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WEBINAR: Surviving Remote Teaching: Top 5 Things You Need to Know


Until now, the idea that nearly every class in HigherEd would be taught online seemed improbable. In just a few weeks, that idea became a reality as almost every college and university moved face-to-face classes to “remote instruction” in response to the ongoing health crisis. The initial approach was to “make it work” –– to keep the flow of the learning already taking place so that students could complete their courses despite the disruption. But as we all transition into an uncertain Fall, we can now start applying the proven fundamentals of quality online instruction and remote teaching strategies to our emergency response efforts. In this session, we will explore some fundamentals of online learning and explore some of the lessons learned in the recent rapid move to remote instruction to help foster successful online learning.

After this session, you will be able to:

1. Recall evidence-based practices in online teaching
2. Identify ways to integrate evidence-based practices to your course design
3. Describe ways FERPA & Accessibility policies apply in the online courses


Gabriela Alvarez

Director of Learning Design and Innovation at Florida International University

Gabriela Alvarez is the Director of Learning Design and Innovation at Florida International University, where she leads a team of over 100 learning design professionals who partner with faculty and industry subject matter experts to create meaningful online learning experiences. She is also a Faculty Fellow in the Honors College at FIU, where she teaches two seminar courses. Gaby holds a Master of Science in Adult Education and Human Resource Development, a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Consensus Building, all from Florida International University.