Intellum & Honorlock Certification Proctoring Solution for Customer and Partner Education

Combined, AI-driven proctoring and the industry’s leading learning platform protect the integrity of high-value professional certifications.

ATLANTA, Ga., and BOCA RATON, Fla., May 11, 2021Intellum, the leading customer education platform, and Honorlock, the leading online exam proctoring solution, today announced the first fully-integrated certification solution designed for corporate training and education programs. Organizations that certify an individual’s level of knowledge or proficiency in an industry or profession are now able to leverage Honorlock’s AI-based online exam proctoring and cheating mitigation software to further ensure the integrity of the certification programs that are designed and delivered on the Intellum Platform. 

Intellum provides clients with an all-in-one solution for authoring, presenting, managing, tracking, and continuously improving customer, partner, and employee learning initiatives at scale, which often include high-stakes, legally defensible certifications. Honorlock’s proprietary in-browser technology leverages AI to monitor user behavior through head movement, mobile-device engagement, and voice detection. If Honorlock detects potential cheating, a live proctor is alerted to intervene in real-time to ensure the integrity of the certification exam.

With e-learning expected to grow by $247 billion from 2020 to 2024, enterprises are increasingly offering a tuned-in, remote professional audience with certification programs      designed to help improve proficiency with the tools or services they offer. In a growing number of industries, these certifications are employment prerequisites.

“When structured and delivered correctly, certification programs can make a big impact on an organization’s ability to drive business outcomes through education. But scaling high-value certifications that require some form of proctoring can be extremely challenging, especially during a global pandemic and a work-from-home scenario,” said Chip Ramsey, CEO of Intellum. “The Honorlock and Intellum integration now gives organizations a more modern and secure alternative for certifying customers, partners, employees, members, individuals working in a specific industry, or the general public.”

As a result of the deep integration with Honorlock, Intellum clients get all of the benefits of executing a live “brick-and-mortar” proctored exam without the cost or logistics associated with scheduling in-person testing on the national or global level. Honorlock’s unique browser-based approach ensures that there is no disruption to the user experience in the Intellum Platform, which further supports the ability for clients to offer and promote on-demand certifications that learners can complete at any time, from anywhere. 

“Digital certification programs are ubiquitous in industries that need to support skill-building in cloud technologies, data and analytics platforms, digital marketing, and other areas,” said Michael Hemlepp, CEO, Honorlock. “Organizations offering training and exams must protect the integrity of the programs and process while opening them up to users across the globe. By combining the strengths of Honorlock and Intellum, we make that possible.”     

Click here to learn more about Intellum and Honorlock’s integrated solution, as well as to register for a co-hosted webinar on Thursday, May 13, from 1-2pm ET, featuring presentations from Honorlock and Intellum’s certifications experts. 

About Intellum

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About Honorlock

Honorlock provides exam proctoring services for certification and licensure exams and to higher education institutions of all sizes. 

Honorlock combines AI proctoring software with live proctors to protect exam integrity while creating a less invasive test environment.

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