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Industry Academy Empowers Professionals with Proctoring

Honorlock integration with Industry Academy empowers interactive and credible learning experiences for industry professionals

Honorlock’s Open APIs enable Industry Academy to efficiently integrate remote proctoring solutions on its Union Training Learning Management System, enhancing the integrity and effectiveness of its educational programs.

Industry Academy (IA), a renowned online learning platform that delivers educational courses to oil, gas, and construction industry professionals, integrated Honorlock’s remote proctoring solution within its Union Training LMS platform using Honorlock’s Open API developer toolkit.

The seamless integration with Honorlock’s remote proctoring platform allows IA to deliver interactive learning experiences, manage training programs, and track learner progress while improving the efficiency of IA’s educational programs and maintaining the credibility and security of exams.

Honorlock’s proctoring integration has further bolstered IA’s Union Training LMS platform to support industry professionals’ career advancement. Test-takers now have the convenience of launching Honorlock’s proctoring platform from within the familiar environment of IA’s Union Training LMS, ensuring a streamlined and secure examination process. This integration saves time and effort for learners, allowing them to focus on their assessments without distractions.

Additionally, IA and Union administrators gain the ability to quickly analyze proctoring results within their custom-branded and developed LMS. Honorlock simplifies the task of ensuring the integrity and fairness of assessments, providing administrators with valuable insights to maintain the credibility of EIA’s educational programs.

“Having developed our Union Training LMS using Adobe Learning Manager’s API, the development team at BuildYourSite did a phenomenal job integrating Honorlock to bring our proprietary UI into great form. Honorlock’s API documentation was clear, their Dev and Support teams were engaged in the details of the integration, and the Honorlock software is far more user friendly than any of our previous three online proctoring providers. We look forward to continuing to enjoy the efficiency, reliability, and adaptability of being partnered with the team that simply understands what online proctoring is all about for its customers and their test takers,” said Chris Black, Managing Director at Energy Industry Academy.

“The integration with Honorlock and IA within their Union Training LMS platform is an exciting milestone for us, as it allows our mutual client Industry Academy to seamlessly administer their proctored exams using our Open APIs,” said Michael Hemlepp, Honorlock CEO. “This collaboration enhances our ability to provide a streamlined and interactive learning experience for IA learners, further solidifying our commitment to their success.”

Honorlock is proud to support Industry Academy in its mission to empower professionals with the necessary skills for career growth. The integration of Honorlock’s remote proctoring software and service ensures the integrity and credibility of IA’s assessments allowing learners to demonstrate their knowledge and proficiency with confidence.

For more information on Honorlock and its comprehensive remote proctoring, please visit www.honorlock.com/custom-integrations

About Industry Academy

Industry Academy provides its proprietary Union Training LMS to Labor Unions of all Membership sizes. Each Union is provided its own private, custom-branded platform allowing as much (or as little) Union Instructor involvement in the administration of online training as desired. Under the guidance and review of Union Instructors and/or designated Subject Matter Experts, IA provides custom online course development services to help bring the unparalleled in-person training material of your Union to a simple, reliable, and effective online training format. With capabilities in building high levels of interactivity and accountability with SCORM, xAPI, HD/4K Video Demonstrations, 360 Video, 3D animating, and mobile learning, IA understands the level of detail required to instruct Union Members on the responsibilities of their job tasks. Having successfully completed online course work, Union Members arrive at the Union facility with a far deeper understanding of the theory, fundamentals, and expectations of them, allowing Union Instructors to spend more time with their hands on the equipment learning what their job responsibilities entail. 

Chris Black, Managing Director | CB4@industryacademy.com | 877.435.4696 ext. 1

About Honorlock

Honorlock provides online proctoring for corporate and higher education. We’re dedicated to creating a better assessment experience for corporations and businesses of all shapes and sizes and higher education institutions. Our combination of AI exam monitoring with live proctoring creates a better exam experience where learners can focus on showing what they know rather than dealing with distractions and clunky software.

Honorlock’s remote proctoring tools

From cell phone detection and blocking AI tools like ChatGPT to voice detection and locking the browser down, Honorlock’s remote proctoring tools have everything you need to protect exam integrity. In addition to our custom integrations, Honorlock’s remote proctoring platform integrates with Blackboard Learn, Canvas by Instructure, D2L Brightspace, Moodle, and Intellum.

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