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Using AI to Improve DEI in Higher Education


Learn how AI tools can improve DEI in higher ed as well as practical steps to start the change process.

As we integrate AI into more parts of our lives, it’s also becoming indispensable in higher education, especially when it comes to improving accessibility for the 1 in 5 college students with disabilities.

The benefits extend far beyond just meeting accessibility compliance standards. When used the right way, AI can help create genuinely meaningful and engaging learning experiences—in some pretty surprising ways—for everyone involved.

But with so many AI tools available now, where do you start? Join this webinar to learn how AI tools—from Emotion AI and ITS to AI for accent recognition and content localization—can improve DEI in higher education and practical steps to start the change process.

Webinar takeaways:

  • How existing and emerging AI can be integrated and used to boost DEI in various areas of higher education.
  • The problems AI can solve in higher education, ranging from creating truly inclusive and accessible classes to building equitable admissions processes and improving the entire student experience.
  • Practical steps to start the change process at your institution

Register here.