What motivates you to wake up every morning and make an impact at Honorlock?

Gratitude. At first, it was gratitude that there was a paying, safe job hiring during the pandemic. Then it was gratitude that I would be working with people that were hard workers but fun to talk to. My gratitude now is for a job that could become a career and for a team (and often clients) who appreciate the work I do and the person I am.

What are your main responsibilities at Honorlock?

My main responsibilities are assisting professors with any errors they might encounter. This can be anything from introducing them to our product, troubleshooting real errors, or helping them to better understand the LMS that hosts their course.

What has been your favorite project so far?

So far, my favorite project has been training the new hires for the Admin team. I have always loved teaching and training and was grateful to be allowed to help in the training process for new admin team members.

What’s something most people at Honorlock don’t know about you?

I have dyed my hair every color of the rainbow and then some. Fairly conservative with my hair now, but I have had some funky dos.

What do you love most about being part of the Honorlock team?

The team. It’s weird working and developing relationships with people that I have never seen in real life but my team definitely makes the job that much better. We seem to be a diverse team, with multiple different life experiences/paths and that has allowed for some invigorating conversations.

How has your career grown since starting at Honorlock?

I started with Honorlock in September of 2020 as a contracted Student Support agent. In November of the same year, I was asked to move over to the Admin team as a full-time employee. Just last month, I was able to assist with the training of two new Admin agents.

What are you most excited about in your future with Honorlock?

I think the growth potential. I feel very valued for the work that I do with this company and truly believe that if I continue to work hard that I can have an upward career path in Honorlock. I would have never thought that this would be the work I would land in (my family has expressed some shock, as well) but am excited to see a job become a career.