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8 Signs You Need a Technology Upgrade

Are you wondering how your online programs can keep up with ever-changing technology? Do your students and faculty complain about outdated systems? Is your exam proctoring platform capable of detecting and preventing mobile phone usage? Here are eight signs you might need a technology upgrade:

1. Your Faculty Hate Setting Up Online Exams

Many online proctoring services are known for being a pain to set up. The software often isn’t intuitive and easy to use, and support can be difficult to get ahold of. If your faculty are complaining about exam setup, they may have a point—and it may be time to look for a new way to administer assessments.

2. Most of Your Faculty Don’t Even Use Your Proctoring Service

Your school’s investment in an online proctoring solution only pays off if faculty are using it. If they aren’t, there’s a missing link. They may be unclear on how the technology works, it may be too complicated, it may be buggy, or students may be cheating. You need a proctoring service that works for and not against your faculty.

4. Your Faculty’s Test Content Ends Up on Test Bank Sites

Few things are more frustrating and time-consuming for faculty than having to create new exams every semester. Unfortunately, when test content ends up online, they often need to do just that so students can’t cheat as easily. You need an online proctoring solution that will search for illicit test content and file takedown notices so faculty don’t have to reinvent the wheel each semester and can instead focus on teaching.

5. You Don’t Have a Way to Detect Smartphones and Other Secondary Devices

In a technology-saturated culture, it’s imperative that your online proctoring service is able to detect the use of smartphones, tablets, and watches trying to access test answers. Otherwise, students can (and will) easily cheat. If your platform isn’t helping you identify and handle secondary device use, it’s time for an upgrade.

6. Your Students Have to Schedule an Exam Time in Advance

When on-demand proctoring solutions are available, there’s no reason students should have to deal with the hassle of scheduling an exam in advance (and potentially paying fees if their plans change). Your students deserve the flexibility of taking exams anytime, anywhere.

7. Your Students Have to Download Software for Exams

Until recently, one of the only ways to prevent students from accessing test content during an exam was to require them to download a bulky browser. Those days are fortunately gone—you can now offer exams using easy and secure built-in browser extensions. If your students are still downloading software when they take exams, it’s time for an upgrade.

8. Your faculty and administration aren’t confident in score accuracy

You have a reputation to protect. To do so, you and your faculty need to be able to trust that exam scores are an accurate reflection of student learning. If you’re using online proctoring but are concerned that the scores reflect academic dishonesty, it’s time to find a solution that prevents cheating and protects your institution.

If any of these issues sound familiar and you’re ready to talk with someone about upgrading your online proctoring service, we can help. Honorlock provides on-demand proctoring services for schools and universities. Our simple, affordable platform operates around you—no scheduling, headaches, or bulky software downloads. We prioritize academic integrity and are continually innovating to hinder cheating, and our patented mobile device prevention system is the only technology of its kind. Request a demo today to learn more.

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