Honorlock customers can now proctor exams administered by third-party exam services. 

BOCA RATON, Fla, September 10, 2019 – Honorlock, a cloud-based proctoring solution that is transforming how education institutions protect the academic integrity of online courses and assessments, today announced it has launched Universal Third-Party Exam Integration allowing customers to effectively proctor exams taken in third-party education systems.

As the popularity of online education continues to grow, many schools and universities use third-party education systems to expand and enhance their online courses and assessments. Honorlock’s Universal Third-Party Integration allows customers to launch and customize these exams from within their LMS and activate proctoring of these exams to protect academic integrity.

“When faculty need to administer exams outside of their LMS, they want solutions that provide effective evaluation while preventing the possibility for academic dishonesty,” said Michael Hemlepp, CEO of Honorlock. “Honorlock has developed a system that makes it seamless for both faculty and students.”

Honorlock’s Universal Third-Party Exam functionality is the latest innovation from the company. Other exclusive features include Secondary Device Detection which detects a student’s use of a mobile phone or tablet during an assessment, and Search and Destroy, which removes unauthorized test content from websites making the content inaccessible to students taking online exams.

About Honorlock

Honorlock is revolutionizing the way education institutions protect the academic integrity of their online courses and assessments. Used by three of the 10 largest universities in the US, Honorlock’s proprietary features provide educators with the assurance that their test is protected, and students with the flexibility of proctored exams whenever and wherever they need it. Honorlock is dedicated to providing world-class service and support 24/7/365. www.honorlock.com.