Changing times increased the demand for online learning solutions & remote proctoring

The shift to remote work from home has been challenging for many companies that offer continuing education opportunities, such as certifications for customers and employees. With more people taking online professional certification exams, the demand for proctored testing has soared – and for good reason. Remote proctoring for certification testing services isn’t just a way to catch cheaters; it can serve as a significant resource for you and your business.

Here are 5 ways that remote proctoring improves certification testing services.

1. Protects certification program credibility and reputation

When it comes to professional certifications and certificates, reputation and credibility are everything. Certifications and certificates should be objective, measurable, and fair for all test-takers. Remote proctoring for certification testing services offers a strategic advantage that can set your program apart.

A simple lock-down browser won’t cut it anymore because test-takers can simply use their cell phone to look up answers or ask a friend. Advanced remote proctoring software with advanced technology can detect cell phone use, detect voices, and quickly verify test-taker ID to protect your reputation. It also blends the benefits of automated proctoring with live remote proctors. This means that the exams are recorded and monitored by AI and then reviewed by live remote proctors to make sure that all guidelines set by the company and association are followed. Blending proctoring AI and live remote proctors gives a human touch to remote proctoring. AI monitors the test-taker for potential problems, and, if it detects any, a live remote proctor is prompted to join a student’s online exam session in real-time to address issues and help the test-taker get back on track.

2. Offers flexibility and convenience to test-takers

Life’s hectic and the work environment has drastically changed. Remote proctoring and online exams shouldn’t be a pain for your test-takers. They deserve the flexibility and convenience of taking their certification and certificate exams at a time that works for them and without going through the scheduling hassle.

In addition, certification programs with remote proctoring save test-takers valuable time and gas money by eliminating the need for them to travel to physical testing centers.

3. Meets accessibility compliance standards 

Just like your office building and other physical locations have ramps for wheelchairs, braille signs, and elevators, think of your certification and certificate testing in the same way: all test-takers and students should be able to equally take online exams. There are many web accessibility compliance standards to consider with your online proctoring software such as ADA, WCAG, and Section 508.

4. Protects data security and privacy

Many test-takers and companies offering certificate and certification testing services are attentive and conscientious about data security and privacy. Remote proctoring should protect data security and privacy in a number of ways such as following compliance standards, software, standard business practices, and storage.

5. Provides valuable insights on test-taker behavior

Proctored online learning solutions that provide reporting can help you understand how test-takers are approaching and engaging with your online exams. The in-depth reporting data provides you with actionable insights to continually improve your exams and the overall testing experience.

A strong remote proctoring solution will offer 24/7/365 live chat support, providing test-takers the convenience of technical help without the need to leave the test session when they run into a problem.

Remote Proctoring Certification and Certificate Testing with Honorlock

If your company is offering professional certifications and certificates, you need a convenient way to validate the online learning experience while ensuring the integrity of your programs. With Honorlock’s remote proctoring and online exam integrity solution, companies can confidently grow their certification and certificate testing to a larger base of potential online users because they can take their exams anywhere, not just a designated testing center.

Interested in how Honorlock can help you improve your certification program?


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