Academic integrity thought leaders will tell you preventing dishonesty takes a multifaceted approach. As more exams move online, this approach has increasingly included online proctoring as a tool to protect academic integrity.  

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If your institution is considering online proctoring for the first time, or ready to upgrade its existing proctoring solution, there are a number of issues to take into account. Take this quiz to dig into these issues and get clarity around whether now is the time to move forward with an online proctoring solution.

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What is Honorlock Remote Proctoring?

When you compare Honorlock to other remote proctoring services, you’ll find multiple features that set us apart.

Remote Proctoring That Detects Mobile Phones and Other Devices

As students have more access to electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, it becomes more difficult for instructors to prevent cheating on online exams – especially in an online testing environment.

Honorlock has the industry’s first and only technology to detect if a student is using a cell phone, tablet, or laptop while taking a remote proctored exam.

Our patented remote proctoring system can detect when other devices are accessing test bank content during a proctored online exam, and we also capture a screen recording of any websites that the student visited so that the instructor can use it as evidence in the event of a violation. This online proctoring feature deters students from using their cell phones or other devices, and you protect the academic integrity of your proctored online exams.

Find and Remove Your Exam Questions and Content from the Internet

We know how frustrating it is for instructors and faculty to find their online exam questions are available on test bank websites. Test bank websites make it easy for students to find and share your exam questions.

Honorlock is the only remote proctoring company searching the internet for and removing your leaked online exam content. Search and Destroy™, our proprietary test bank removal technology, automatically searches the internet for unauthorized copies of your test questions and requests that they be destroyed. It then requests the removal of the material from third-party websites by filing DMCA copyright takedown notices.

A Blend of Automated Proctoring and Live Remote Proctoring

Most remote proctoring companies follow two methods of proctoring: automated proctoring and live remote proctoring – both present challenges for faculty and students.

Honorlock offers a proctored testing service that combines the benefits of automated proctoring with those of live remote proctoring from a human. This keeps the human touch while delivering a much less intimidating and non-invasive proctored testing experience for the student. Faculty save time when reviewing the assessment report because they don’t have to review false flags.

Live Pop-In AI monitors the student’s online exam for potential problems, and, if it detects any, our live remote proctor is prompted to join a student’s online exam session in real-time to address possible dishonesty as it happens.

A Proctored Testing Software That Integrates With Your LMS

Honorlock seamlessly integrates with your LMS and allows your faculty to set up proctored online exams within the LMS with just a few clicks.

Unfortunately, many online proctoring services require faculty to create and track an extra account and password just to set up online exams and they frequently find duplicate information. This creates a frustrating process that wastes time. Honorlock saves you the trouble.

No Bulky Remote Proctoring Software to Download

The last thing students want to do is download extra remote proctoring software to take an online exam. Downloading software can be annoying and raises security concerns – and for good reason.

Honorlock remote proctoring uses a browser extension, which prevents unnecessary extra proctoring software and may give your students peace of mind. Honorlock’s light Chrome browser extension takes just moments to install before a proctored exam and seconds to delete afterward.

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