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Accommodating All Test-takers: Honorlock’s Accessibility-First Approach

Accommodating All Test-takers: Honorlock’s Accessibility-First Approach

Accessibility-first approach

Test-takers are faced with many unknowns as they navigate online testing. Individuals who need accommodations are often met with strict guidelines and difficult system requirements that limit their ability to take an exam comfortably. Remote proctoring is often seen as just a way to prevent cheating or other misconduct within online exams, but the right approach can also improve accessibility for all test-takers.

Honorlock aims for genuine accessibility for all users. We engage a third-party to conduct a yearly end-to-end accessibility test across all workflows to ensure accessibility and build our Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT). Honorlock spreads knowledge throughout our organization with regular accessibility training. As our accessibility-certified engineers develop our solutions, we focus on building features with an accessibility-first mindset. This means providing flexible accommodations, integrating with assistive technology, conforming to compliance standards and guidelines, and routinely reviewing the accessibility of our offerings. To drive continuous improvement, we conduct regular audits throughout the year to ensure we address any accessibility bugs, keep up with new WCAG standards, and adjust accordingly.

Independent third-party accessibility audits

Thorough VPAT for test-takers & admins

Spread knowledge across the organization

Accessibility-first approach

Constant improvement

Student preparation tools

When users feel prepared and comfortable using the features available, technology is accessible. Honorlock’s online proctoring platform is designed to be easy to use for exam admins and test-takers alike.

Practice exams

Practice Exams are the perfect way for exam administrators and exam-takers to get familiar with using Honorlock. These are enabled by exam admins so exam-takers can surface any questions before they’re in a real exam.

Student tutorial

HonorPrep, our guided tour, has unlimited uses and lets students prepare for their first Honorlock exam. It includes a system check, authentication walkthrough, and sample room scan.

Knowledge Base

For students who need more in-depth help, Honorlock’s Knowledge Base details specific guides for common issues and has detailed FAQs.

Accommodating all test-takers with Honorlock

Minimal system requirements

Exams should be accessible for everyone, regardless of Internet connection. Honorlock proctored exams don’t “boot out” test-takers when a challenge or error arises. Our goal is to help test-takers complete their exams as seamlessly as possible, without inducing extra anxiety.

For students with low bandwidth, Honorlock adjusts our reporting and session viewer so that the test-taker can complete their exam even on an unstable network. Our solution still captures still images to compensate for slower networks to allow test-takers to complete their exams.

Test-takers in rural communities are able to take their exams at any time of day, without a required hardwire connection. We also allow users to take their exams on Wi-Fi or hotspots, unlike other providers.


Honorlock accommodates those who need text to be read aloud with a screen reading capability. Check out the functionality in the video below.

Keyboard accessible

Exam administrators and test-takers are able to navigate within Honorlock. An outline appears while tabbing provides clear guidance on where users are navigating within Honorlock.

Human proctoring and decision-making

Human involvement means we can make human decisions around accessibility. Our live proctors are trained in de-escalation and focus on the success of the test-taker. For example, our live proctor will review accommodations before intervening. If a test-taker is allowed to wear headphones, per an accommodation, the live proctor would refrain from intervening and interrupting the exam session.


Exam administrators can enter any specific accommodations for test-takers, such as additional time or breaks to complete their exams. This includes extensions enabled for assistive purposes or other assistive technology, such as dictation software. Honorlock will respect accommodations configured within the LMS as well.

Some sample accommodations include:

Smart Speech Detection

Honorlock’s Smart Speech Detection listens for keywords and phrases that may indicate exam misconduct, like “Hey Siri” and “OK Google”, which allows test-takers to read aloud without being flagged and interrupted.

Honorlock meets accessibility standards

Honorlock’s accessibility highlights

Honorlock aims for excellence when meeting accessibility standards. Our experts keep us ahead of the curve and allow every test-taker to experience a seamless testing experience.

Not all remote proctoring solutions are alike

Not all remote proctoring solutions are alike and there are some key elements you should consider. By building out your own accessibility checklist, you can be sure that your proctoring partner is the best fit for your test-takers. Consider adding some of the questions below when comparing services.

To learn more, please review Honorlock’s Accessibility Statement. If you would like to discuss building out your own accessibility checklist or statement, get in touch today.

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