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Online Proctoring with Integrity & Humanity

Honorlock combines AI & live test proctors to make online proctoring simple, easy, and human.

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Proctored Testing Trusted by Institutional Leaders of All Sizes

"As challenging as the remote learning situation has been for the university, there have been many silver linings for us. A partnership with Honorlock has been one of them."
Brian Marchman
Assistant Provost & Director of Distance Learning & Continuing Education, University of Florida
"We evaluated four proctoring solutions and chose Honorlock. Now, 100% of our exams are proctored and we’ve normalized the bell curve by preventing cheating."
Jill Simpson, PhD
Assistant Professor and Instructional Designer & Technologist, University of North Alabama
“Honorlock has provided excellent support in scaling our needs and meeting our requirements for faculty training. They have been an excellent partner due to their open communication, privacy policies, and the implementation of their state-of-the-art technology. It has been an affordable and reliable solution.”
Nestor Pereira
Dean, Business Affairs, Broward College

The Honorlock

While other online exam proctoring services simply try to catch cheating, Honorlock aims to bring integrity, humanity, confidence, and positive outcomes to students and faculty. We examine our efforts to ensure that all of our processes are what’s best for our partners.

A survey to better understand how to reduce student test anxiety

Honorlock and the University of North Alabama recently conducted a survey to learn about the causes of student test anxiety and how our approach to online proctoring can help reduce it.

“The proctor popping in was different than I expected – in a positive way. I imagined them being more strict. I felt that the proctor was helpful and a lot less intimidating than I thought.”
– Student quote in a post-exam interview

Training our test proctors to support students during times of anxiety

Honorlock’s full-time online proctoring team received training by a nationally certified counselor and educator on providing students with help and support during moments of test anxiety and frustration.

This human-centric communication helps students gain confidence in the process and with our test proctors.

Combining Live Test Proctors and AI

Honorlock upholds academic integrity with online exam proctoring that’s monitored by AI and reviewed by humans. Our software and live test proctors make the technical proctoring experience simple, easy, and human.

Our proctored testing software monitors the exam session for potential academic dishonesty and alerts a live proctor to join the student’s session in real-time if it detects any issues. This blend of AI and human review delivers a less intimidating and non-invasive proctored testing experience for the student because they aren’t constantly watched.

When done right, proctored testing creates a non-invasive and equitable environment for testing, holding everyone accountable to do their best work.

Simple and Secure Online Proctoring

Our online proctoring services are convenient for instructors and students. It’s easy for instructors to set up proctored online exams, choose which features to use, and review actionable exam reports. The experience is just as simple for students – they simply log in, verify identity, and begin the exam like they’re accustomed to.

Proctored Testing That Empowers Students and Faculty

Honorlock’s proctored testing software and services provide your students and faculty with confidence, convenience, and flexibility without sacrificing security or academic integrity.

When you create a fair testing environment that builds confidence and protects integrity, everyone wins.

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