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AI in Higher Education Assessment: Balancing Opportunities and Challenges for Academic Integrity


June 25, 2024  2:00pm – 3:00pm (ET)

As AI continues to evolve, higher education institutions face the dual challenge of leveraging this technology to improve assessment and grading while safeguarding academic integrity. This webinar will explore AI’s transformative potential, addressing both its benefits and risks. Featuring insights from Inside Higher Ed’s 2024 Survey of College and University Chief Academic Officers, we will delve into key questions and findings, particularly those related to AI’s impact on academic policies and practices.

Webinar Takeaways:

  • Understanding AI’s Impact: Learn how AI is changing assessment and grading and its implications for educators.
  • AI Policy Development: Should institutions develop new, specific AI policies or modify existing academic integrity guidelines?
  • Faculty Training Best Practices: Learn practical strategies to train faculty on AI use, balancing mandatory and optional use approaches.
  • Future of AI in Higher Ed: See how AI can help teachers and students and what schools can do to get ready for it.



Darcy Hardy
Founder and Chief Strategist of The Hardy Group, and former AVP for Academic Affairs, and Director of the Anthology Education and Research Center

Kevin Corcoran
Assistant Vice Provost of the Center for Distributed Learning, University of Central Florida

Jordan Adair
VP of Product at Honorlock


Doug Lederman
Editor and co-founder of Inside Higher Ed, and co-editor of the 2024 Survey of College and University Chief Academic Officers, published by Inside Higher Ed