Cody Moyer, M.Ed.
Director of Learning Technology
Polk State College

“I would recommend Honorlock to any colleague and any other school. I’ve done so several times before.”

Ensuring quality teaching and learning with proctored testing

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Polk State faced the challenges of moving more than 16,000 students (at least 50% taking one or more online classes) to online learning while preventing cheating and protecting the integrity of their online exams. And to remain SACSCOC compliant, the College needed proctoring software that could also verify student identity.

“We want to know that the education we are providing is one of quality,” Cody Moyer said. “If we can’t verify that our students are the ones who are completing the work, and all of our quizzes are out there on the internet where anyone can look up the answers, what kind of quality is that degree?

Evaluating to find the best online proctoring services

“The tool we were using before the switch to Honorlock proctoring, the tool was rather clunky and cumbersome. It was difficult for students to use. It was expensive and faculty were ready for a change,” Moyer explained.

Moyer created a committee of faculty that teach online courses and staff that support online learning.

When Moyer and the committee began the process of evaluating online proctoring services, they had several criteria that needed to be met:

  • Easy to use for faculty and students
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Seamless LMS integration with Canvas
  • Quick ID verification process

Honorlock online proctoring was able to meet all Polk State’s needs after being thoroughly vetted by the school’s committee.

“We looked at all of those factors for several different vendors and we came to the decision that Honorlock was the best solution because of the innovative technology they use, the data privacy and security that they ensure, and the cost effectiveness,” Moyer said.

Moyer added that Honorlock’s proctoring platform provided features were game changers for Polk State, “The features Honorlock had to offer blew everyone else out of the water; Search and Destroy and Multi-device Detection made us realize that we had to get this product.”

Quickly implementing online proctoring

After choosing Honorlock’s online proctoring solution, Polk State needed to ensure it was immediately available following Spring Break. And with online exams scheduled for that Monday, Honorlock’s team was asked to go above and beyond to kickstart the proctored testing solution on Sunday. “I was very happy with the support. They jumped on it with no question!”

Online proctoring that’s easy to use for students and faculty

“Honorlock is very easy to use… We didn’t have to have extensive training for faculty to use it. Even for the least tech-savvy, it was a really easy process to get them onboarded with Honorlock,” Moyer explained.

A key to Honorlock’s ease of use is thanks to its LMS integration. Honorlock’s proctoring platform directly integrates with the LMS, which means that it’s a very similar experience for students and faculty.

Students login to the LMS as normal, verify their ID in about a minute, and launch the proctored exam. It’s an equally simple process for faculty too; they’ll creates online exams within the LMS just like they already do, and to customize the exams, they’ll click to choose which proctoring features they want to use.

Customizable exam proctoring settings and student accommodations

“The main benefit for faculty was the customizability of the experience for each class they’re teaching,” Moyer said.

Moyer explained that Honorlock’s customizable proctoring settings and proctor instructions allow instructors to provide a flexible test experience that meets students’ needs.

“When students need special accommodations, with the live proctor you can specify what those needs are and they can accommodate the student. Some like to provide specific students with an opportunity to test with their kids in the room if they’re working from home or taking classes from home, which gets around the whole ‘no one else can be in the room.'”

Accommodations can be provided for a range of needs during the proctored exam, such as bathroom breaks, use of assistive technology, and even allowing or disabling specific resources. The ability to granularly customize proctored exams allows for endless nontraditional assessment activities without concerns about academic dishonesty.

With Honorlock’s blend of AI and live review, instructors can proctor nontraditional assessment activities, such as:

  • Virtual presentations and demonstrations
  • Handwritten essays
  • Math tests using pen and paper
  • Students using software to complete a task
  • Open-book exams

By using Honorlock proctored testing, Polk State has seen a reduction in academic dishonesty in both their nursing and business programs. They have confidence that they are ensuring quality education and that their students are prepared and qualified to enter the workforce as they have been in years past.

Online proctoring results with Honorlock

  1. Expanded usage of Honorlock proctored testing and converted to the Enterprise model 
  2. Faculty can customize proctored exams to provide a variety of nontraditional, alternative assessment activities
  3. Academic dishonesty has been reduced in both their nursing and business programs 
  4. Used Honorlock online proctoring to meet student ID verification requirements for SACSCOC compliance

Recommending Honorlock to others

“I would recommend Honorlock to any colleague and any other school. I’ve done so several times before,” Moyer said, “They’re top notch and always provide a solid solution. They’re always looking to engage and provide new opportunities, and always growing. It’s a circular experience with Honorlock, and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who’s in the market.”

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