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Is your school a candidate for a new online proctoring platform?

Preventing academic dishonesty takes a multifaceted approach. As more exams move online, this approach has increasingly included online proctoring as a tool to protect academic integrity.  

When you compare Honorlock’s online proctoring platform to others, you’ll find multiple features that set us apart.

Cell phone detection

As students have more access to electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, it becomes more difficult for instructors to prevent cheating on online exams – especially in an online testing environment.

Honorlock’s online proctoring software detects if a student is using a cell phone, tablet, or laptop while taking a remote proctored exam.

Our remote proctoring services can detect when other devices are accessing test bank content during a proctored online exam, and we also capture a screen recording of any websites that the student visited so that the instructor can use it as evidence in the event of a violation. This online proctoring feature deters students from using their cell phones or other devices, and you protect the academic integrity of your proctored online exams.

Test content protection

We know how frustrating it is for instructors and faculty to find their online exam questions are available on test bank websites. Test bank websites make it easy for students to find and share your exam questions.

Honorlock’s Search & Destroy technology searches the internet to identify exam questions that have been shared online and if leaked exam questions are found, instructors are given simple steps to take control of their exams’ integrity. Search & Destroy provides an added layer of content protection and insights into the uniqueness and quality of exam questions.

Blocks AI like ChatGPT

Honorlock’s online proctoring platform provides a number of tools that work together to block and control AI tools like ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Transcript browser extension, which could be used to cheat on exams.

So, whether you want to block AI entirely or even allow it at certain times (like interactive course assignments), Honorlock can help. Download the ebook to see exactly how this works.

Honorlock blends AI and live proctors

Most online proctoring companies follow two methods of proctoring: automated proctoring and live remote proctoring – both present challenges for faculty and students.

Honorlock was the first online proctoring service to combine AI proctoring software and live remote proctors. This keeps the human touch while delivering a much less intimidating and non-invasive proctored testing experience for the student. Faculty save time when reviewing the assessment report because they don’t have to review false flags.

Live Pop-In AI monitors the student’s online exam for potential problems, and, if it detects any, our live remote proctor is prompted to join a student’s online exam session in real-time to address possible dishonesty as it happens

Online proctoring software that integrates with your LMS

Honorlock’s proctoring software directly integrates with LMSs like Blackboard Learn, Canvas, Moodle, D2L Brightspace, and Intellum. And Honorlock also provides custom integrations with your platform with our easy-to-use APIs and Elements toolkit. Our exam proctoring platform is developer-friendly and highly customizable, giving you the flexibility and power needed to create an integration that meets your needs.

Voice detection (different than sound detection)

Instead of creating flags for unimportant noises, like coughing or a dog barking, Honorlock’s AI listens for words that may indicate cheating, like phrases that activate voice assistants, such as “Hey Siri.”

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