Custom Integration Solutions

Quickly get proctoring up and running on your platform using Honorlock’s APIs and Elements. Our developer toolkit provides the independence to implement the integration on your timeline without additional custom development.

Phase 1


Completing the Enablement phase of the integration will allow your users to quickly and easily create and enable exams through Honorlock’s API. Additionally, users can track and monitor exams and ensure that they are proctored securely and efficiently.


1. Generate Authentication Tokens
2. Create Users
3. Create Courses
4. Create Exams

Phase 2

Exam Administrator Experience

Completing the Exam Administrator Experience phase of the integration will enable your users (admins) to effectively manage and track the progress of individual exams and access exam results.


5. List Users
6. Generate User Tokens
7. List Courses
8. Integrate Elements

Phase 3

Exam Taker Experience

Completing the Exam Taker Experience phase of the integration will allow your users to manage the flow of the exams from start to finish, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience for all exam takers.


9. SDK Documentation
10. Extension Verification
11. Setup Session
12. Begin & End Exam Session

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