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What is Blended Proctoring?

Ever heard of blended proctoring, sometimes referred to as hybrid proctoring? When done the right way, it’s the one of the most effective way to proctor online exams.

But you have some other options to protect your exams (listed below). Most check the box. Some cover the basics. Few do it all.

What is online proctoring - comparing services
Based on the options above, which one sounds like the best way to proctor online exams?

Unless you prefer distractions and spending money on software that doesn’t really do what you need, a blended approach is the best way.

What is blended proctoring?

Blended proctoring is an approach that combines AI with human review to protect academic integrity and prevent cheating, reduce test anxiety, and provide more options to assess knowledge.

How does proctoring work with a blended approach?

AI proctoring software monitors behavior

Various proctoring tools for online exams monitor for potentially dishonest behavior, such as exiting the screen or having unauthorized resources in the room.

The proctor software alerts a human if it detects any issues

Ideally, the software will allow the proctor to review the situation in an analysis window before deciding whether to intervene or not. 

Review the proctored exam results in the LMS

After the proctored testing is completed, instructors should be able to review reports and time-stamped recordings in the LMS.

Common proctoring tools for online exams

Video monitoring: uses the webcam to monitor behavior, verify ID, and check for unauthorized resources.

Sound detection: AI proctoring software detects any sounds. This includes important sounds like voices and unimportant noises, like sneezing or a doorbell ringing.

Browser lockdown: entry-level remote proctoring software that prevents access to other browsers and certain keyboard functions.

Advanced online proctoring services and tools

The online proctoring services and tools below are exclusive to Honorlock, the first company to blend AI with human review.

But what is Honorlock?

Honorlock is an innovative online exam proctoring company for higher education and corporations.

Honorlock provides these online proctoring services and tools at no extra cost:

Test content protection: unlike other similar proctoring tools, Search & Destroy technology scours the Internet automatically to identify leaked test questions, and if it finds any, you can send one-click takedown requests.

24/7/365 proctored exams with live support: scheduling isn’t needed with Honorlock because proctored online exams and live US-based support are available on-demand.

Detects cell phone use:  proctoring software can detect when test-takers try to use cell phones or other devices to access test bank content during exams.

Smart voice detection: This Honorlock feature is different from sound detection because it listens for specific keywords and phrases (like “OK Google” or “Hey Siri”), creates a transcript, and alerts a test proctor.

Who uses blended proctoring?

Blended proctoring is used in higher education and professional education.

Proctoring for higher education

Higher education uses online proctoring for things like assessments in online courses or blended courses, authentic assessments, entrance exams, and even high-stakes testing.

Proctoring for professional education

Common proctoring uses in professional education

Invest in remote proctoring that does it all

Don’t spend time and money on a proctoring platform that doesn’t do what you need. Honorlock helps protect academic integrity while creating a better test experience that offers more ways to assess knowledge and supports successful online teaching and learning.

See how blended proctoring works with Honorlock
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