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University of Florida Student Testimonial Video

Recent graduate, Madi Kuokos, used several online proctoring platforms during her education at the University of Florida and she encountered similar issues with each:

  • The online proctoring platform was difficult to use
  • They were invasive and distracting
  • Getting support was a hassle

Then, she used Honorlock for the first time and realized it was different than other online proctoring platforms. She found Honorlock easy to use, less distracting, and getting support was quick and easy.

“Honorlock was a lot less invasive and less glitchy. It felt way more seamless and creates an easier testing experience. It just lets you take your test without any interruptions,” Madi said.

That’s because, unlike many online proctoring companies, Honorlock is focused on more than catching cheating. Honorlock creates a better testing experience that supports students while protecting academic integrity. 

“Honorlock is my favorite online proctoring platform because it feels really friendly and not invasive. It allows me to be able to perform my best and not have any anxiety surrounding my exam.” 

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