Honorlock Search and Destroy™

Protect your exam questions and content

Faculty spend a lot of time creating quality exam content. It’s often surprising and frustrating to find out how quick and easy it is for students to find and share test content on the internet.

Instructors want to know when their test questions are shared online and they want clear actions they can take to ensure their exams are fair and secure. 

That’s why we created Search & Destroy™.

Identify leaked content and take action

Honorlock’s Search & Destroy technology searches the internet to identify exam questions that have been shared online and if leaked exam questions are found, instructors are given simple steps to take control of their exams’ integrity. Search & Destroy provides an added layer of content protection and insights into the uniqueness and quality of exam questions.

How does it work?


Searches the Web

Honorlock’s Search & Destroy technology searches the web to identify exam questions that have been shared online.


Instructors Review Results

Search results are displayed for instructors when exam questions have been compromised online.


Instructors Take Action

Instructors can choose to update their exam questions or send content takedown requests (when applicable).

Quick to enable and removes the manual effort

Search and Destroy is triggered as soon as Honorlock is enabled for an exam. Unlike using technology from other proctoring services, instructors using Search and Destroy typically won’t have to deal with the hassle of manually selecting which questions they would like to search for. In just a few minutes, Search and Destroy searches all questions included on the exam.

“One of the unexpected features that has surprised and delighted our faculty is Search and Destroy.”
Dr. Juliette Mersiowsky
Former Director of Distance Education and Digital Education Collaborative at Longwood University

Transparent results in a simple format

Search and Destroy shows the search results by grouping the exam questions into one of three categories: At-Risk, Common, and Unique.

By grouping questions into categories, instructors can clearly identify exam content that has been posted on third-party sites so they can take action and improve the quality of their assessment.

Honorlock provides an easy, one-click option to send DMCA takedown requests for all valid questions. 

Empowers instructors to take action with one click

With one simple click, Honorlock’s Search & Destroy gives instructors the power to send takedown requests to the sites displaying their compromised questions. Instructors are able to take control of their exam integrity and uphold student, instructor, and institutional credibility.

Honorlock online proctoring customer
“The features Honorlock had to offer blew everyone else out of the water; Search and Destroy and Multi-device Detection made us realize that we had to get this product.”
Cody Moyer, M.Ed.
Director of Learning Technology at Polk State College

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