Honorlock Customer Testimonials

Whether it’s a public university with nearly 70,000 students, a community college with hundreds of programs, or a private university with hands-on assessments, Honorlock’s customizable online proctoring solution works for schools of all sizes and types.

Online proctoring for public & private universities

University of Florida (UF)

Three testimonials about the scalability, insights, and options Honorlock creates for one of the largest universities in the US

UF Assistant Provost & Director testimonial

The problem: setting up online proctoring in a few weeks, due to COVID, for over 63,000 students’ spring midterms.

The results with Honorlock: UF partnered with Honorlock and implemented online proctoring for almost 155,000 midterm exams at an affordable cost.

“As challenging as the remote learning situation has been, there have been many silver linings for us, a partnership with Honorlock has been one of them,” said Brian Marchman, Assistant Provost and Director of Distance & Continuing Education at UF.

Brian Marchman

Assistant Provost & Director of
Distance Learning & Continuing Education

“We don’t just say we’re proctoring exams, we mean it. We want students to know their stuff and be able to prove it. Honorlock has been able to help us make that a reality.”

UF Director of Admissions testimonial

The situation: As Director of Admissions for UF’s Warrington College of Business, Naz Erenguc knew that they needed a way to maintain its credibility as a top business school in the US and provide flexibility for working students.

The result with Honorlock: Warrington uses Honorlock’s online proctoring services to:

  • Offer students the flexibility to take exams and get support 24/7/365
  • Remove technology hurdles with an easy-to-use proctoring platform
  • Provide accessibility for students, regardless of any disability or condition
  • Protect its reputation and credibility

“Honorlock helps us offer an MBA to just about anybody. Having a proctoring service focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion made choosing Honorlock an easy fit for us.”

UF instructor testimonial

The problem: Lecturer, Ryan Mears, knew that students were cheating on online exams but didn’t have a proctoring solution in place to prevent it.

“After the second quiz in the third week of class, I had a ceiling effect that looked like a ski jump, with 80% of my students getting 100% on tests. I knew there was something seriously wrong,” said Ryan Mears, Ph.D, lecturer at UF.

The result with Honorlock: Mears was able to prevent cheating on exams but also used in-depth reporting to understand more about how his students approach exams.

“I felt that I couldn’t trust my test scores at all before Honorlock. The analytics that come with the flags and real time recording helped me to understand how students were approaching the course and what strategies they were using to pass the test. Honorlock helped me make sense of what was going on in my online course and it gave me the confidence that academic integrity was upheld,” Mears said.

Ryan P. Mears, PhD

Lecturer, Department of Psychology

“Honorlock was more than a tool to guard or block students from using inappropriate information. It was also a means to detect and determine many different ways that students approach exams because of the access to the wealth of data/information.”

Seton Hall University

Affordably scaling online testing while protecting academic integrity and privacy with Honorlock

The problem: Seton Hall needed online proctoring when they transitioned to remote learning. They piloted three proctoring platforms but encountered the same issues:

  • Cost & scalability
  • Minimal flexibility & customization options
  • Privacy & security concerns
  • Leaked exam questions & answers

The result with Honorlock: Paul Fisher, Associate CIO & Director of the Teaching & Learning Technology Center, and his team piloted and implemented Honorlock’s online proctoring solution because it met and exceeded their needs.

“Other solutions were not scalable from a cost perspective… Honorlock has become a part of our basic toolset, and the need for it is obvious to our technology professionals, instructors, and even students.”

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

Proctoring paper-based STEM exams even in an online environment

The situation: WPI faculty needed online proctoring that worked for online paper-based STEM assessments. They also needed a solution that protected academic integrity with the same standards as their on-premise assessments.

The results with Honorlock: WPI uses Honorlock’s flexible, customizable proctoring platform and services for their paper-based STEM assessments. They can see students’ work and have confidence that academic integrity is completely protected, just like they are on-campus.

“Honorlock met all of our requirements. They were willing to work with us on proctoring paper-based exams, they had a robust training and support model, and we felt it was the easiest transition for faculty,” said Lindsey Van Gieson, Instructional Technology Systems Manager of Academic Technology.

Kate Beverage

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

“Honorlock’s support model is great! The live chat has been very helpful for us. The resources provided for faculty in terms of creating exams and proctoring options when enabling exams are excellent!”

University of Cincinnati (UC)

No experience with learning technology? No problem. This instructor quickly learned how to use Honorlock’s platform for classes with 500+ students.

The situation: Assistant Professor, Peter Burrell, was forced to teach online courses due to COVID. Burrell faced a huge learning curve because he had no experience with online teaching and had never used remote proctoring.

The result with Honorlock: Even with no prior experience with online learning technology, Burrell quickly learned how to use Honorlock’s proctoring platform and began proctoring online exams for classes with up to 500 students.

“I had 500 students in one class, but the first assessment with Honorlock went as smoothly as it possibly could have gone. Honorlock is an incredibly user-friendly platform – very intuitive.”

University of North Alabama (UNA)

A proctoring service that builds faculty confidence & protecting exams

The problem: In addition to their current solution being difficult to use, UNA found that it wasn’t working after conducting student focus groups.

“They said many students were bragging about how to get around the online proctoring solution we were using at the time,” said Jill Simpson, PhD, Assistant Professor and Instructional Technologist.

The result with Honorlock: Faculty started proctoring more exams because they finally had an easy-to-use solution that actually protected their exams. 

“With Honorlock, more faculty began to proctor their online exams. They saw that it worked, and now they all use it and have faith in it.”

Jill Simpson

Assistant Professor and Instructional
Designer & Technologist

"The faculty loved it because it did what we wanted it to do and it was super easy to use. Even students said they liked Honorlock best.”

Longwood University (LU)

Quality support from Honorlock is just as important as its flexible features

Dr. Juliette Mersiowsky

Director of Distance Education
& Digital Education

"Faculty fell in love with Honorlock. We feel it is improving academic integrity better than the previous solution due to a notable difference in test scores.”

The problem: LU’s current online proctoring service didn’t meet their needs. “They did not have the features or support we needed for our students and faculty,” said Dr. Juliette Mersiowsky, Director of Distance Education & Digital Education.

So, they started evaluating and piloting various online proctoring services.

The result: LU piloted Honorlock, and it was clear that it was the best online proctoring service for several reasons.

“No other company there came close with the features, flexibility, and support we needed. Honorlock’s support is fabulous. They are very customer service-oriented, which is rare among instructional technology companies.”

Colorado State University

Using online proctoring to create better exam experience for students & faculty

The problem: After their contract with their previous solution ended, CSU began the RFP process to find a new solution that could actually meet their needs. 

The result: CSU received bids from online proctoring services, but Honorlock was the proctoring company that stood out from the rest.

“It was evident by the end of the process, that Honorlock was the remote proctoring platform that met almost every one of our needs based on the feedback the university received from faculty and students,” said Paula Rodriguez, former Director of the University Testing Center.

Paula Rodriguez

Former Director of the University Testing Center

“Faculty absolutely loved it, and so did our students… It’s seamless, it’s quick, and the entire experience is so much nicer."

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Online proctoring for colleges

Broward Community College

Affordably scaling proctored testing for 67,000 students with Honorlock

The problem: Broward quickly shifted to a fully online learning format and needed to implement online proctoring for about 67,000 students. 

They began comparing online proctoring services with specific requirements in mind:

  • Reliably & affordably scaling 
  • Protecting exam integrity 
  • Securing student data
  • Providing support for faculty & students 
  • Integrating with third-party exam platforms 

The result: Broward chose Honorlock because it met their requirements at an affordable price.

“Honorlock has provided excellent support in scaling our needs and meeting our requirements. They have been an excellent partner and it has been an affordable and reliable solution,” said Nestor Pereira, Dean, Business Affairs.

Daphnee St. Val

Senior Instructional Designer

“Having access to customer support 24/7/365 is huge. Especially during times like this when students may be taking exams at any time of day. You want them to have access to someone who can troubleshoot with them.”

Polk State College

Helping instructors do more with Honorlock’s online proctoring software

The problem: Not only was Polk State’s previous online proctoring solution expensive, it was difficult to use and wasn’t customizable.

“The tool we were using was clunky and cumbersome. It was difficult for students to use. It was expensive, and faculty were ready for a change,” said Cody Moyer, Director of Learning Technology at Polk State College.

Moyer created a team to evaluate online proctoring companies with specific criteria in mind:

  • Cost-effectiveness & scalability
  • Ease of use for students & faculty
  • Direct LMS integration with Canvas
  • Quick & simple ID verification

The result: Moyer and his team found that Honorlock was clearly the best online proctoring service for a number of reasons. 

“We looked at all of those factors for several different vendors and we came to the decision that Honorlock was the best solution because of the innovative technology they use, the data privacy and security that they ensure, and the cost-effectiveness,” Moyer said.

Tyler Junior College (TJC)

How online proctoring replaced in-person proctoring for this testing center

The situation: After deciding to no longer proctor exams at the on-campus testing center, Ken Craver, Director of Distance Education, knew they needed an alternative solution. Craver and his team started searching for online proctoring services that could proctor exams just like they did in the campus testing center. 

The result: TJC partnered with Honorlock because of its exclusive features, scalability, and flat-rate pricing.

“We knew when our testing center was no longer available that Honorlock would be the answer to our proctoring needs. In addition to its unmatched technology and ease of use, the option to pay by the student and not by the exam gave us the ability to proctor a large number of students at an affordable cost.” Craver said.

Ken Craver

Director of Distance Education

“They [students] don’t have to make a reservation like they used to do. Students just log in and take the test anytime within the time window provided by the faculty member. It just works!"

St. Petersburg College (SPC)

Implementing online proctoring for 30,000 students in two days

Chris Harvey

Executive Director of Academic Technology

"Honorlock is the best fit for us and going forward for online courses. We’re going to continue to recommend it for facilitating proctored testing for online courses."

The problem: SPC needed to implement remote proctoring for nearly 30,000 students’ final exams.

The result with Honorlock: SPC partnered with Honorlock and implemented online proctoring within the 2-day timeframe. The implementation was quick because Honorlock’s proctoring platform directly integrated with SPC’s existing LMS in about an hour and it was simple to use. 

“All of the faculty were able to adapt within the two days; all were able to use it and review the tests. We did it quick,” said Chris Harvey, Executive Director of Academic Technology.

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Indian River State College (IRSC)

Evaluating and implementing a new online proctoring service for 30,000 students in 45-days

The problem: IRSC’s previous online proctoring software wasn’t scalable to begin with – and it definitely wouldn’t be scalable when they shifted 30,000 students to online courses because of COVID.

With that in mind, Steven Daniello, Director of Assessment Services, had just 45 days to evaluate and implement a new online proctoring service.

Daniello assembled a team, built an evaluation rubric, and started piloting online proctoring services. 

The evaluation rubric had five key components:

  1. Proctoring tools to protect exam security
  2. Affordable pricing
  3. A single sign-on LMS integration
  4. Support from a human 24/7
  5. Accommodations for students

“We piloted four or five different online proctoring solutions, without finding one that we felt we could use across the entire college that also met our requirements for cost and training.” 

The result: Daniello and his team chose Honorlock because of its: 

  • Proctoring features that prevent cheating 
  • Flat-rate cost per student or per exam
  • Strong LMS integration that’s single sign-on
  • 24/7/365 US-based support
  • Ability to provide accommodations with flexible settings and instructions
  • Quick implementation that worked within their 45 day timeframe
Steven Daniello, Director of Assessment Services at Indian River State College

Steven Daniello

Director of Assessment Services

"You want an integrated system. You don’t want faculty and students to have separate sign-on, and that was important for us. The integration with Blackboard was seamless. We had a call with Honorlock and a faculty member, and it was done in an hour."

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