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Webinar: Reducing Student Test Anxiety During Online Proctored Assessments


In the ever-evolving world of online education, students are finding themselves testing under new circumstances that can add to their already existent test anxiety. Honorlock and the University of North Alabama partnered to conduct a detailed study on test anxiety and online proctoring. Learn about test anxiety drivers, how we can mitigate the impact of anxiety during exams, and help promote student success.

As you walk away from our webinar, you will have a clearer picture of:

  1. How the average student experiences test anxiety (even when they feel well prepared) and how to reduce test anxiety
  2. What role online proctoring has on your student’s emotions
  3. The vital role of the proctor and how they engage/interact with students
  4. The basic steps and information you can provide to students for test anxiety prevention and reduction.


Jordan Adair

VP of Product @Honorlock

Jordan began his career in education as an elementary and middle school teacher. After transitioning into educational technology he became focused on delivering products designed to empower instructors and improve the student experience.

Jill Simpson

Instructional Designer/Technologist,
University of North Alabama

Prior to her role as Instructional Designer/Technologist, Dr. Jill Simpson taught computer software courses for 15 years, with 10 of those years spent in the online environment. Now serving as the Instructional Designer/Technologist for the College of Business at the University of North Alabama (UNA), Dr. Simpson continues to teach online computer software classes for the BBA program, as well as an online foundational course for the MBA program. With an entirely online MBA program and many online BBA courses, the College of Business at UNA frequently strategizes how to optimize student learning and student satisfaction while maintaining the academic integrity of our online courses. Dr. Simpson’s role in this strategy is to research available technologies to determine which will meet our needs and then train faculty how to use it.

Jan Wilson

Organizational Development and
Learning Consultant

As an organizational development and learning consultant, Jan has provided strategic planning, process alignment, change management, curriculum development, and planning, as well as learning solutions to a variety of clients in pharma, healthcare, and state governments. Jan earned a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in information technology from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, as well as a Master of Education in Human Resource Development from Vanderbilt University, also in Nashville, Tennessee. Additionally, she has served as adjunct faculty at the Peabody School of Vanderbilt University.

What is Honorlock?

Honorlock provides easy to to use, secure online proctoring services to protect your exams and support students. 

We combine AI proctoring software and live test proctors to protect academic integrity with a human touch. 

Our online proctoring software monitors each student’s exam session for potential problems and alerts a live, US-based proctor to join the session in real-time to address possible dishonesty.

In addition to our blend of AI software and live test proctors, our proctoring software directly integrates with your LMS and provides additional features such as detecting cell phone use and voices, video proctoring, browser lockdown, no exam scheduling, ID verification, and 24/7 support.