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How Educational Technology Improves the Exam Experience


Hosted by the Online Learning Consortium (OLC)

Advancements in educational technology have made online assessments more authentic, interactive, and accessible for students than ever before. Exams, in particular, can be made both more equitable and more effective at assessing student learning.

With the integration of third-party tools to improve engagement, AI that personalizes the experience, proctoring software that offers flexibility, and assistive technologies that ensure equitable access and opportunity for every student, the options seem endless.

However, these technologies are often used in isolation or piecemeal with other tools, which can create inconsistencies and frustration for both students and instructors.

Watch the recording to learn about how to:

  • Improve the exam experience with key educational technologies and the benefits of using them cohesively
  • Use these technologies to assess students in authentic ways that prepare them for the workplace
  • Offer students more flexibility and access while still protecting exam integrity


Brian St. Amour, MBA

Director eLearning, Education Technologies & Online Services – Temple College

Jordan Adair

VP of Product at Honorlock

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