Satisfy Accreditation and Integrity Standards with Honorlock

April 16th, at 2pm EST

How can you streamline identity and attendance verification to meet state, federal, and accreditation requirements while maintaining exam integrity? Coastal Alabama Community College solved these challenges by leveraging an Honorlock proctored quiz in every course. 

Join Lee Conerly, Director of Academic Instruction, as she shares how Honorlock helped solve Coastal Alabama’s R2T4 funding audit challenges, improve accessibility, and heighten test taker accountability. Honorlock experts will dive deeper into features and actionable insights that support success.

You will learn:

  • How to provide flexibility and accessibility for students without sacrificing academic integrity
  • A method to streamline identity and attendance verification 
  • How to heighten accountability for test takers with scalable live proctoring, enhanced by AI


Lee Conerly
Director of Academic Instruction at Coastal Alabama Community College

Building on her experiences in the secondary and higher education classrooms, Dr. Lee O. Conerly approaches her role as Director of Academic Instruction at Coastal Alabama Community College with her classroom foundation in mind. For years. Dr. Conerly learned from students in a variety of composition, literature, and leadership courses and was energized by watching them grow personally and professionally. In her leadership role, she enjoys viewing her colleagues through a similar lens as she works closely with faculty to analyze SLOs, implement initiatives from the Strategic Plan, and remain in compliance with accreditation agencies. Dr. Conerly serves as the Vice President of the Instructional Administrators Association and shares her doctoral research through educational forums as she helps educators better understand the veteran student population.

Matt Schreiber
Sr. Solutions Engineer at Honorlock

Matt Schreiber, boasting a six-year tenure in higher education, is not just an academic enthusiast but also an avid golfer and sports lover. His zest for exploration extends beyond the classroom, with a penchant for traveling, creating a dynamic and multifaceted individual.

WEBINAR: VPAT, Accessibility Conformance Reports, and Developing Alternate Access Plans

Colleges and universities have legal obligations and institutional goals to ensure technology is accessible to all users. However, most technology is not completely accessible. By reviewing information and communication technology (ICT) products for accessibility conformance, institutions can be part of the collective efforts to reduce the accessibility barriers for students, faculty, and staff, anywhere the products are used. In this session, participants will learn: how a product’s VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) and ACR (Accessibility Conformance Report) can help an institution develop an alternate access plan and ensure the institution is taking steps towards achieving Section 508 compliance.

  • Participants will be able to describe the terms Section 508 standards, VPAT, ACR, and Equally Effective Alternate Access Plan.
  • Participants will be able to list six (6) types of accessibility conformance reviews.
  • Participants will be able to determine if a VPAT or ACR is relevant to an accessibility conformance review.
  • Participants will be able to describe how the information in a VPAT or ACR can be used to develop an alternate access plan.


Nicolás M. Crisosto

Nicolás M. CrisostoAccessibility Specialist at a California Community College

Nicolás M. Crisosto is the Accessibility Specialist at a California Community College and has been an Education and Technology consultant since 2003. He reviews technology as a certified Trusted Tester, evaluates VPAT or ACR documentation, and recommends alternate access plans as part of an institution’s information and communication technology compliance review process. Nicolás works with companies and non-profit organizations to implement solutions for accessibility challenges. He provides training for faculty members and staff on a variety of topics including web accessibility, creating accessible documents (Word, PDFs, and forms), and reviewing accessibility documentation for Section 508 and WCAG conformance.

Bandit, Nicolas’ guide dog, is an accessibility advocate who enjoys playing fetch, taking naps, and traveling with his human.