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Tyler Junior College Online Proctoring Customer Testimonial

Honorlock Online Proctoring Customer Testimonial

Ken Craver, Director of Distance Education
Tyler Junior College

From Testing Centers to Fully Online Proctoring

Tyler Junior College (TJC), with a long history of offering online courses, historically used a combination of an on-campus testing center for proctoring local online students along with a remote proctoring service for those students who lived too far from campus to test in the testing center. However, when the college’s testing center made the decision to no longer proctor academic assessments, Ken Craver, Director of Distance Education at Tyler Junior College knew the college needed a more scalable remote proctoring service. 

Fortunately, he already had an online proctoring service in mind. The previous spring he attended the Texas Distance Learning Association Annual Conference (TxDLA) where he saw an Honorlock online proctoring presentation that he described as, “mind-blowing.” 

“We knew when our testing center was no longer available that Honorlock would be the answer to our proctoring needs. In addition to its unmatched technology and ease of use, the option to pay by the student and not by the exam gave us the ability to proctor a large number of students at an affordable cost.”

Online Proctoring with Student Flexibility

Craver said he found that one of the main advantages of using Honorlock online proctoring for TJC testing is the flexibility it provides for their students. “They don’t have to make a reservation like they used to do. They just log in and take the test anytime within the time window provided by the faculty member. It just works!” said Craver. 

Easy to Use Remote Proctoring Software for Faculty

He also stated that faculty members that have used Honorlock online proctoring have not had any problems or significant hurdles in implementing the platform into their online courses. Previously, faculty had to wait to receive an email from the previous online proctoring service noting any red flags. “Now they just go in and click on results. The recent user interface updates streamlined the process even more for faculty,” said Craver. 

“Honorlock has some technologies that no one else has: Search and Destroy and Multi-Device Detection,” said Craver. “Honorlock is going to try to keep a problem from happening rather than tell you about a problem after it happens.”

“They don’t have to make a reservation like they used to do. Students just log in and take the test anytime within the time window provided by the faculty member. It just works!”

Results with Honorlock’s online proctoring platform and services

  1. Successfully transferred exams from a testing center to remote proctoring with Honorlock
  2. Students enjoy the flexibility of not needing to schedule their proctored online exam and taking it whenever it best suits them
  3. Faculty enjoy the easy to use online proctoring software and immediate post-exam reporting

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About Tyler Junior College

Tyler Junior College is one of the largest single campus community colleges in Texas, with more than 12,000 students enrolled. They offer more than 115 degrees and certificate programs in addition to robust training and technical programs. For 93 years, TJC has promised to provide students with quality education, a vibrant student life, and opportunities for service to the community.