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The Future is AI: How to Embrace it while Protecting Academic Integrity


Higher education has been met with disruptions throughout history and educators have risen to the challenge to ensure student and institutional success. AI is changing the educational landscape and educators are called upon once again to navigate uncharted territory. 

AI tools, such as ChatGPT and Transcript, aren’t just a trend. How can educators leverage AI tools to help create engaging and unique exam content without sacrificing academic integrity?

In this session, you’ll learn to:

  1.  Identify and even block when needed, AI chat tools
  2. Explore the benefits and drawbacks of leveraging AI tools in your online assessments
  3. Learn practical tips for crafting exam questions that make AI tools less effective

Webinar speakers

Paul Morales
SVP of Information Security and Technology

Paul Morales, with over 15 years of experience, currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Information Security and Technology at the leading EdTech firm, Honorlock. His career began in Higher Ed Consulting, transitioning into EdTech in 2014. He later diversified into the aviation and defense, and healthcare sectors, playing pivotal roles in steering technology strategies. Known for his expertise in Information Security, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence, Paul adeptly blends traditional systems analysis with modern approaches. His journey reflects a deep commitment to leveraging technology for operational excellence across various industry domains.

David Jero
Regional Sales Director for Honorlock

David Jero is a Regional Director at Honorlock. He has 20 years of experience helping colleges and universities solve problems and make progress toward critical initiatives. He has a passion for effective thought leadership in higher education. David is excited to make a positive impact and help to increase equitability and access to higher education for everyone.