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Webinar: Evaluating Technology Vendors


In this digital age, higher education institutions are evaluating an increasing number of new technologies within online and hybrid learning environments. But are they doing all they can to ensure their technology partners are meeting security and privacy standards?

This webinar will guide you through what security really means in 2022 and how the confidentiality-integrity-availability (CIA) triad plays an important role in evaluating security. Additionally, you’ll learn how to assess your technology partners for secure practices and how to identify vendors that are actively fostering a security-first culture.

By the end of this entertaining and informative presentation, you will have the information you need to ensure that all of your third-party technology meets the highest security and privacy standards.


  • Formulate a clear picture of what security in the higher education space means
  • Develop a game plan for assessing technology vendors before implementing
  • Establish a set of guidelines to ensure the technology vendor shares the same security-first culture as your institution


Paul Morales

Paul MoralesSVP Information Security

Article & cheatsheet: How secure is online proctoring software?

The security of online proctoring software is crucial for institutions and test takers because they want to know that their data is protected and private. Read about online proctoring software and services security.

It’s important to remember that the online proctoring company you work with becomes your partner because their security becomes your security. 

One thing to remember is that there’s no magic wand when it comes to security. Furthermore, there’s no destination; it’s an ongoing effort that is constantly evolving. It requires organizations to improve both proactive and reactive defenses.

Honorlock believes that every online proctoring company needs to focus on privacy and security practices and that’s why we’re sharing these insights as we improve. 

This article covers:

  • The CIA Triad of security
  • Security best practices for online proctoring companies
  • Online proctoring services compared: what to look for when vetting companies
  • Security assessment for online proctoring service vendors
  • Privacy & security technologies for online proctoring companies services
  • Overview on privacy & security practices at Honorlock

We also provide you with a downloadable cheatsheet that includes example security questions you should ask online proctoring companies. Read the article & download the cheatsheet.