits of blending AI with live proctors, Erenguc highlighted two features that differentiate Honorlock from other proctoring services.

Search & Destroy to protect test content

Faculty spend a lot of time and effort developing quality test questions, and they need to know that questions aren’t being shared on the internet. “Speaking from personal experience as a faculty member, there’s nothing more nerve-wracking than when you see an exam or exam questions have been leaked,” Erenguc said.

Honorlock’s Search & Destroy technology searches the internet for leaked test content and gives faculty the ability to send a takedown request with a single click.

Having that quick ability to make sure that when you’ve uploaded an exam, none of those questions have been compromised is important to the teaching and learning process.”

Advanced exam reports to better understand student engagement

“From a faculty perspective, it’s really important to understand what questions students are spending more time with or less time, and figuring out at what point students are having hiccups.”

Honorlock’s remote proctoring platform collects extensive data during the exam and provides faculty with easy-to-read reports and time-stamped recordings within the LMS dashboard.


“It’s important that every student that comes through our doors understands that we’re committed to inclusion, diversity, equity, and access,” Erenguc said.

From online course design to any software and technologies used, Warrington ensures accessibility and access from all angles. 

Erenguc noted that Honorlock’s online proctoring software plays a vital role in these efforts, “Honorlock helps us get to the core of our mission here at Warrington: being able to offer an MBA to just about anybody.”

Aside from meeting and conforming to accessibility compliance standards like ADA, Section 508, and WCAG 2.1 AA, Honorlock also provides faculty with customizable exam settings and the ability to provide student accommodations. 

All of this means that every student, regardless of condition or situation, has equitable access and the ability to take online exams.

“Having a proctoring service that is also focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion made choosing Honorlock an easy fit for us because it was already so integral within the culture here at the Warrington College of Business.”

Continuing to improve the learning experience with Honorlock proctoring

Warrington continues to use Honorlock online proctoring because it complements and improves online teaching and learning as a whole, “It was an easy selection for us. From the student experience, from the faculty experience, from our teaching and learning center, Honorlock is something that we continue to use because we believe in the product.”

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About the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida

The Warrington College of Business is one of the nation’s premier business schools. As a part of a Research 1 institution, Warrington is dedicated to an extensive research agenda in addition to cultivating the young minds of our future leaders of industry. The College is comprised of the Heavener School of Business, the Fisher School of Accounting, and the Hough Graduate School of Business. Together, these three entities provide a full and enriching business education experience that not only prepares our students for business success, but enables them to thrive in the global economy.

Seton Hall University’s Online Proctoring Experience

Seton Hall proctoring testimonial with Paul Fisher

Paul Fisher

Associate CIO & Director of the Teaching & Learning Technology Center

“What sets Honorlock apart is the ability to customize online exams to meet the differing needs of our faculty… They really get to decide their own rules for the exams rather than institution-wide rules.”

Building a culture of academic integrity while securing & affordably scaling online exams

Paul Fisher started at Seton Hall in 1997 when “online learning” meant shipping cameras out to students and watching them take exams. Technology has come a long way since then, and Seton Hall has been at the forefront by thoughtfully using technology to improve teaching and learning online and in the classroom.

As Associate CIO and Director of the Teaching and Learning Technology Center, Fisher leads efforts to strategically integrate learning technology across the university. An important component of online assessments at Seton Hall is the use of online proctoring to protect academic integrity and support students and instructors throughout the assessment process

Moving to remote learning in response to COVID

Seton Hall transitioned to fully remote learning when COVID started. During this time, they piloted three online proctoring platforms and gathered feedback from faculty and students to determine which should be used moving forward.

However, the feedback from the pilots highlighted issues:

  • Cost and scalability
  • Lack of exam flexibility and customization
  • Privacy and security concerns
  • Leaked exam questions and answers

That’s when Seton Hall tried Honorlock and made the switch.

Scaling from a cost perspective

The cost of online proctoring services is always a key component of the evaluation process. “Other solutions were not scalable from a cost perspective,” Fisher said.

Scalability issues with online proctoring services are usually caused by two things:

1. The approach to proctoring online exams isn’t efficient
Proctoring services that only use live proctors are generally more expensive and scheduling can be an issue.

2. Variable costs that some proctoring companies charge
Variable costs can add up quickly if the proctoring service charges per hour and exams have varying lengths. However, Honorlock’s flat-rate cost per student or exam helps institutions predict testing costs and avoid variable costs.

Quick and simple implementation

“The implementation of Honorlock was one of the easiest implementations of technology I’ve ever done,” Fisher said.

Part of what streamlines the implementation process is the quick and simple LMS integration. Whether it’s Blackboard, Canvas, D2L or Moodle, implementation only takes about an hour to complete. In addition, Honorlock’s team project manages the implementation to help ensure success. After implementation was complete, faculty members were trained and prepared to start proctoring tests with Honorlock.

Flexible, easy-to-use online proctoring software

Faculty quickly learned how to use Honorlock’s online proctoring software for customized exams in just a few clicks. “Honorlock gave faculty more freedom and the ability to do more and that’s the best part for them. They really get to decide their own rules for the exams rather than institution-wide rules,” Fisher said.
Fisher gave a common example that faculty encounter, “A student may tell the professor that they aren’t able to be alone in the room, or that they’ll have to sit on their bed during the exam because they don’t have a desk. Faculty can take that feedback into consideration as they make rules for their proctored exams.”
And thanks to the direct LMS integration, the test experience is basically the same for students and faculty with the addition of a few extra clicks. Faculty create exams in the LMS like they already do, click to choose which proctoring features to use, and review time-stamped reports afterward. And students simply log into the LMS, verify their ID, and launch the proctored exam.

Faculty spend more time teaching and less time testing

“Many faculty say they’ll never use class time for tests again,” Fished said. He explained that because Honorlock is available 24/7/365, students can take their proctored tests outside of class and get support if they need it. This way, faculty can spend more time teaching instead of testing during class.

Diverse teaching, testing, and proctoring

Part of Seton Hall’s status as a leader in education is its focus on creating a diverse, collaborative, and rigorous learning environment for its 10,000 students across more than 90 majors.

The focus on diversity and rigor is evident during online assessments as well.

Faculty at Seton Hall use Honorlock’s extensive proctoring features to test students beyond traditional test question formats, such as multiple-choice and true or false. “What sets Honorlock apart is the ability to customize online exams to meet the differing needs of our faculty,” Fished said.

An example of this customization and flexibility is highlighted with the ability to proctor nontraditional exams. “The accounting programs use Honorlock to proctor tests where students are using software to fix balance sheets and other similar documents, while other programs use it for short answer and essay questions,” Fisher explained.

The ability to offer these nontraditional alternative assessments, sometimes referred to as authentic assessments or competency-based assessments, proves that students are prepared to apply what they’ve learned in the real world and gives students different ways to show what they know.

Fished explained that while the assessments can be rigorous, they’re crucial for success, “They have a purpose. If students aren’t going through those kinds of things, they may not be prepared for the next level or applying it in a real situation.”

Reducing privacy concerns

With any educational technology, students, faculty, and institutions have questions about privacy and data security – and rightfully so. They want to know what data the proctoring software has access to, how it’s collected, and what’s done with their data.

“Educating students as to why we use Honorlock and that their data is kept under the strictest confidence helps students,” Fisher said.

This continual security education assures students that their data will never be sold or shared, the only information required to proctor an exam is collected (name, course number, etc.), and the proctoring software doesn’t have access to students’ devices, operating systems, or networks.

Academic integrity is about more than technology

At Seton Hall, creating a culture of academic integrity is a comprehensive effort that includes more than online proctoring and other educational technologies. Faculty encourage genuine, open communication with students to help build a connection and develop trust.

“Faculty are ultimately responsible for creating a culture of academic integrity in the classroom. Technology is a tool that helps maximize academic integrity efforts, but faculty are the leaders,” Fisher said.

Fisher recommends a few tips to help establish academic integrity:
  • Communicate the impact and importance of academic integrity from day one
  • Explain what is expected of students and what they can expect from you
  • Take measures to help students prepare for online exams

“Talk to students about academic integrity from the first day of class and keep infusing it into your language. Educate them about what proctoring is and why it’s used. It isn’t used because faculty don’t trust students; it’s to create a level playing field,” Fisher explained.

Fisher recommends using practice exams to help students prepare for what to expect. Practice exams should mimic the format of a real exam, but they shouldn’t be graded. This allows students to get set up and get comfortable with the technology used during the assessment and see how it works. And Fisher appreciates the fact that Honorlock does not charge for practice exams.

As Seton Hall continues to advance in online teaching and learning and scales online assessments, Honorlock is a clear part of their strategy moving forward.

“Honorlock has become a part of our basic toolset and the need for it is obvious to our technology professionals, instructors, and even students,” Fisher said.

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About Seton Hall University

One of the country’s leading Catholic universities, Seton Hall University has been developing students in mind, heart and spirit since 1856. Home to over 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students and offering more than 90 rigorous majors, Seton Hall’s academic excellence has been singled out for distinction by The Princeton Review, U.S. News & World Report and Bloomberg Businessweek.

University of Cincinnati Instructor Testimonial

Honorlock Exam Proctoring Customer Testimonial

Peter Burrell, Associate Professor at University of Cincinnati and Business Attorney

“Honorlock is an incredibly user-friendly platform – very intuitive… Very easy to get it launched. It was great, we had no problems launching it and making it work.”

A rapid shift to online learning in 2020

Like many other educators and students across the country, Peter Burrell, who’s an Assistant Professor for business-related graduate and undergraduate courses at the University of Cincinnati, was abruptly pushed to online classes in March 2020 due to COVID.

And like many other educators, Burrell primarily taught in-person classes and had minimal experience with teaching online courses. 

Adjusting and adapting to online teaching and learning

With the rapid shift, Burrell was faced with a two-fold dilemma: adjusting to teaching online courses with a large number of students and protecting assessments. 

“I started talking to some of my colleagues and they had used Honorlock and I was like, well, I’m going to do it. So, I did a training program and found Honorlock is an incredibly user-friendly platform – very intuitive,” Burrell explained. 

After quickly getting familiar with Honorlock’s easy-to-use online proctoring software, Burrell was ready to get started – even with a large number of students taking his courses’ online exams. Burrell typically has around 70 to 300 students in each course, but a particular course in Fall 2020 was a little more daunting, “I had 500 students in one class but the first assessment with Honorlock went smoothly,” Burrell said.

Setting up online proctored exams was quick and simple

Part of the reason Burrell was able to learn how to use Honorlock’s online proctoring software is because of the direct LMS integration. Honorlock’s integration with the LMS creates a familiar testing experience for both instructors and students because it all occurs within the LMS they’re already using. 

Instructors create exams like they normally do and then select the online proctoring settings they’d like to use, and it’s just as simple for students. Students can simply log in and launch the online proctored exam from the LMS.

It’s quick and simple to integrate Honorlock’s proctoring platform with an LMS, whether Canvas, Blackboard, or D2L, “The integration between Canvas and Honorlock was really seamless. Very easy to get it launched,” Burrell said, “It was great, we had no problems launching it and making it work.”

Preparing students for success and reducing test anxiety

Part of Burrell’s success is how he prepares students before the proctored online exam ever starts. Assessments can inherently cause students to experience test anxiety. In fact, a recent university student survey found that most student test anxiety ultimately relates to not knowing what to expect and technology concerns.

To help reduce student test anxiety, Burrell provides students with ongoing practice exams to help students acclimate to using the online proctoring software and to ensure that there are no technology-related issues. “Students are more used to online proctoring, but I still do the practice quiz just in case they’ve never used the platform.”

Educating students about the benefits of academic integrity

“As professors, we’re here to help them become better students…There’s certainly a want for a fair playing field and punitive action is necessary, but it’s an educational opportunity,” Burrell said about his approach to encouraging students to have a genuine understanding of the importance of academic integrity.

Burrell has transparent conversations with students about the impact of academic integrity, “I tell my students a story and relate it to the real world. I tie it to why this is important for the student and in their future… If you cheat, you cheat yourself.” 

Finding a supporting partner to protect online exams

In addition to making online exam proctoring quick and easy, Honorlock provides 24/7/365 support for both faculty and students. “The responsiveness I got from Honorlock was second to none,” Burrell emphasized, “The product and the service I got was really just superlative and it made the experience, especially test-giving and the test-taking experience from a students’ perspective a lot more palatable.”

Dedicated to creating a better online learning experience

It’s clear that Burrell is dedicated to creating a stronger online learning experience for his students that will prepare them for the future. And just like he develops engaging online courses and has thoughtful conversations with students, Burrell aims to create a better online testing experience for each student – one that’s fair for all and ensures equal opportunity and measurable progress. 

Does Peter Burrell plan to use Honorlock’s online proctoring platform in his future courses? “Absolutely. No question about it,” he confirmed.

About Honorlock’s Online Proctoring Software and Services

Honorlock combines the benefits of AI test monitoring software with human review to make online proctoring simple, easy, and human.

While other online proctoring companies just try to catch cheating, Honorlock’s approach is to do what’s best for students, faculty, and the institution without sacrificing security or academic integrity.

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About Peter Burrell

A 1984 graduate of Notre Dame Law School, Peter has been a lawyer for more than 35 years and a professor teaching law to undergraduate and graduate business students for over 25 years. In his law practice, Peter works with closely held and family-owned companies, advising them on employment matters, HR compliance, contract negotiations, business succession issues, and regulatory matters.

As a professor, Peter taught at the University of Cincinnati for over 25 years, starting as a part-time adjunct in 1993 and teaching full-time as an associate professor teaching business law to undergraduates and corporate social responsibility to graduate students from 2013 – 2022. In 2018, he was honored to receive the Michael Dean EXCEL Teaching Award. This is considered the top teaching award the University of Cincinnati’s business college gives out to one professor each year. Peter also served on the Teaching Excellence committee and Faculty Senate during his tenure at UC. 

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Online Proctoring Testimonial

WPI Online Proctoring Testimonial

Using Honorlock to remote proctor STEM tests in a virtual learning environment

Kate Beverage, Online Course Testing Coordinator
Lindsey Van Gieson, Instructional Technology Systems Manager of Academic Technology

Online Proctoring in a virtual STEM environment

The WPI testing faculty was facing the challenge of finding an online proctoring service that would be the right fit for their online paper-based assessments.

The faculty wanted to be able to see the students’ work and ensure that online students were meeting the academic integrity standards on-premise students were expected to meet. They also needed flexible test-taking options for students. 

Online proctoring service and platform requirements: 

  • Ability to remote proctor paper-based online exams 
  • Ability for instructors to review remotely proctored exam sessions 
  • Ability for students to scan and submit notes for the online exam 
  • Good tech support and communication from the online proctoring service
  • Platform agnostic (PC, Mac) 

WPI did several pilot tests with other online proctoring companies before they ultimately selected Honorlock for their online proctoring platform.

“Honorlock met all of our requirements, they were willing to work with us on proctoring paper-based exams, they had a robust training and support model, and we felt it was the easiest transition for faculty,” said Van Gieson.

The college began using Honorlock online proctoring for their summer online courses.

“We started summer 2019 with Honorlock for all undergraduate courses with a majority being math courses. We had approximately 500 unique student users taking multiple exams. We noticed an immediate improvement compared to our previous proctoring solution!” Beverage said.

When the pandemic hit, Lindsey and Kate had 10 days to get 300 faculty teaching 700 courses fully online, which was a huge undertaking. Many of WPI’s faculty new to online education were seeking an online proctoring solution for their exams. 

One faculty member sent this evaluation to colleagues who were navigating the move of face to face courses online:

“Colleagues, I used Honorlock in my E1 Calculus course last summer and many faculty members in mathematical science also used it. My general take is that for online proctoring, Honorlock is a great tool for proctoring math exams and online courses,” read Beverage in an email from her faculty member. “When the AI is triggered, a skilled human proctor intervenes. This model worked better than the competitor’s model having all exams proctored by people who were unable to properly provide student support.” 

Online proctoring implementation and support

Prior to partnering with Honorlock for online proctoring, WPI testing’s previous remote proctoring solution did not provide the support the faculty needed to be successful in delivering online assessments. “The other proctoring solution was not very supportive. The support team was not open to receiving feedback,” said Beverage.

Upon adoption of Honorlock online proctoring, Beverage and her team were surprised and appreciative of the level of support received from their client success manager. “Honorlock’s support model is great! Our client success manager, Americo, has always been very responsive to both faculty and students. The live chat has been very helpful for us. The resources provided for faculty in terms of creating exams and proctoring options when enabling exams are excellent!” 

With the rapid transition to online learning during the pandemic, students raised concerns regarding their privacy. “We get questions from students about privacy and Americo has been great about responding to those and pointing us to Honorlock resources that will help reassure students that their privacy is maintained,” said Beverage.

“Honorlock’s support model is great! The live chat has been very helpful for us. The resources provided for faculty in terms of creating exams and proctoring options when enabling exams are excellent!” – Kate Beverage, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Best practices for delivering online proctored exams

Beverage and Van Gieson shared these best practices for others implementing remote proctoring:

  1. Remind instructors to include specific instructions for Honorlock remote proctors when they enable their exams (especially with paper-based exams where the student may be looking down to solve an exam question) 
  2. Prepare a list for faculty of the recommended settings for Canvas and Honorlock
  3. Designate a department exam champion who is trained in Canvas and Honorlock and has access to the Honorlock CSM to troubleshoot on behalf of the department 
  4. Develop a pool of test questions designed to to deter cheating 
  5. Give extra time for paper exam submission logistics 
  6. Partner with instructional designers when designing online exams to mitigate cheating 
  7. Have students take the Honorlock practice exam. Doing the practice exam takes a lot of pressure off – you don’t want to add extra stress or pressure on students when they’re already trying to learn the content.

Results and benefits of proctoring online exams with Honorlock

  1. Successfully remote proctor paper-based assessments and certify the integrity 
  2. The modest learning curve for instructors and students allows them to focus on teaching and learning and not on the technology 
  3. Unlimited flexibility and customizations for students taking proctored online exams

Reach out to our team of experts to see how Honorlock’s proctoring services and platform can benefit your institution

About WPI

Worcester Polytechnic Institute is a private institution founded in 1865 in Worcester, Massachusetts. The college supports over 6,000 students offering undergraduate, masters, and doctoral programs in science, engineering, and technology. The university’s curriculum features a flexible, rigorous program that is project-based and globally engaged, aimed at delivering a quality experience and a positive impact for the communities it partners with.

WPI Online Proctoring Testimonial

University of Florida Goes Remote with Honorlock

University of Florida Testimonial about Honorlock proctoring services

It was 10 weeks into the spring semester when the University of Florida (UF) was faced with migrating 5,000 courses online. Like colleges and universities, UF was forced to halt in-person instruction to slow the spread of the new coronavirus. By March 23, UF had succeeded in meeting the initial challenge.

Implementing online proctoring for 63,000 students

But in the next six weeks, the stakes got higher. The university would be met with another unprecedented undertaking: administering spring midterms and remote exams to more than 63,000 enrolled students.

“As challenging as the remote learning situation has been for the university, there have been many silver linings for us, a partnership with Honorlock has been one of them.” said Brian Marchman, University of Florida Assistant Provost and Director of Distance & Continuing Education.

He added, “We had not planned in our budget for any way to pay for this, so we had to find the funds and not put it on the backs of students, and they were able to make it work for us. We were over a barrel, and they didn’t take advantage of that.”

UF and Honorlock proctored 154,282 exams during the spring semester

“We don’t just say we’re proctoring exams we mean it. We don’t just give it lip service and partial effort. We want students to know their stuff and be able to prove it,” Marchman said. “Honorlock has been able to help us make that a reality.” 

Honorlock succeeded in accommodating the large influx of students needing remote proctoring because the system doesn’t require live proctors to watch each person taking an exam. Instead, the remote proctoring technology uses artificial intelligence to monitor each exam session. If the proctoring software detects possible cheating, it will alert a live proctor who can review the situation and intervene to help the student get back on track.

Students install Honorlock via a Google Chrome browser extension before taking their remote proctored exams. Students access Honorlock directly through their university’s learning management system (LMS).

Demonstrating success to others

University of Florida wasn’t the only institution interested in Honorlock’s online proctoring platform and services model. With colleges and universities across the country in a similar situation, Honorlock quickly onboarded 200 higher education institutions during this trying time.  

University of North Florida (UNF), in Jacksonville, made Honorlock available to students and faculty in April through the university’s Canvas LMS. Honorlock’s online proctoring technology was especially useful for programs that prepared students to test for licenses and certifications, such as accounting and nursing courses, said the Assistant VP of Digital Learning and Innovation, Deb Miller.

Florida International University in Miami had been working with Honorlock for the past four years, primarily with its online-only students. 

As more than 5,600 of its classes went completely remote by mid-March, FIU sought to train faculty and students on effectively using Honorlock and Zoom – the primary tools for its technology transition – over several weeks. 

Michael Hemlepp, Honorlock’s CEO, really believes in a service-oriented culture, both inside Honorlock and in how they treat their customers. “To help institutions navigate the challenges encountered during the pandemic, both technology and talent were scaled to ensure we could provide the services they needed.” 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Polk State College transitioned all classes online and needed to ensure online proctoring was made available immediately following Spring Break. With exams scheduled for that Monday, the Honorlock team was asked to go above and beyond to kickstart the system on Sunday. “I was very happy with the support. They jumped on it with no question,” said Cody Moyer, M.Ed., Director of Learning Technology, Polk State College, Winter Haven, FL

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