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What Does Online Proctoring and Six Sigma Have in Common?

In the third and final part of this three-part series, we’ll show you how online proctoring and Six Sigma technology have more in common than you think. See how you can define, measure, analyze, improve and control your online exams.

In our previous two blogs, we introduced Six Sigma—a methodology and set of principles that eliminate errors and improve processes—and then discussed how its DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) steps can help universities streamline technology implementation and  tackle a variety of administrative issues. 
Read Part 1 and Part 2.

Applying Six Sigma begins with defining the problem that needs to be solved. When the problem is protecting the academic integrity of your online exams and recognizing the need to implement online proctoring technology, Honorlock’s online assessment resources help you every step along the way. Let’s see how.

Define Your Problems

When you first reach out to Honorlock, you have probably already defined your problem and identified the need to protect academic integrity and improve the proctored exam experience for your faculty and students. 

We will work with you to define and identify exactly what needs to be addressed. Here are some examples:
Have your students reported that they underperformed on their exams because they felt anxious from being constantly watched by a live online proctor during their online exam?
Honorlock’s online proctoring blends the benefits of AI with a human touch. Our online proctoring software watches for possible violations, and records the student’s screen during the proctored online exam, but a live proctor will only intervene when necessary through a chat box. This can be a less intimidating and non-invasive proctored testing experience for the student.
Are your faculty tired of their test questions appearing on study sites without their permission?
Honorlock’s proprietary Search and Destroy software scours the internet for unauthorized copies of your test questions and requests that they be removed.
Are you concerned that students may use a cell phone or another device to look up test questions?
Honorlock’s online assessment resources have you covered with the industry’s first and only online proctoring technology to detect cell phones and other device use while a student is taking a proctored online exam. Our online proctoring software can detect when these devices are accessing test bank content during an online exam. Honorlock also captures a screen recording of the websites visited to provide evidence in the event of a violation.
Do your students complain about having to download bulky proctoring software?
Honorlock’s lightweight Chrome Extension takes moments to install, seconds to delete, and integrates seamlessly with your existing LMS.

Measure & Analyze for Better Performance

Honorlock makes it simple to measure and analyze the data collected in your online proctored exams. University of Florida psychology lecturer Ryan P. Mears found that out, much to his gratification: 

“I felt that I couldn’t trust my test scores before Honorlock. The analytics that come with the flags and real-time recording helped me to understand how students were approaching the course and what strategies they were using to pass the test. Honorlock helped me make sense of what was going on in my online course and it gave me confidence that academic integrity was upheld.”

Mears was able to adjust his questions to better encourage his students to show him what they had learned, which is what all course assessments strive to do.

“Honorlock was more than a tool to guard or block students from using inappropriate information. It was also a means to detect and determine many different ways that students approach the exams. Because of access to the wealth of data/information through Honorlock, I became better able to utilize it,” Mears said.

Reduce Errors and Improve Efficiency

The budding scientists and engineers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute spend their lives thinking about making things work efficiently. When things weren’t going efficiently with WPI’s first online proctoring solution, the students and their instructors spoke up, and the administration responded.

After piloting multiple new online proctoring solutions, WPI chose Honorlock.

We provided them with their following top three goals for improvement:
  1. Successful proctoring of paper-based assessments
  2. Modest learning curve for students and faculty so they could focus on learning and teaching and not the technology
  3. Unlimited flexibility for students taking online exams 

Control Your Online Exams Cost Effectively

The WPI example showcases just a few of the many ways Honorlock can help you improve and thereafter maintain control of your proctored online exams. WPI began using Honorlock in 2019, but then worked with us to help them through the Covid-19 crisis in March 2020.

The entire higher education universe was thrown into turmoil as well, but, as another of Honorlock’s pre-pandemic clients, University of Florida’s Director of Distance Learning & Continuing Education Brian Marchman notes, there have been some “silver linings”:

“We had not planned in our budget for any way to pay for this, so we had to find the funds and not put it on the backs of students, and they were able to make it work for us… We were over a barrel, and they didn’t take advantage of that.”

During that historic spring 2020 semester, Honorlock helped UF administer over 154,000 proctored exams.

Honorlock’s flat-rate cost per online exam or user allows institutions to accurately estimate online exam costs, saving time and removing concerns of variable cost hikes.

Control Your Honorlock Demo

The best way to see exactly how Honorlock can give you more control over online exam proctoring is by scheduling a demo. Here’s what we’ll show you:
Exclusive features and functionality:
  • Automated proctoring + live proctoring
  • Online exam question and content protection
  • Multi-device detection
  • Student authentication in less than a minute
Student experience:
  • Demo a online exam proctoring as a student
  • Student data privacy
Instructor experience:
  • Ease of online exam set up
  • Customizing proctored online exams and accessibility
  • Reviewing online exam reports
A number of our clients switched to Honorlock after experiencing problems with their previous online proctoring systems. Here are three reasons we are confident that more will join them:
  • You can implement Honorlock online proctoring in just 2-days 
  • We have over 300 higher education partners of all sizes
  • We’re proud of our 100% customer retention rate

Inspired by Six Sigma processes that have helped a number of different industries work better and save billions of dollars, Honorlock takes a controlled and efficient approach, offering your institution the best way to proctor your online exams, protect your academic reputation and helping students and faculty to thrive.

Honorlock is an ongoing partner to help you:

  • Define problems and the scope of your online proctoring needs
  • Measure and collect relevant data of your online exam proctoring success
  • Analyze your data to make informed decisions and adjustments 
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your online exams
  • Control your proctored online exams and associated costs

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