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What causes student test anxiety

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Honorlock’s approach to online exam proctoring benefits the institution and the student. We create a better-proctored testing experience that supports faculty and students while protecting academic integrity and your reputation.

This 5-part eBook covers how to:

7-part plug & play template to find the right solution and save time.

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Part 1: RFP overview to vendors
The information vendors need from you to give the best responses.

Part 2: Vendor intro & experience
Critical information you need from vendors before technical questions.

Part 3: Proctoring features & functionality
In-depth questions to make sure the proctoring solution works with your existing technologies and does everything you need.

Part 4: Data security & privacy
Important questions to secure and protect your data.

Part 5: Support, implementation, & training
Questions to establish a quick, implementation and supportive experience for everyone.

Part 6: References
Make sure the right institutions recommend it.

Part 7: Pricing
Get a clear pricing proposal to help avoid variable costs and predict testing costs.

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