Online Proctoring for High-Stakes Certifications

Online proctored assessments for professional and corporate certifications – available anywhere, anytime.

Expand & Scale Certification Programs with Remote Proctoring

The shift to remote work and online learning has opened up unlimited possibilities for individuals who want to expand their skills and career opportunities and for organizations to drive better business outcomes through certifications. Therefore, if you’re offering certifications, you need a convenient, secure, and reliable way to protect assessment integrity.

Organizations can confidently expand certification testing to a larger audience of potential online learners across the globe with Honorlock’s online proctoring software.

Decrease the overhead costs of certification testing and expand the reach of your corporate programs by proctoring online exams with Honorlock.

Protect Your Online Certification Assessments

Valuable time and resources are devoted to creating your course materials, which is why protecting your assessment questions and answers is paramount. Honorlock’s online proctoring software provides an additional layer of test protection from beginning to end to make sure that online certification test takers aren’t gaming the system.

Safeguard Exam Content

Honorlock’s proctoring software can help deter test-takers from sharing your proprietary certification and licensure exam content.

Authenticate Test-takers

Ensure the person taking your exam is the same as the person awarded your professional certification with virtual ID checks.

Room Security

Ensure only allowed materials (notes, apps, books, etc.) are at the learner’s disposal during licensure and certification tests by requiring a 360-degree room scan.

Provide Flexibility & Support

Meet today’s learners where they are. Their busy schedules call for a certification program that provides them with the flexibility to test when and where they want.


Traveling to a designated certification testing center is a barrier for many candidates. Avoid the travel requirement with Honorlock’s on-demand remote proctoring solution.

No Scheduling Required

With Honorlock’s remote proctoring solution, learners can take certification tests in the comfort of their own home or during their office lunch hour with no scheduling required.

24 / 7 / 365 

Always available dedicated support staff for your test-takers via live chat, and email. Our support agents are there to help troubleshoot issues and answer any questions during the proctored certification exam.

Integrate Remote Proctoring With Your Learning Platform

Honorlock’s online proctoring software integrates with your learning platform to provide fast and easy access for course designers, instructors, and learners for companies and professional associations that offer professional certifications in:

  • Digital advertising & marketing
  • Information technology
  • Project management
  • Data and analytics platforms
  • Cloud & SaaS technology & infrastructure vendors

Exclusive Exam Integrity 
Features from Honorlock

Easy Setup For Proctored Testing

Honorlock’s user-friendly platform makes it easy for instructors to set up proctored certification exams and choose which features to use - and it’s just as easy for the test taker. They’ll simply log in, authenticate ID, and begin the exam.

Proctor Exams In The Learning Platform

Test-takers launch the proctored certification exams within the learning platform and activity is monitored via microphone and webcam. A live, human proctor will pop in via chat if misconduct is detected.

Quick, Actionable Reporting

In-depth results are displayed directly within your Honorlock dashboard, along with webcam and desktop recordings. Results of the proctored exams include timestamps of suspicious behavior and low, medium, and high concern flags to streamline the review process.

Provide Flexibility and Protect Your Reputation

Safeguard your reputation while providing extensive test-taker flexibility and support with Honorlock’s patented test proctoring software for online certification platforms.

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