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Expand & Scale Your Certification Programs with Remote Proctoring

The shift to remote work and online learning has opened up unlimited possibilities for individuals wanting to expand their skillset and career opportunities, and for organizations wanting to drive business outcomes through education. If you’re offering high-value professional certifications, you need a convenient way to validate the online learning experience while ensuring the integrity of your programs. With Honorlock’s on-demand, exam integrity solution, organizations now have a way to confidently open up testing and certification to a larger base of potential online users because they can take their exams anywhere, not just a designated testing center.

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Remote Proctoring Integrated With Your Learning Platform

Honorlock seamlessly integrates with your learning platform to provide fast and easy access for course designers, instructors and learners. This is relevant for large tech companies and professional associations that offer certificates and certifications in:

  • Digital advertising & marketing
  • Information technology
  • Project management
  • Data and Analytics platforms
  • Cloud & SaaS Technology & Infrastructure Vendors

By proctoring your exams with Honorlock, you can decrease the overhead costs of testing, engage with new customers around the globe and protect the value of your certifications.

Test-taker Authentication

Ensure the person taking your exam is the same as the person awarded your certificate.

Room Security

Ensure only allowed materials (notes, apps, books, etc.) are at the test-taker’s disposal during the exam.

LMS Integration

Seamlessly integrate proctoring with your learning management system. Single sign-on from your application.

On Demand

Test-takers busy schedules just got more manageable. We offer proctored exams on-demand, any time, anywhere. No scheduling necessary.

24 / 7 / 365 Support

Always available dedicated support staff for you and your test-takers via phone, chat and email.

Authentication & Integrity Proctoring Software That Works With Your Learning Platform

Our plug-and-play authentication & integrity proctoring software installation enhances your company’s learning management platform. Online exam setup and reporting are a breeze with results displayed directly within your learning platform dashboard. Your instructors can configure online exams and certificate candidates’ tests on the same platform they’re already using.

In-depth reporting after the exam offers information about possible misconduct. Cut, copy, paste, right-click, and printing attempts are automatically logged within the proctoring software, along with test-taking activities, proctoring results, and webcam and desktop recordings.

Online test authentication and integrity data are sent directly to each instructor’s Honorlock dashboard for review. Every log file includes timestamps of suspicious activities and low, medium and high concern flags to make the review process efficient and reliable.

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Exclusive Exam Integrity Features
from Honorlock

Search and Destroy

Secure your test answers. Our online test proctoring software technology removes test content from the Internet, automatically.

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Multi Device Detection

Our award-winning, patented online test proctoring software detects mobile devices from searching test answers online.

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Live Pop-In™

Our automated proctoring software will prompt a live proctor to “Pop-in” to a student’s online exam session if suspicious behavior is displayed.

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Voice Detection

Online test proctoring software listens for keywords to identify possible acts of academic dishonesty and alerts a live remote proctor to intervene in real-time.

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Proctoring Software to Protect
Your Online Exams

Certification programs are ubiquitous in the digital marketing space, as well as IT, PMP and across other industries to support skill-building in engineering, coding, design and many other areas. Organizations offering training and exams must protect the integrity of their programs and process while opening them up to users across the globe. Our patented online test proctoring software maintains program integrity while providing extensive test-taker flexibility.

Honorlock’s proctoring software offers features like Multi-Device Detection to protect your certificate’s reputation and enhance the learning experience. Test-takers can’t hide a mobile device under their desk or out of view, and Browser Guard protects against online searches.

Provide Flexibility and
Protect Your Reputation

Our online exam proctoring is a game-changer for certifying organizations and test-takers. You need a remote proctor you can rely on to provide exam integrity without scheduling headaches, you need technology you can depend on, and you need a way to make sure test-takers aren’t gaming the system. At Honorlock, we have the solution you need to protect test-taker integrity and ensure that your program’s reputation remains strong.

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