As institutions continue to grow their online learning offerings, the need to protect the academic integrity of online exams with remote proctoring is more important than ever. With ever-changing technology, more advanced remote proctoring software is becoming available to make sure your online exams are secure.

What are the different types of online exam proctoring?

Most of the remote proctoring software on the market today follow one of two models: 

  1. AI proctoring 
  2. Live human proctoring

Each of these models has its pros and cons, but when combining the right components of both AI and live human proctoring, you can create a better test taking experience for both students and faculty.  

What is AI proctoring?

With AI proctoring, or automated proctoring, students are monitored throughout their exam by artificial intelligence, which detects potential violations of academic dishonesty. AI features for online exams might include browser lockdown software, voice and sound detection, mobile device detection, and more. If these tools detect cheating behavior, the student will be flagged and the incident will be reported to their instructor. 

Pros of AI proctoring software

  • Reduces human oversight as compared to Live Proctoring: Oftentimes, live human proctors are monitoring more than one student at a time which can increase the chances of them missing potentially suspicious behavior.
  • Ease of Scheduling: Most AI proctoring systems utilize on-demand scheduling, so students can take online exams from anywhere at any time.
  • Easy Reviewing: The AI proctoring format makes it easy for instructors to review any incidents. Exam reports typically provide flags and allow the instructor to review the video if it was recorded to determine if the student broke any rules.
  • Scalability: AI proctoring can help you scale online programs while still protecting various elements of academic dishonesty. 

Cons of AI proctoring software

  • Lack of human intervention: There is no live remote proctor present to intervene in real-time if academic dishonesty is detected, and some instances of academic dishonesty may be missed.
  • Cheating is often only addressed after the exam takes place: There’s nothing that can be done until the instructor receives the report and makes a call about the incident.
  • False reports of cheating: Sometimes a student may get flagged for reading the question out loud or looking away from the screen to think about the answer. With no live remote proctor present to verify if cheating is happening, this student may be flagged for academic dishonesty by the AI software.
  • Lengthy review process: The proctored online exam has to be reviewed after completion so that a report can be prepared for the instructor, and this can sometimes be a lengthy process—creating frustration for faculty and students by delaying the grading process. 

What is live human proctoring?

For this type of remote proctoring, a live online exam proctor watches students taking exams in real-time. They’re often able to intervene in real-time when an issue arises, and they also prepare a report for the instructor after the exam. Additionally, the online exam session is recorded for later review.

Pros of live human proctoring

  • It’s live: Human proctoring provides the same benefits as proctoring an in-person exam.
  • Students can get help: It’s important to remember that remote proctors aren’t just there to catch cheating, they’re also a resource for students.
  • Live proctors can intervene in real-time: If an incident of potential cheating does arise, the proctor can address the suspicious activity immediately.
  • Instructors are more confident with exam integrity: Since a human being handles all the test monitoring, that can help instructors feel more comfortable that the integrity of their test will be protected.
  • Exam sessions are recorded: This makes it easy for instructors to take another look at the exam session and decide if disciplinary action may be warranted for suspicious behavior. 

Cons of live human proctoring

  • Live proctors may watch up to ten students at a time: Because the proctor’s attention is divided, there’s always a chance that they’ll miss an incident with one student while keeping an eye on another.
  • Scheduling can be difficult: When only using live remote proctors, students have to schedule their proctored exam ahead of time and at a time that aligns with the proctor’s schedule. Students may also need to pay a fee if they need to reschedule.
  • Increased student anxiety: Live proctoring may also increase test anxiety for students—even when they aren’t doing anything wrong, they may feel like they’re being watched, which could distract them from the exam content.

Is there another remote proctoring solution available?

If you’re looking for online proctoring that pairs the best of both worlds—something that lets your students do their thing without distractions but still deters and prevents cheating to protect academic integrity, the answer is yes. To effectively monitor online exams, you need online proctoring software that blends the benefits of AI proctoring and live test proctors.

How does a combination of AI proctoring and live remote proctoring work?

A hybrid remote proctoring solution harnesses advanced proctoring features to monitor students and flag potential incidents of dishonesty and alerts live proctors to intervene if needed. This method of proctored testing may provide a less intimidating and non-invasive exam experience for students because they aren’t being constantly watched by a live proctor and flagged for irrelevant issues. Scheduling is also easy because students can take their proctored online exam on-demand at any time, 24/7/365.

AI that’s human reviewed

Honorlock reinvented online proctoring and was the first to combine the benefits of AI with those of a live online exam proctor.

How does Honorlock work?

Honorlock’s AI-driven technology monitors the student for potential problems, and, if it detects any suspicious behavior, a live online exam proctor is prompted to join a student’s session in real-time to address possible dishonesty as it happens. 

Honorlock’s blend of AI and human proctoring keeps the human touch while delivering a much less intimidating and non-invasive testing experience for the student. Faculty save time when reviewing the assessment report because they don’t have to review false flags.

Top benefits of online proctoring that blends AI and human proctors

  1. Provides exam integrity
    With a blended proctoring solution, AI doesn’t actually make decisions about student behavior but rather flags a potential incident so a live proctor can pop in to assess the situation.
  2. Provides a 1:1 setting
    When an online exam proctor is alerted by the AI, they’re attentive and focused on one student.
  3. No scheduling issues
    Students can schedule and complete their online exams at any time, 24/7/365.
  4. Cost-effectiveness
    Hybrid online proctoring software is a more cost-effective solution than live proctoring because watching every single online exam from start to finish is time-consuming and expensive.
  5. Review options
    With Honorlock, the online exam proctor has an analysis window to review the potential academic dishonesty situation before they pop in via chat.
  6. Supports students
    Blending a live human proctor with AI means students have someone to support them during their exam should they experience difficulties with technology or an interruption from their parents or roommates. The proctor is there to support the best possible exam experience.

Honorlock’s 3-step process

Honorlock takes the headache out of remote proctoring. In just three easy steps, you can protect the integrity of your exams with confidence.

  1. Create Your Exam
    Build your test in the LMS like you normally would.
  2. Enable Honorlock
    Use our custom integration to turn on proctoring and choose which features to use.
  3. Review Results
    Our proctoring staff will review the test sessions, and you’ll be notified of any guideline violations with our proctoring reports.

Schedule a demo to see the benefits of combining AI and live remote proctors for your institution, schedule a call with Honorlock today.

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