Millions of students took their first online exams last year as a result of the pandemic. Some never took an online proctored exam before and expressed concerns about privacy and the discomfort of being “watched” during the exams.

Overall, the first year of widespread use of online testing went better than expected. This blog will share how proctored online exams benefit students.

Schedule and take exams anytime

Students have busy lives and scheduling an online exam can be a challenge. That’s why our live proctors and AI are available at any time.

You don’t have to schedule a time in advance, and there are no fees for changing your plans—even at the last minute. Simply log on during the exam window set by your instructor and get started — even if it’s two in the morning on Thanksgiving!

A less invasive proctored exam experience

In the early days of online proctoring, a proctor’s face might appear on your screen for the entirety of the exam, which many students found intrusive and distracting. We aren’t fans of that either. Our proctored exams combine AI software with live proctors for a better testing experience with a human touch.

Our AI proctoring software monitors you during the exam and if a possible incident happens—say you leave the camera, or a second voice appears in the room—the AI will notify one of our live remote proctors. The proctor can then enter the exam session through a chatbot (again, no faces on your screen) to make sure that you’re OK and help you get back on track.

We assume that you need help, not that you’re cheating. For instance, there’s no need to worry if you like to read questions aloud to yourself. Your instructor will receive a report after the exam, and they can decide if any exam standards were violated. 

Our remote proctors are a resource to help you, not to catch you cheating.

In fact, Honorlock’s full-time remote proctoring team is trained by a nationally certified counselor and educator on support during moments of assessment frustration and anxiety to assist students and help them feel supported in their test-taking environment.

Easy to set up and use

Taking an online proctored exam with Honorlock is easy and quick to set up. It only takes a few moments to install, and it connects with the LMS, which means no additional logins or passwords.

Identity verification only takes about a minute, and then you do a quick room scan of your testing area. After that, you can start your exam.

Rewards honesty and ensures a fair testing environment for all

Online proctoring software protects academic integrity and creates a level playing field. You can have confidence that no one will have an unfair advantage and you can focus on demonstrating your knowledge.

Online proctored exams are accessible for all students

It’s one thing to get ready for an important exam, but it’s another thing to face additional accessibility obstacles.

Web accessibility compliance standards and best practices help create an inclusive learning environment, regardless of disability or condition. Online proctored exams help students who require specific accommodations, such as extending time limits, adjusting due dates, and allowing assistive technology.

Support is always available

Just like we offer on-demand online proctored exams, we also provide 24/7/365 US-based support. We want you to focus on your exam, not technical difficulties.

Our support agents provide quick and consistent help. Whether you’re testing at four in the morning or over a holiday, you can get help from an actual human being. They’ll troubleshoot issues with you and help make your testing experience as smooth as possible.

We protect your privacy

Privacy is important to you and Honorlock. But how do we protect student privacy and what data do we collect?

  • We don’t sell or monetize your data
  • We don’t have access to your cell phone or other devices 
  • We don’t monitor your network
  • Our proctoring software only collects basic information such as your name, email address, and IP address
  • Honorlock does not use facial recognition, fingerprints, voiceprints, or other biometric technologies to identify test takers
  • All data is encrypted and stored within Honorlock’s private cloud in an Amazon (AWS) data center

We’re here for you

More and more exams will be remote proctored in the future, so you want to know that the virtual part won’t cause more stress. Honorlock gives you the most convenient and least stressful online proctoring experience.

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