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What Your Proctor Wants You to Know: 4 Keys to Student Exam Success

Whether you’re new to the format of online exams or just need a refresher, you may have questions about how Honorlock proctored exams work and how you can be your very best for testing. Two of our proctors, Corey and Sa’ed, are here to answer your questions and give you some of their top online test taking tips!

How does the exam work?

You’ll start the exam from your school’s LMS. Keep in mind, all exams have different levels of security, which are customized by your instructor. If you are taking a high stakes exam (like your midterm or final), you can assume that as soon as you begin, your browser will be locked so you can’t access unauthorized information. You’ll be asked to present an ID so we can verify your identity, and then we’ll have you complete a 360 room scan to make sure there aren’t any notes left out or friends in the room. At this point, you’ll be off to the races! The only reason we’ll interrupt you with a Live Pop-In is if our system detects that something might be amiss. 

What is a Live Proctor Pop-In?

Live Pop-In is how our proctors connect with you if our artificial intelligence software detects a potential incidence of academic dishonesty. This could be another person in the room, the use of a secondary display or mobile device, your face going off-screen, or wearing hats, headphones or hoodies. When our proctors pop in, your exam will pause and the exam content will be hidden from view and then a chat box will open so you can communicate with your proctor. We chose to interact with students via chat versus face-to-face video based on student feedback that video felt invasive and creepy. Don’t worry, if you would rather just communicate with us verbally you can do that too. 

Can my proctor see and hear me during the exam?

Yes, they can. For the most part, however, you will be monitored by technology that will alert a proctor if a problem arises. 

When can I take my exam?

Whenever you’re ready! (Well, within your instructor’s deadlines, of course.) Our solution is available on-demand, so there’s no need to schedule a proctor to take your exam. If you’re ready to go at 3 am on Thanksgiving, all you need to do is start. We’ll be ready for you! Because of our deep integration with your LMS, our proprietary algorithms are able to predict the number of exams, the number of students and the time of day exams will be taken, which allows us to ensure we are always adequately staffed.

Do you have any exam tips?

  1. Trust us. We are on your side. We know what it’s like to be a student, and we know how stressful exams can be. Our goal is for the testing process to be as smooth as possible—from the comfort of your own home.
  2. Don’t start your exam at the last minute. There’s always a possibility that you’ll run into technical difficulties, and that can add to the stress. Give yourself enough leeway before the due date to take the exam.
  3. Study your material. Our artificial intelligence (and our proctors) are pretty smart—you’ll have a hard time getting much of anything past them. Your best bet when preparing for an exam is to study hard so you don’t have to resort to academic dishonesty and risk getting caught.
  4. Pay close attention to the exam guidelines. Live Pop-Ins can be disruptive to your exam experience and we try to keep them to a minimum, but we need your help in following directions. Make sure you’re in full view of the camera and make sure you’re alone in the room. (We’d hate to interrupt you because our system detects someone talking in the background when it’s just a roommate or sibling walking behind you.) Following the rules will help ensure that you don’t invite any unnecessary interruptions.

What if I’m having technical difficulties?

You can access our support team 24/7/365. You also have access to Support from the chat window before, during, and after the exam. The way we build our tool, once you log in we have access to who you are, your device info, and where you are in the LMS or Exam. This helps us troubleshoot the issue quicker, which means we get you back focused on your exam faster. We wish you all the best on your exams!

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