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UF Warrington College of Business Proctoring Testimonial

Naz Erenguc

Director of Admissions
Warrington College of Business, University of Florida

“Honorlock helps us get to the core of our mission here at Warrington: being able to offer an MBA to just about anybody. Having a proctoring service focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion made choosing Honorlock an easy fit for us.”

At the University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business, student experience means everything.

As you can imagine, exceeding the needs of nearly 2,000 graduate and 5,000 undergraduate students, whether on campus or online, takes ongoing effort to evolve, adapt, and improve. And it’s even more challenging with various faculty needs and considering how quickly educational technology changes.

But for many at Warrington, the online teaching and learning experience hinges on four key elements:

  • Flexibility – accommodating busy schedules and offering different ways to teach and learn
  • Usability – removing technology hurdles to create a better learning experience
  • Credibility – protecting reputation and academic integrity 
  • Accessibility – providing an equitable learning experience for every student


“When you think about our education and how diverse our student population is, we need to be able to ensure flexibility so that students, who are coming from all different walks of life, thrive in our programs,” said Naz Erenguc, Director of Admissions for the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida.

Whether it’s watching a lecture during their lunch break at work or taking an online exam at 2 a.m. over the weekend, Warrington provides its students with flexibility that works with their schedule. 

While this flexibility is essential for busy students, faculty need to know that students can get the support they need and that academic integrity is still protected. 

To provide this, Warrington uses Honorlock’s online proctoring software and services. With Honorlock, faculty have flexible online proctoring tools that protect academic integrity, and students can take online exams and get live support 24/7/365.

“A support staff that you can contact 24/7 that has been trained in de-escalation has been an aspect of Honorlock that we feel has really set this proctoring service apart from others.”


With educational technologies today, online courses can replicate just about anything done in the classroom. But ease of use and usability are crucial for any technologies used in distance learning, especially online exams. 

“Taking the exam is already a super stressful environment for a student. So, how can we take any part of that stressful environment out of the equation?” Erenguc said. 

One way is with easy-to-use online proctoring software that integrates directly with the LMS and third-party exam platforms. This way, students don’t have to worry about downloading bulky software or having additional logins and passwords to remember.

But even if it’s easy to use, the wrong approach can lead to an invasive experience that creates unnecessary stress for students, “Many other proctoring services have a box where somebody is watching you actually take an exam. I can’t imagine anything more stressful,” she explained. 

But Erenguc said Honorlock takes a different approach to online proctoring, “it’s unique because it uses AI with human review… It’s geared toward the student experience. That in itself is a huge differentiator.”

What’s the proctored exam experience like for students and faculty using Honorlock?

  • Other than a few clicks, it’s basically the same experience they’re already familiar with.
    • Students install a browser plugin (no bulky software to download), then log into the LMS and launch the proctored exam.
  • Faculty create exams in the LMS like they normally do, pick which proctoring tools to use, and then review reports and recordings in the LMS after exams are complete.
  • Honorlock’s AI monitors student behavior during the exam.
  • If the AI detects any potentially problematic behavior, it alerts a live proctor.
  • Once alerted, the proctor can review the situation before deciding whether to intervene and address it or not.

Honorlock’s blended proctoring approach keeps the human touch by delivering a non-invasive testing experience that’s proven to reduce student test anxiety.


Warrington is one of the best business colleges in the nation, and its online MBA and bachelor’s degree programs are ranked in the top five. 

Why does Warrington’s online programs achieve this ranking? By providing a rigorous, forward-thinking curriculum within an online environment that is engaging, innovative, and accessible. 

One component that helps ensure the academic rigor of Warrington’s online courses is the use of Honorlock’s remote proctoring services, which create a fair test environment that protects reputation and encourages academic integrity.

In addition to all the benefits of blending AI with live proctors, Erenguc highlighted two features that differentiate Honorlock from other proctoring services.

Search & Destroy to protect test content

Faculty spend a lot of time and effort developing quality test questions, and they need to know that questions aren’t being shared on the internet. “Speaking from personal experience as a faculty member, there’s nothing more nerve-wracking than when you see an exam or exam questions have been leaked,” Erenguc said.

Honorlock’s Search & Destroy technology searches the internet for leaked test content and gives faculty the ability to send a takedown request with a single click.

Having that quick ability to make sure that when you’ve uploaded an exam, none of those questions have been compromised is important to the teaching and learning process.”

Advanced exam reports to better understand student engagement

“From a faculty perspective, it’s really important to understand what questions students are spending more time with or less time, and figuring out at what point students are having hiccups.”

Honorlock’s remote proctoring platform collects extensive data during the exam and provides faculty with easy-to-read reports and time-stamped recordings within the LMS dashboard.


“It’s important that every student that comes through our doors understands that we’re committed to inclusion, diversity, equity, and access,” Erenguc said.

From online course design to any software and technologies used, Warrington ensures accessibility and access from all angles. 

Erenguc noted that Honorlock’s online proctoring software plays a vital role in these efforts, “Honorlock helps us get to the core of our mission here at Warrington: being able to offer an MBA to just about anybody.”

Aside from meeting and conforming to accessibility compliance standards like ADA, Section 508, and WCAG 2.1 AA, Honorlock also provides faculty with customizable exam settings and the ability to provide student accommodations. 

All of this means that every student, regardless of condition or situation, has equitable access and the ability to take online exams.

“Having a proctoring service that is also focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion made choosing Honorlock an easy fit for us because it was already so integral within the culture here at the Warrington College of Business.”

Continuing to improve the learning experience with Honorlock proctoring

Warrington continues to use Honorlock online proctoring because it complements and improves online teaching and learning as a whole, “It was an easy selection for us. From the student experience, from the faculty experience, from our teaching and learning center, Honorlock is something that we continue to use because we believe in the product.”

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About the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida

The Warrington College of Business is one of the nation’s premier business schools. As a part of a Research 1 institution, Warrington is dedicated to an extensive research agenda in addition to cultivating the young minds of our future leaders of industry. The College is comprised of the Heavener School of Business, the Fisher School of Accounting, and the Hough Graduate School of Business. Together, these three entities provide a full and enriching business education experience that not only prepares our students for business success, but enables them to thrive in the global economy.