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Honorlock Partners with Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education to Provide Online Learning Proctoring Solution

BOCA RATON, Fla. (March 29, 2022)Honorlock is a remote proctoring company that is transforming how education institutions protect the academic integrity of online courses and assessments, today announced a partnership with the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. This partnership provides Oklahoma’s 25 public institutions the ability to partner with Honorlock as their preferred online proctoring solution.

The Honorlock partnership provides a unique, pre-negotiated agreement that will allow Oklahoma public institutions to easily implement remote proctoring for exams in response to the ongoing transition to online learning models. Institutions using remote exam proctoring are better able to focus on the teaching and success of students while maintaining academic integrity, privacy and data security. 

Honorlock is one of the most sophisticated remote proctoring tools available. Its software goes beyond the standard lockdown browser, to focus on the student experience and student success. Honorlock’s Live Pop-in™ technology combines the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) with live remote proctors to help protect online exams, reduce student test anxiety, and empower students and faculty.

“Honorlock is all about aligning the interests of test-takers, instructors and institutions,” said Michael Hemlepp, CEO of Honorlock. “Partnering with the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education provides easy and immediate access to industry-leading proctoring for all its brands and shows that Oklahoma is committed to creating optimal flexibility and integrity for all students.”

More than 300 institutions already partner with Honorlock for remote proctoring, including Eastern Oklahoma State College, Carl Albert State College, Tulsa Community College, and more.

“As we continue working to strengthen online education, we’re pleased to add the partnership with Honorlock to our portfolio of managed contracts. This agreement offers an excellent solution for online proctoring services to Oklahoma’s higher education institutions,” said Chancellor Allison D. Garrett, chief executive officer for the Oklahoma state system of higher education.

Oklahoma public institutions interested in learning more about the exam proctoring Honorlock partnership can contact OneNet, the State Regents’ digital communications initiative, or schedule a demo with Honorlock.

About Honorlock Remote Proctoring

Honorlock’s remote proctoring is revolutionizing the way academic and enterprise institutions enable equity in online courses and exams. Our purpose is to uphold honesty and integrity. We focus on reaffirming the trust we have in students while assuring integrity for the institution, each instructor’s knowledge and value, and the exams themselves.

About the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education are the coordinating board of control for the state system of higher education, which is comprised of 25 colleges and universities – including two research universities, 10 regional universities, one public liberal arts university and 12 community colleges – and 11 constituent agencies and one university center. Among other responsibilities, the State Regents prescribe academic standards of higher education; determine functions and courses of study at state colleges and universities; grant degrees; set tuition and fees within the limits established by the Oklahoma Legislature; approve institutional allocations; and manage numerous scholarships and special programs. Visit www.okhighered.org to learn more.