Online exams can be stressful for students. And online proctoring can amplify that stress if it isn’t used correctly. Instead of focusing on the exam itself, the wrong approach to proctoring can lead to more questions and concerns that can negatively impact their performance.

  • How does online proctoring work?
  • What if I need to reschedule my exam?
  • Do I have to download software?
  • Will they think I’m cheating if I talk to myself?
  • Does a stranger watch me the whole time?
  • What if my internet is too slow?

Catching cheating vs improving the student experience

Online proctoring is just a way to catch cheating, right? It shouldn’t be. 

Catching student cheating is the focus for many online proctoring companies, but Honorlock goes far beyond that. Honorlock takes a student-first approach to online proctoring that focuses on improving the testing experience while still protecting academic integrity. 

Simply put, Honorlock makes things easy for students, and it just works. 

How does Honorlock improve the student testing experience?

Quick summary of how Honorlock works:

  • Honorlock’s blended proctoring solution combines AI with human proctors
  • AI monitors exams and alerts a human proctor if it detects potentially problematic behavior. 
  • The proctor can review student behavior in an analysis window and decide whether to intervene and redirect the student or not.

Image showing a pop quiz asking how much does your proctoring service charge students for extra exam time?

Students can take exams 24/7/365 (no rescheduling fees)

Honorlock allows students to take exams 24/7/365 and they won’t be charged a fee for canceling the exam or for exams that take longer to complete. 

Unfortunately, some companies charge students if they cancel an exam within a certain time frame before it starts. Even worse, in some cases, students have to pay for exams by the hour. This means paying more money for longer exams.

No online proctoring software to download

Honorlock’s online proctoring software is browser-based, which means students won’t have to download any software to take the exam. 

Easy to set up & no extra logins or passwords required

Honorlock’s online proctoring platform integrates directly with your LMS, such as Blackboard (and Blackboard Ultra), Canvas, and D2L, which is important for a few reasons:

  • Proctored exams launch from the LMS, which means it’s basically the same experience students are already familiar with
  • Students won’t have to create extra profiles that require extra logins and passwords
  • Students can access support without leaving the exam window

Some online proctoring platforms have clunky LMS integrations, which creates a poor experience for students, and they may need to create additional profiles on different platforms just to take exams.

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Works with poor internet connection

Students won’t need to worry about their internet connection during a proctored exam with Honorlock. If a student’s internet connection is slow or if there’s an outage, our software works normally except it captures still images of the webcam and the screen instead of a video recording. 

On the other hand, with some other proctoring services, if a student has an issue with their internet connection, they could be charged a fee.

Detects voices instead of unimportant sounds

The terms “sound detection” and “voice detection” are often used interchangeably, but they’re different.

Sound detection triggers for basically any sounds during an exam, like sneezing or a doorbell ringing. 

Honorlock’s Voice Detection listens for specific keywords and phrases, such as “Hey Siri” or “OK Google.” This helps reduce the number of false flags that instructors have to review, and students won’t be interrupted for sneezing or talking.

Provides students with accommodations 

Student accommodations can mean many different things, but here are some that are commonly used:

  • Extended time limits and due dates
  • Bathroom breaks
  • Alternative options to answer questions
  • Allowing the use of assistive technologies

Honorlock proctors are trained to support students during times of stress

A nationally certified counselor and educator trained Honorlock’s online proctoring team to identify signs of stress and provide students with support during those moments.

This human-centric communication helps students gain confidence in the process and with our test proctors.

Image showing a pop quiz asking does your proctoring service give your students exam anxiety?

Honorlock is proven to reduce student test anxiety

The University of North Alabama and Honorlock conducted a student test anxiety survey to better understand the causes of test anxiety and how online proctoring impacts it.

The students were surveyed before and after taking assessments proctored by Honorlock. The survey found that every student who interacted with an Honorlock proctor had a significant decrease in anxiety for future exams. 

“The proctor popping in was different than I expected – in a positive way. I imagined them being more strict. I felt that the proctor was helpful and a lot less intimidating than I thought.” – Student quote in a post-exam survey interview

Honorlock is proof that when online proctoring is done the right way, it’s a resource that supports students, promotes academic integrity, and protects the reputation of your programs and institution.

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