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Honorlock’s Online Proctoring Software Detects Cell Phones During Online Exams

Imagine a week without your cell phone. For many, it’d seem pretty strange because they’re so intertwined in our lives. With a few taps—or words to Siri and Alexa—we use them to track our workouts, set timers while we cook, adjust our thermostats, and even monitor our health.

Unfortunately, the use cases also extend to being used to gain an unfair advantage during online exams. In fact, it’s the number one violation Honorlock sees during our remotely proctored exams.

Test takers use them to search the internet for answers, ask AI tools like ChatGPT for help, and interact with voice assistants like Siri and Alexa.

Fortunately, Honorlock’s online proctoring solution has the most comprehensive approach to detecting cell phones and preventing them from being used during online exams.

How does Honorlock detect cell phones?

Honorlock’s cell phone detection involves a combination of several proctoring tools in addition to review by our live proctors.

Multi-device detection

Honorlock’s proctoring software can determine when test takers try to use their cell phones to access test bank content during their exams. This feature protects against tablets as well.

Apple Handoff Detection

Our newest feature, Apple Handoff Detection, is exclusive to Honorlock and detects if a phone is present in the testing area. Our proctors then add a violation if the test taker is seen using a cell phone during the exam.

But even if it’s an Android phone, their behaviors to use the phone will likely be flagged by our AI. For example, AI flags when a test-taker looks down or voices specific keywords like “Google” or “Siri”.

Once flagged by the AI, a live proctor will watch the session live to determine if the test taker is using a cell phone or not.

Prioritized proctor review

All violations for suspected cell phone use are reviewed and verified by a human proctor to give you confidence in your exam results. In addition, Honorlock’s proctors are trained to spot cell phones that can be seen in reflections or light emitting from the phone.

Speech detection

Honorlock’s speech detection is ideal for instances when test-akers use voice commands to interact with voice assistants, like Siri or Alexa, on a device hidden from the webcam.

Our speech detection listens for specific keywords and phrases that activate and operate voice assistants, such as “Hey Siri,” “Alexa,” or “OK Google.”

This approach allows test takers to speak aloud while solving problems without being unnecessarily flagged and interrupted. It also creates a better testing experience compared to proctoring solutions that use sound detection, which can flag unimportant sounds like coughing or a dog barking.

About Honorlock

What is Honorlock?

Honorlock is an online proctoring company that partners with higher education institutions and professional education organizations, providing software and services that protect academic integrity and support test takers 24/7/365.

How does Honorlock work?

Honorlock blends live human proctoring with AI-proctoring tools to prevent cheating and create a non-invasive testing environment with fewer distractions.

Here’s how Honorlock’s exam proctoring works:

Other Honorlock features and benefits

In addition to the cell phone detection tools we mentioned earlier and our blended proctoring approach, Honorlock also:

Blocks AI tools like ChatGPT

Honorlock’s proctoring solution uses a combination of tools to block the use of AI and extensions, like ChatGPT and Transcript, during exams.

Provides 24/7/365 US-based test proctoring with live support

Proctored exams can be taken anytime without scheduling, and live support is available if needed.

Uses the webcam to record behavior and scan the room

The test taker’s webcam is used to monitor behavior throughout the proctored exam and it can be used for an optional 360-degree room scan to ensure no unauthorized resources or people are present prior to starting an exam.

Locks the browser

Honorlock’s BrowserGuard™ prevents (and/or flags) access to other browsers and applications and disables keyboard shortcuts like copying and pasting during proctored exams.

Verifies ID

Quickly verifies and authenticates test taker identity to ensure the person taking the test is the same as the person getting credit.

Finds leaked test content

Honorlock’s Search & Destroy™ technology automatically finds leaked test content on the internet and gives test administrators the ability to send content takedown requests with one click.

Protects exams taken on third-party platforms

Proctor exams on third-party platforms such as MyMathLab, Pearson, and more.

Integrates with your LMS

Honorlock’s proctoring software integrates with: Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, D2L Brightspace, Intellum, Docebo*, and Open LMS. We also provide open APIs for custom integrations.

*Coming soon

Puts accessibility first

With minimal system requirements, support for low bandwidth, integrations with accessibility technologies, and individual accommodations ensures a fair and accessible testing experience for all learners.

Learn more about how Honorlock’s approach to online proctoring is revolutionizing and improving the entire testing experience in higher education and professional education.