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Honorlock Named as Preferred Online Proctoring Solution for ACCS

Honorlock to support Alabama Community College System institutions with access to the leading proctoring solution to strengthen academic integrity, greatly improve accessibility and provide actionable insights

BOCA RATON, Fla. (July 2, 2024) – Honorlock, a leading online proctoring service for higher education and professional credentialing organizations, has been selected as the preferred proctoring solution for the Alabama Community College System (ACCS). This system consists of 24 public community and technical colleges, including the Alabama Technology Network, and Marion Military Institute – one of five junior military colleges in the nation.

Honorlock enables ACCS system members to easily implement remote exam proctoring that allows students to take exams from anywhere, whether they are on or off-campus. This provides flexibility, convenience, and increased accessibility while protecting exam integrity and the reputation of instructors and the colleges.

Honorlock secures assessments using a combination of human and AI proctoring technology, enables live proctors to assist and support test takers if issues arise, and allows candidates to complete online exams at their convenience from any location.

“The ACCS has a large footprint across Alabama with schools covering a wide range of student learners,” said Michael Hemlepp, CEO of Honorlock. “Honorlock is pleased to partner with them to provide an online proctoring solution that will uphold academic integrity while creating greater access for students in rural areas and providing flexibility for all student needs.”

The shift to Honorlock is part of a systemwide initiative focused on transforming and upholding academic integrity of the learning experience and increasing student success. This system includes community and technical colleges with 130 locations across the state, providing 2-to-4-year transfer programs, dual enrollment, technical training, adult education, and community education for Alabama residents. Some degree and certification programs within the system are available entirely online.

“As we continue working to modernize and strengthen our edtech tools for student learners, we’re pleased to add Honorlock to our tool kit,” said Ben Rosebrock, Vice Chancellor for Information Technology at the Alabama Community College System. “We evaluated several proctoring solutions and selected Honorlock as the best solution for our colleges to uphold academic integrity while supporting student success and outcomes.” 

Honorlock was already used by several ACCS member schools, including Coastal Alabama Community College. Since its implementation, Honorlock has improved remote testing, making it more effective, convenient, and accessible. It allows all students, from high school to fully online and on-campus students, to take tests securely and privately, including those in low-bandwidth areas or using Chromebooks. Honorlock’s proctoring software also streamlines identity and attendance verification for accreditation and federal funding requirements.

About Honorlock

Honorlock protects exam integrity for higher education institutions and professional credentialing organizations by combining human proctors with AI to deliver scalable, on-demand proctoring. Honorlock delivers secure assessments while supporting test takers and empowering them with the flexibility and convenience of taking their online proctored exams without scheduling whenever they feel ready.

About ACCS

Alabama’s community and technical colleges were merged into one system May 3, 1963, when legislators laid the groundwork for a unified system of institutions to focus on accessible training in “arts and sciences and in useful skills and trades” for current and future labor needs. Sixty years have passed, but that important cause remains the singular purpose of the Alabama Community College System (ACCS). 

With 24 community and technical colleges in more than 130 locations and an economic impact of $6.6 billion, the ACCS is Alabama’s gateway to first-class, affordable education and technical training to compete in a constantly evolving workforce. An estimated 155,000 Alabamians benefit from the various certification, credential, dual enrollment and degree programs the ACCS offers alongside leading industry partners. The System includes the Alabama Technology Network, which provides extensive training and service offerings directly to business and industry, and the ACCS Innovation Center, which provides rapid skills training through its Skills for Success program. The ACCS is governed by the Alabama Community College System Board of Trustees.

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