Did your school recently make the switch to online learning due to COVID-19? Do you have concerns about online proctoring and your privacy? Honorlock has you covered. Student privacy and security is our top priority.

Top Seven Questions from Students about Privacy and Security with Honorlock.

      1. Does Honorlock sell my data or monetize my data to third parties outside of my school or university?
        No. Honorlock will never sell or monetize your data. We only share your data with your educational institution.
      2. What data does Honorlock collect from students using the service?
        1. Student information (i.e. student name, course number, exam name. You will be asked to provide a copy of your student ID). This information is synced with your school’s learning management system (i.e., Canvas).
        2. During the exam, we collect a webcam video recording that includes desktop activity and audio recording.
        3. Exam and web pages visited by a student during an examination.
      3. How long does Honorlock keep my data?
        The standard retention period for student data is 365 days. Schools can customize the data retention period – shorter or longer – based on their policies and needs. Student data is deleted after this retention period. Only a request by a student’s educational institution will extend the retention period.
      4. Does Honorlock have control of my computer or my mobile phone?
        1. No. Honorlock uses a Chrome browser extension that uses AI to detect the presence of faces in your camera and different voices. A student will have to install the browser extension to take an examination. The student can immediately delete the browser extension following the examination. Honorlock does not have the ability to control your computer, read your passwords or download any files at any point in time.
        2. Honorlock does not have access or the ability to control secondary devices such as mobile phones.
      5. Is Honorlock tracking my online activities and watching me when I am not taking an exam?
        No. Honorlock is only proctoring your school’s examinations via the Chrome browser extension. You are free to delete the Chrome browser extension immediately following an exam. However, the extension will not track any activity or record any data unless you are taking an exam and logged into your school’s LMS.
      6. Where is my data stored and how well is my data protected?
        All data in transit and data at rest is encrypted and stored within Honorlock’s private cloud in an Amazon (AWS) data center. Amazon’s data centers are SOC 3 certified, U.S. Privacy Shield, and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant.
      7. Does Honorlock use facial recognition to verify my identity?
        No. Honorlock uses facial detection, which only detects that there is a clear human face in the webcam. We do not identify the face, store any of the facial elements, or match the face to a database. If no face is detected, or if multiple faces are detected, AI will flag the incident and a human proctor may intervene.

Need more reassurance?

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