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Controlling AI in Online Education: Test Tips & Tech


Blocking AI tools like ChatGPT was a knee-jerk reaction for many educators. This quick fix stems from valid concerns about learners using these tools to gain an unfair advantage.

However, completely blocking them is a double-edged sword. While it helps prevent misuse, it also means your courses are missing out on the benefits AI tools can bring to online learning.

But what if you could have the best of both worlds? Using their benefits at times, like interactive course activities, and blocking them at other times, like during online exams.

Join Moodle and Honorlock Tuesday, August 8th at 2pm ET to learn about how to control the use of AI tools in online education.

Moodle’s flexible learning platform and Honorlock’s powerful proctoring software give higher education and corporate instructors the ability to use AI to create a better learning environment that maximizes learning opportunities and minimizes risks.

Key takeaways

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to use AI tools to create better course content and interactive online learning activities
  • The risks of AI tools: security and academic integrity
  • Practical instructional design tips to improve exam questions
  • How to use Moodle’s learning platform and Honorlock’s proctoring software to control the use of AI tools

Webinar speakers

Jordan Adair
VP of Product at Honorlock

Jordan leads Honorlock’s product development initiatives to empower instructors and improve the learning experience. He began his career in education as an elementary and middle school teacher. Jordan has a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.), Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations from Florida Atlantic University.

Jeff Hamons, M.Ed.
Sales Executive at Moodle

Jeff Hamons (he/him) shines as a Sales Executive, drawing on 18 years of experience as an elementary education teacher and a track record of establishing thriving businesses. A proud Baker University alum with a Master of Education, Jeff masterfully blends his passion for education with entrepreneurial know-how. His Moodle expertise has assisted hundreds of organizations in tackling their distinct learning challenges.

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