Honorlock Equity Statement

Honorlock embraces equity, diversity, and inclusion in our product and as a company. We believe diverse perspectives are vital to our mission of aligning humanity and technology.

For Our Customers
Honorlock provides a fair and equitable assessment experience so that all students, regardless of backgrounds and identities, can participate in their educational experience without fear of discrimination.

As part of Honorlock’s DE&I efforts, our teams constantly review test data with faculty to get subjective feedback to ensure that the platform is flagging accurately. This is an opportunity for faculty to voice equity concerns.

We analyze our aggregate data on a regular basis to spot trends and improve the accuracy of our Artificial Intelligence. We do not analyze flag data based on race and student demographics;  information of this type is not available to us. We work hand-in-hand with our partners to ensure we are leveraging the best facial detection technologies and that we are optimizing our setup to best serve students.

Here’s how Honorlock is different from other proctoring solutions:

Honorlock uses facial detection, not facial recognition.
Facial detection identifies that a human face is present in an image or video. Honorlock does not gather biometric data or compare to previously taken images.

Enhanced authentication process
Honorlock recently released an enhanced student authentication camera feature to help prevent false flags from occurring during the student authentication process due to low light or other environmental limitations.

24/7/365 support & on-demand scheduling
Our 24/7/365 support and on-demand scheduling allow students to take tests outside of traditional hours. This scheduling flexibility is especially important for students with special needs and challenges such as transportation, childcare, internet access, and limitations to on-campus activities for any reason.

US-based proctors trained to support students
Our US-based human proctors are trained in de-escalation to assist students and help them feel supported in the remote test-taking environment.

Test-taker accommodations
Faculty members can add accommodations for students with special needs.
Example accommodations:

  • Allow Jane Doe to take the assessment without an ID.
  • John Doe is allowed unlimited restroom breaks.
  • Jane Doe can wear a face covering during the assessment
  • Allow John to use a screen reader and talk-to-text assistive technology during the assessment.

Accessibility and compliance standards

Our software development team uses accessibility testing tools throughout the development process and is always looking for ways to improve our product. Meeting the needs of all test takers to provide a fair and objective testing experience is very important to us.

Before any new feature is released, it goes through an accessibility checklist and must meet our standard for accessibility, or the feature will not be included in the new release.

Additionally, Honorlock works with a third party to complete an accessibility audit/review of our platform at least once a year. The findings from this third party help to guide our roadmap for future improvements, and their feedback has been invaluable.

The interface of Honorlock’s proctoring platform is fully ADA accessible and compliant with Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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