Online Proctoring for Corporate Certifications

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What are corporate certifications?

Corporate certifications are a designation earned by passing a certification test that verifies the person has knowledge, expertise, and training in a specialized topic or industry. 

Corporate certifications are relevant for virtually all industries, companies, and professional associations that offer certificates. Some of the most popular certifications include AWS, PMP, Six Sigma, Google Analytics, and a variety of HR and IT-related programs.

What are the benefits of corporate certifications?

Corporate certifications complement the person’s professional work experience and education and help professionals advance in their careers by distinguishing them from their uncertified coworkers or peers. Certifications also benefit businesses because they ensure that employees are trained.

Benefits of corporate certifications for employees:

  • Complements work experience, education, and training
  • Helps professionals advance in their career by distinguishing them from their uncertified coworkers or peers
  • Improves a resume and can help increase earnings
  • Can help meet requirements for continuing education and certification renewal 

Benefits of corporate certifications for businesses:

  • Ensures that employees are up-to-date on current industry standards, best practices, and training
  • Employees that are highly trained in specialized areas can boost productivity and efficiency
  • Businesses that ensure their employees are continuing their education and earning professional certifications can potentially help earn new business because it demonstrates dedication to having highly training employees that are experts
  • Organizations that help cover the cost of earning a certification can help with employee recruitment because it’s a benefit that can differentiate the company and positively influence those seeking a job opportunity

What is online proctoring?

Online proctoring uses a variety of software and services to monitor test-takers during an online test to:

  • Protect academic integrity and certification reputation
  • Deter and prevent test-takers from cheating 
  • Help and support test-takers complete their online certification test

5 online proctoring features that are commonly used:

  • Authentication to ensure the person taking the certification test is the same as the person awarded your certification
  • Video and audio monitoring that secures the exam room by making sure that no other people are in the room and other materials such as notes, apps, and books
  • Browser lockdown software to prevent test-takers from accessing other browsers, tabs, and software on the device
  • Cell phone detection to identify test-takers that attempted to use a cell phone or other secondary device to look up test information
  • Advanced reporting from the certification test session is provided to instructors

Why use online proctoring for corporate certification testing?

The rapid shift to remote work from home has been challenging for many companies that offer certification exams and other continuing education opportunities for customers and employees. As more people take certification testing online, the need for proctored testing has significantly increased – and for good reason. 

Proctoring certification exams helps to protect reputation and credibility

Reputation is everything when it comes to corporate certification exams. If test-takers can cheat, the certification can lose its credibility and become insignificant among professionals and businesses. Online proctoring services play a critical role in protecting the integrity and reputation of corporate certification exams as well as ensuring a fair testing environment for all test takers.

Online proctoring is a resource for test-takers, not just a way to catch cheating

Online proctoring isn’t simply to catch cheaters. Aside from creating a fair testing environment and preserving the reputation of the certification exams, proctored testing is also a beneficial resource for test-takers. Online proctoring helps support test-takers and can assist with completing proctored exams. With access to 24/7/365 support, test-takers know they can get help anytime they need it.

“Having access to customer support 24/7/365 is huge. Especially during times like this when test-takers may be taking exams at any time of day. You want them to have access to someone who can troubleshoot with them.” 

Spend more time teaching and less time proctoring

The features and benefits of blended online proctoring services, such as Honorlock, are designed to save time, protect exams, and support test-takers. This means that your company can spend more time teaching and less time proctoring certification exams. You set the guidelines for the certification test and we handle the proctoring.

Online proctoring provides convenience without sacrificing academic integrity

Honorlock’s online proctoring services can help your company grow its online certification testing by offering it to a larger base of potential online users because they can schedule to take their certification test anytime, anywhere – not just at a designated testing center or within a proctor’s schedule.

How to use Honorlock proctoring for online certification testing

Online proctoring services, like Honorlock, make it quick and easy to protect certification exams.

Step 1: Create the certification test

  • Create the test in the Learning Management System as you normally would
  • Choose which online proctoring features to use 
  • Provide accommodations and customizations for test-takers, such as allowing bathroom breaks, additional time, and specific assistive technology

Step 2: Test-takers verify ID and begin the proctored certification exam

  • ID verification takes about 60-seconds
  • 24/7/265 support for test-takers and instructors
  • The proctored certification test is monitored AI and live human proctors

Step 3: Review certification exam results

  • Our remote proctors review the exam sessions and send in-depth reports to the instructor

Online proctoring is a strategic advantage for organizations that offer online certification

Online proctoring is a game-changer for organizations and test-takers. You need an online proctoring service you can rely on to protect the integrity of certification tests without scheduling headaches, you need technology you can depend on, and you need a way to support test-takers while ensuring that they aren’t gaming the system. 

If your organization hasn’t previously used online proctoring for certification exams or if you’re evaluating new online proctoring services, now is the perfect time to discover why so many others chose Honorlock to grow their online certification programs.

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Intellum & Honorlock Certification Proctoring Solution for Customer and Partner Education

Combined, AI-driven proctoring and the industry’s leading learning platform protect the integrity of high-value professional certifications.

ATLANTA, Ga., and BOCA RATON, Fla., May 11, 2021Intellum, the leading customer education platform, and Honorlock, the leading online exam proctoring solution, today announced the first fully-integrated certification solution designed for corporate training and education programs. Organizations that certify an individual’s level of knowledge or proficiency in an industry or profession are now able to leverage Honorlock’s AI-based online exam proctoring and cheating mitigation software to further ensure the integrity of the certification programs that are designed and delivered on the Intellum Platform. 

Intellum provides clients with an all-in-one solution for authoring, presenting, managing, tracking, and continuously improving customer, partner, and employee learning initiatives at scale, which often include high-stakes, legally defensible certifications. Honorlock’s proprietary in-browser technology leverages AI to monitor user behavior through head movement, mobile-device engagement, and voice detection. If Honorlock detects potential cheating, a live proctor is alerted to intervene in real-time to ensure the integrity of the certification exam.

With e-learning expected to grow by $247 billion from 2020 to 2024, enterprises are increasingly offering a tuned-in, remote professional audience with certification programs      designed to help improve proficiency with the tools or services they offer. In a growing number of industries, these certifications are employment prerequisites.

“When structured and delivered correctly, certification programs can make a big impact on an organization’s ability to drive business outcomes through education. But scaling high-value certifications that require some form of proctoring can be extremely challenging, especially during a global pandemic and a work-from-home scenario,” said Chip Ramsey, CEO of Intellum. “The Honorlock and Intellum integration now gives organizations a more modern and secure alternative for certifying customers, partners, employees, members, individuals working in a specific industry, or the general public.”

As a result of the deep integration with Honorlock, Intellum clients get all of the benefits of executing a live “brick-and-mortar” proctored exam without the cost or logistics associated with scheduling in-person testing on the national or global level. Honorlock’s unique browser-based approach ensures that there is no disruption to the user experience in the Intellum Platform, which further supports the ability for clients to offer and promote on-demand certifications that learners can complete at any time, from anywhere. 

“Digital certification programs are ubiquitous in industries that need to support skill-building in cloud technologies, data and analytics platforms, digital marketing, and other areas,” said Michael Hemlepp, CEO, Honorlock. “Organizations offering training and exams must protect the integrity of the programs and process while opening them up to users across the globe. By combining the strengths of Honorlock and Intellum, we make that possible.”     

Click here to learn more about Intellum and Honorlock’s integrated solution, as well as to register for a co-hosted webinar on Thursday, May 13, from 1-2pm ET, featuring presentations from Honorlock and Intellum’s certifications experts. 

About Intellum

Intellum provides the customer education platform that large brands and fast-moving companies rely on to improve product utilization, customer retention, and revenue. Intellum’s scientific, data-driven approach is based on 20 years of industry experience and the Intellum Platform includes all of the tools an organization needs to create, deploy, manage, track, and continuously improve highly personalized, engaging educational experiences. To learn more, visit

About Honorlock

Honorlock provides exam proctoring services for certification and licensure exams and to higher education institutions of all sizes. 

Honorlock combines AI proctoring software with live proctors to protect exam integrity while creating a less invasive test environment.

Learn more about Honorlock’s exam proctoring services.

5 Ways Proctoring Improves Certification Testing

Online proctoring benefits

As more people seeking out certifications, the need to proctor those exams is growing–and for good reason: remotely proctoring certification and licensing exams isn’t just a way to catch cheaters; it can help deliver secure assessments and a better testing experience overall.

Here are 5 ways that remote proctoring improves certification testing

1. Protects program credibility and reputation

When it comes to professional certifications and licensing exams, reputation and credibility are everything. The exams need to be objective, measurable, and fair for all participants, and remote proctoring offers a number of ways to do so.

A simple browser lock won’t cut it anymore because test-takers can simply use their cell phone to look up answers or ask a friend. But some virtual proctoring software can detect cell phones, verify test-taker ID, and block AI tools to protect your reputation.

It also combines the benefits of automated proctoring with live remote proctors. This means that the exams are recorded and monitored by AI and then reviewed by live remote proctors to make sure that all guidelines set by the company and association are followed. This hybrid proctoring approach keeps the human touch—because all AI  needs human oversight—and it’s far less distracting than live proctoring alone. AI monitors the test-taker for potential problems, and, if it detects any, a live virtual proctor is alerted to review the situation in an analysis window and they’ll only join in real-time.

2. Offers flexibility and convenience to test-takers

Life’s hectic and the work environment has drastically changed. Using remote proctoring and other assessment tools shouldn’t be a pain for your test-takers. They deserve the flexibility and convenience of taking their certification and licensure exams at a time that works for them and without going through scheduling hassles.

In addition, organizations using remote proctoring save test-takers valuable time and gas money by eliminating the need for them to travel to physical testing centers. All of these can help remove obstacles and grow your professional certification programs.

3. Meets accessibility compliance standards

Just like buildings have ramps for wheelchairs, braille signs, and elevators, think of your professional education exams the same way: all participants should be able to access and take online exams. There are many web accessibility compliance standards to consider with your online proctoring software such as ADA, WCAG, and Section 508.

4. Protects data security and privacy

Many test-takers and companies offering certificate and certification testing services are attentive and conscientious about data security and privacy. Online proctoring should protect data security and privacy in a number of ways such as following compliance standards, software, standard business practices, and storage.

5. Provides valuable insights on test-taker behavior

Remote proctoring platforms that provide reporting can help understand how test-takers are approaching and engaging with your online exams. 

Honorlock’s proctoring services offer 24/7/365 live chat support, providing participants with the convenience of technical help without the need to leave the test session if they run into a problem.

Honorlock remote proctoring for certification and licensure exams

If your organization is offering licensing exams and professional certifications  you need a convenient way to validate the online learning experience while ensuring the integrity of your programs. With Honorlock’s remote proctoring services, organization can confidently grow their programs to a larger base of potential online participants that can take their exams anywhere, not just a designated testing center.

See how Honorlock can secure your licensing and certification exams?

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